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siebzy t1_jau3cjq wrote

Donnie says the forecast is for it to be DEEP up at the ski hill der bub.


siebzy t1_jau3fbr wrote

Break out the old fatsos you won't regret it I'm tellin you


Katnipz t1_jau8e7y wrote

Since NAPA gets some advertising:

Save your money, get better parts.


i_cant_sports t1_jawbo9f wrote

They're great until you need to return something. Despite this, my garage door is covered with their magnets from all my orders over the years.


ColemanGreene t1_jaunia3 wrote

This warms the cockles of my cold heart.


delicateflowerdammit t1_javjflo wrote

I've always wondered what part of the heart IS the cockle? Can you have just one cockle or do they come in pairs or sets? What happens if a person has no cockles? Are they cold-hearted? Aye, so many questions.


GoblinShark603 t1_javmgjd wrote

A quick Google search tells me, the cockles of your heart actually refers to the ventricles, of which there are 2. They are sometimes referred to as cockles because of the similar shapes of ventricles and mollusks.


Zestyclose_Menu_476 t1_jawj1de wrote

Saw him last nights. Sorry, but he'll never be as cool as Marty Engstrom, who, if you're too young, for many years gave weather reports on WMTW from the top of Mount Washington, with a Maine accent that would put Tim Sample to shame, except Marty's was genuine. He always concluded with his famous gap-toothed grin.



polaris207 t1_jaxbvg7 wrote

With special guest appearances by the observatory cat.


BracedRhombus t1_javhs7g wrote

Bring some Allen's to keep warm, bub.


peachmoney t1_javy7yk wrote

Olympian Troy Murphy right there bub


A_Common_Loon t1_jax5xie wrote

Did he say jeezum? My 9yo son has been saying that and I donโ€™t know where he picked it up. ๐Ÿ˜†


119juniper t1_jax9m6u wrote

I feel bad that I upvoted from 207 to 208. Now it's just wrong.