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jimberley t1_je4x9cp wrote

It’s from cognitive behavioral therapy. It’s a way of controlling your emotions rather than allowing them to dictate your entire life.


Sudden-Lawyer-8035 t1_je5ai7h wrote

Cbt for bpd and a crb with cc to go please


wittyname01 t1_je5b2pi wrote

It's not "from there", but yes, CBT also teaches mindfulness and to not identify with your emotional states but this wisdom far preceeds CBT as it's a staple in most Eastern religions and philosophy such as Buddhism, Taoism, etc.


kissmekate48 t1_je5naup wrote

Yes, lots of observant critical thinkers have come to similar conclusions. All are welcome, however you get there.


ptntprty t1_je5vh28 wrote

You actually have it a little bit reversed, in terms of controlling and allowing. But you have the right idea.