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InterstellarDeathPur t1_jay4jsa wrote

I had it right after Easter '22. Some coughing, mild fever, but mostly I alternated b/w days of great energy to feeling like someone hit me with a brick (no energy). The worst was really Covid brain. I just couldn't keep things in my head for about a month.


Breezy207 OP t1_jay9uzx wrote

Nervous about brain fog :(


tobascodagama t1_jayofe8 wrote

My understanding is that vaccination protects against those side effects, although lack of good studies means we can't say definitively how good that protection is. There's definitely an effect, but the studies don't entirely agree on how strong it is. I think the best studies put the case rate at something like 1-2% of vaccinated people who get COVID experiencing Long COVID symptoms in general. (I don't think enough data exists to say how prevalent any specific Long COVID symptom is.)

So assuming you were vaccinated, try not to worry about it. The odds that you have Long COVID at all are pretty low, and the odds that you specifically get stuck with brain fog are even lower.


declemson t1_jb0aso2 wrote

That was exactly my symptoms. Got over illness quick but took a month to get rid of brain fog. It ruined my fitness and now getting it back