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Breezy207 OP t1_jay9nes wrote

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Talked to the on call doc about that this morning-no other risk factors health wise for me, except age-if my H shows symptoms, he may be a candidate if it’s compatible w his medications…


fredezz t1_jay9vzg wrote

Always good to have a contingency plan


Eccentrically_loaded t1_jb1k8hf wrote

I'm just getting over my first case of covid. My doc told me I was low risk but did quality for Paxlovid. I got the free prescription filled but my nurse sister in law said sometimes Paxlovid is associated with rebound covid. I wasn't having any breathing problems so I didn't take the med.

I had a bit of a cold and my wife had a little worse of a cold than me but nothing serious. It's so weird how it affects everyone differently.

Apparently the current CDC guidelines are that you can go back to work even if you are still testing positive as long as you are wearing a high quality mask. Check for yourself, I'm not a medical person.

Also, the test kits we had turned out to be expired. We bought some from our local pharmacy for around $10 each and we understand we can get reimbursed from our insurance company.

Best wishes.