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Breezy207 OP t1_jaye7ne wrote

Reply to comment by janetsgross234 in Covid finally got me. by Breezy207

I’m pretty lucky, knock on wood-only got the flu once and couldn’t get off the floor-flu shot every year since. Hoping that Covid is mild for me too-living w an immuno-suppressed husband with COPD the vax was a no-brainer for us.


janetsgross234 t1_jayhk3p wrote

Meh im not anti vax, just anti untested vax i figured id let all the dubs be first inline for the medical trials. Since I have a mild heart condition that turned out to be very wise, I watched a 30year old collapse at work 2 days after j&j vax frigged his heart up. Rare but it does happen


Breezy207 OP t1_jayjyw9 wrote

Heart issue def puts you in a different category-really sorry abt your coworker-all vax and meds come with risks. Listen to any drug commercial on TV-Ozempic comes to mind…I’d be a nervous wreck if I needed to take that drug…


janetsgross234 t1_jaykarf wrote

Ya i get a kick out of the ones that cure a minor problem like eczema, but cause lymphoma or liver failure. Not worth the risk in my humble opinion


here4TrueFacts t1_jb37rjq wrote

Also, the ones that heave the same side effect as the reason you are prescribed in the first place. And until some time in the last 10+ years advertising prescription drugs was not allowed. But now they can as long as they list all the side effects and don’t actually specify the details of why it’s prescribed. Hence about maybe 20 seconds of a vague sales pitch with pictures of happy people, then “ask your doctor about…”, then a huge list of side effects. Pharma is spending a LOT on advertising.