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markydsade t1_jayfstg wrote

Avoided for 3 years as a nurse and 5 Moderna shots. Last Sunday took my daughter to a special needs bowling game. Monday the organizer told me she is positive. 2 days later I got low fever, achy, and fatigued. Intermittent cough. No loss of taste or smell. Started Paxlovid Friday due my age and other issues. Feeling much better today but still have an occasional cough and some nasal congestion.

After working around it for so long my biggest concern is long term effects. I’ve seen too many with brain fog and neurological issues post-infection but those were all unvaccinated folks.


Breezy207 OP t1_jaygfg7 wrote

How ironic you got it bowling after working in the field thru the pandemic!😩Glad the Paxlovid is knocking it down for you🤞🤞


markydsade t1_jb1k55c wrote

3 days into Paxlovid I’m feeling pretty good. Stuffy head and a cough at times. No neurological symptoms.