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janetsgross234 t1_jayjhsc wrote

Reply to comment by raynedanser in Covid finally got me. by Breezy207

What? Im just being honest....hopefully I dont die from a direct hit...bath iron works could be a target and thatd be a problem, Id like a chance to go all mad max for abit around here with some /rmainers chained fo my front bumper. Is that so wrong?


raynedanser t1_jaymjeu wrote

I think you're a pathetic troll looking to amuse yourself. That or you're really fucked in the head.

Either way -

Have a great night. I'm not playing.


DidDunMegasploded t1_jayum0l wrote

He sounds like a wannabe gangster trying to act tough when in reality his toughness level is as small as his sausage. Lmfao.


janetsgross234 t1_jaynfin wrote

Dunno why you responded in the first place but ok mang you do that