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DarthSudo1 t1_jayloso wrote

I had Covid in may of last year and I was the sickest I’ve ever been without needing to go to a hospital. It was awful so I feel for you.

I had a really nasty cough and the ONLY over the counter medicine that worked for me was Delsym.

That’s really my best piece of advice… otherwise drink plenty of water and get all the rest you need! Wishing you a speedy recovery


forgetme_naut t1_jb0zwae wrote

Yes, water, exactly! To the OP: I would stop that ginger ale and excess sugar (including pineapple juice) if you want to expedite recovery. Sugar ain't gonna do much more than bad right now! Wild Folk Farm in central Maine sells a Viral Defense tincture online that has knotweed and other stuff that seriously hooked up my uncle and mitigated his symptoms, which were pretty bad. TOTALLY notice the difference taking it, even after having the 'rona.


Breezy207 OP t1_jb1o7vj wrote

Interesting-I know nothing about knotweed. Pineapple has a compound that helps with coughing and ginger ale has been my go to with illness since I was little-thanks for the helpful info, though-knotweed and elderberry are on my list to check out..glad it helped your Uncle!