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tobascodagama t1_jayqjzq wrote

My partner got COVID for the first time in the Fall. Fortunately, she was asymptomatic, and I somehow never caught it from her.

Isolation tips: I don't know what your home layout is like, but, if there's a guest bedroom, camp out in there for the duration. Try to minimize your time in common areas, and wear a mask when you leave your quarantine room. Ventilation is hard in the winter, but if you can air out the common areas once in a while that can help. Try a Corsi-Rosenthal box, they're inexpensive and do a great job at cleaning the air. (Our house has a lot of airborne particulates from our pets -- setting up a box in the living area cut down that down almost entirely, and MERV 13 or higher filters will do the same for virus particles.)