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OriginalGordol t1_jaz3d4i wrote

If it's not too late, ask your doctor about paxlovid.

I got Covid over Labor Day weekend. Symptoms were pretty mild, I was fully up to date on the vax and boosters, and as soon as I showed symptoms and tested positive, I called my doctor and they put me on paxlovid (I also have underlying medical issues that put me at a higher risk for a more severe case).

Honestly, for me, with the above, the worst thing was the cold/flu like symptoms making it hard to sleep. Nyquill became my friend. I was already off work that week for planned PTO, I was able to return to work via telecommuting only by the second day I was supposed to be back at work. I think I wound up taking only two sick days, not in a row.

And my employer's Employee Health people banned me from the office for three weeks instead of their normal two due to my underlying medical issues and relevant medications.

And, it's apparently not uncommon to get a "bounce" of symptoms a couple weeks later, and to test false-positive for up to three months after the infection. They told me to not bother testing until at least three months had gone by.