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rich6490 t1_jb00tsn wrote

My whole family had Covid, including my 101 year old grandmother. All had nothing worse than extreme tiredness for a couple days and a little congestion. My 2 year old son and infant (at the time) daughter had zero symptoms while testing positive.

I have had a few colds and the flu this past year that were much, much worse. Crazy how much it can vary for people.


Breezy207 OP t1_jb0t6ep wrote

Wow-so glad your family, from 101 to infant had an easy time with it-must be good genes!


rich6490 t1_jbakond wrote

I don’t think it’s good genes honestly, out of probably 30 friends and/or work colleagues and their extended families who have all had Covid… I have only heard of one person who had a more serious case that required hospitalization. If you have health issues I totally understand being cautious and concerned… otherwise this all seems like a bunch of overblown nonsense.


Alternative-Crab-663 t1_jbb0508 wrote

I do have family with significant health issues. Extended family lost parents, a friend lost a sister, and my Mom is in a nursing home where dozens died. I think we’re lucky this version of OMICRON is milder than earlier types. Personally, I’m friggin sick of hearing about it, but it is what it is for us…