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rdstrmfblynch79 t1_jb6msem wrote

Reply to comment by hanscomal in Covid finally got me. by Breezy207

>Even if you feel like you can do something, DON’T

In case anyone is reading this and scoffs like, fuck it, I can go for a run.... I got covid this time last year and it was basically nothing more than a 48 hour fever. I ended up shooting myself in the foot though because on a relatively cold morning about 72 hours in I felt better, so I went for what I planned to be a 3 mile jog. Got like 1 mile in and had to walk home because all of a sudden my lungs were absolutely filled with mucus. Like every breath I could cough out a little more. And it lasted all day even after I warmed up. It's was pretty interesting. I'd suggest taking the full 5 days off after symptoms in case the sinus thing lingers and if you do physical activity make sure it ain't below freezing

I did take that weekend with covid to do my taxes, so don't let anyone tell ya you can't do something you set your mind to!