Submitted by Breezy207 t3_11igbir in Maine

So spent a snowy day upstairs isolating from hubs with COPD. Drinking lots of ginger ale and pineapple juice. Mild cold symptoms, achy-although I did go out for some fresh air and shoveled twice while he was out-now he’s making his mystery meatloaf and mashed potatoes. How was Covid for you? Any Covid survival isolation tips appreciated…



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hanscomal t1_jay5aya wrote

My dr told me to rest, rest, rest. Even if you feel like you can do something, DON’T. Also a raging sinus infection a couple weeks after you feel better is pretty common post covid this winter.


urlocaldesi t1_jayh9hs wrote

I got a sinus infection after COVID in November - and then a nasal staph infection on top of the sinus infection. Go easy on your nasal passages, when I had the ‘vid I blew my nose so much that my Dr. said I might have damaged the tissue in my nose. Saline rinses might help with the constant feeling of congestion.


Breezy207 OP t1_jay9yqx wrote

Hadn’t heard abt sinus infections-oh gee-ty


rdstrmfblynch79 t1_jb6msem wrote

>Even if you feel like you can do something, DON’T

In case anyone is reading this and scoffs like, fuck it, I can go for a run.... I got covid this time last year and it was basically nothing more than a 48 hour fever. I ended up shooting myself in the foot though because on a relatively cold morning about 72 hours in I felt better, so I went for what I planned to be a 3 mile jog. Got like 1 mile in and had to walk home because all of a sudden my lungs were absolutely filled with mucus. Like every breath I could cough out a little more. And it lasted all day even after I warmed up. It's was pretty interesting. I'd suggest taking the full 5 days off after symptoms in case the sinus thing lingers and if you do physical activity make sure it ain't below freezing

I did take that weekend with covid to do my taxes, so don't let anyone tell ya you can't do something you set your mind to!


pdevo t1_jb00mvs wrote

YMMV. I’ve had Covid multiple times, including Covid OG (the worst) in March 2020 and most recently 2 weeks ago (lots of cranial and sinus pressure).

I also had it last summer on vacation and it barely impacted me, like only 24-36 hours, a mild fever and a slight cough. I made ribs and drank some whiskey as a cure. My wife caught it from me and was down for 4-5 days. I didn’t even know I had it until she took a test and it came back positive, so I took one too which also came back positive. A day or two after my bout I went for a 4 hour, mid afternoon 50 mile round trip bike ride from Jackson Hole WY to Jenny Lake in GTNP (elevation ~6,200 to ~6,800) on a 90+ degree day. The strenuous activity, lack of proper nutrition before and during my ride, and subsequent sunburn honestly left me worse than the Covid I had just days prior.


InterstellarDeathPur t1_jay4jsa wrote

I had it right after Easter '22. Some coughing, mild fever, but mostly I alternated b/w days of great energy to feeling like someone hit me with a brick (no energy). The worst was really Covid brain. I just couldn't keep things in my head for about a month.


Breezy207 OP t1_jay9uzx wrote

Nervous about brain fog :(


tobascodagama t1_jayofe8 wrote

My understanding is that vaccination protects against those side effects, although lack of good studies means we can't say definitively how good that protection is. There's definitely an effect, but the studies don't entirely agree on how strong it is. I think the best studies put the case rate at something like 1-2% of vaccinated people who get COVID experiencing Long COVID symptoms in general. (I don't think enough data exists to say how prevalent any specific Long COVID symptom is.)

So assuming you were vaccinated, try not to worry about it. The odds that you have Long COVID at all are pretty low, and the odds that you specifically get stuck with brain fog are even lower.


declemson t1_jb0aso2 wrote

That was exactly my symptoms. Got over illness quick but took a month to get rid of brain fog. It ruined my fitness and now getting it back


HumpSlackWails t1_jay60ti wrote

First bout a little over a year ago? Down for three days with the too-bad-to-believe fatigue some people get.

Hahahhaah you "got up to pee and had to lay down?" lololol

I got up to pee and had to lay down. It sucked. Some aches, brain fog that go around, no breathing issues, flu-type stuff at all. Did have some mild aphasia stuff that was probably long-covid related for about 8 months.

JUST got over it again a week ago. This time one half day of much more mild fatigue, aches, then two days of sniffles and a sinus headache. No sign of weird aphasia.


SnarknadOH t1_jayc1of wrote

Man the fatigue was something else the first time I had it. I fell asleep in the 3 minutes I was on hold with the doctors office. Mono felt like a cakewalk in comparison.


fredezz t1_jay518d wrote

I have heard all the stories from " the good" to "the bad" to "the ugly"...but you may want to put out a question about Paxlovid...the after you get covid med.


Breezy207 OP t1_jay9nes wrote

Talked to the on call doc about that this morning-no other risk factors health wise for me, except age-if my H shows symptoms, he may be a candidate if it’s compatible w his medications…


fredezz t1_jay9vzg wrote

Always good to have a contingency plan


Eccentrically_loaded t1_jb1k8hf wrote

I'm just getting over my first case of covid. My doc told me I was low risk but did quality for Paxlovid. I got the free prescription filled but my nurse sister in law said sometimes Paxlovid is associated with rebound covid. I wasn't having any breathing problems so I didn't take the med.

I had a bit of a cold and my wife had a little worse of a cold than me but nothing serious. It's so weird how it affects everyone differently.

Apparently the current CDC guidelines are that you can go back to work even if you are still testing positive as long as you are wearing a high quality mask. Check for yourself, I'm not a medical person.

Also, the test kits we had turned out to be expired. We bought some from our local pharmacy for around $10 each and we understand we can get reimbursed from our insurance company.

Best wishes.


Guygan t1_jay64zw wrote

My family finally got it this past Fall. We are all fully vaxxed and boosted.

Minor cold-like symptoms, never any fever, but about 4 days of extreme fatigue.


CBass1891 t1_jayws3q wrote

Same timeline, no vax. Same symptoms and dealing with a loss of smell for over a year now. Generally healthy and 41yo. Felt some vertigo-ish at different times, but all post-symptoms. Kinda makes me wonder what wasn’t thrown in to the lab soup??


MaryBitchards t1_jayfc5s wrote

I was better for a week after I got it (for the first time) in February, then a week later...BAM. Rebound COVID. Just as fun as the first time but even more frustrating. So tired of this.

Rebound COVID


Stonesword75 t1_jay6mdu wrote

I got the Covid last June. I will tell you what I told everyone else that got it:

Take quick hot showers when you feel really bad.


markydsade t1_jayfstg wrote

Avoided for 3 years as a nurse and 5 Moderna shots. Last Sunday took my daughter to a special needs bowling game. Monday the organizer told me she is positive. 2 days later I got low fever, achy, and fatigued. Intermittent cough. No loss of taste or smell. Started Paxlovid Friday due my age and other issues. Feeling much better today but still have an occasional cough and some nasal congestion.

After working around it for so long my biggest concern is long term effects. I’ve seen too many with brain fog and neurological issues post-infection but those were all unvaccinated folks.


Breezy207 OP t1_jaygfg7 wrote

How ironic you got it bowling after working in the field thru the pandemic!😩Glad the Paxlovid is knocking it down for you🤞🤞


markydsade t1_jb1k55c wrote

3 days into Paxlovid I’m feeling pretty good. Stuffy head and a cough at times. No neurological symptoms.


DarthSudo1 t1_jayloso wrote

I had Covid in may of last year and I was the sickest I’ve ever been without needing to go to a hospital. It was awful so I feel for you.

I had a really nasty cough and the ONLY over the counter medicine that worked for me was Delsym.

That’s really my best piece of advice… otherwise drink plenty of water and get all the rest you need! Wishing you a speedy recovery


forgetme_naut t1_jb0zwae wrote

Yes, water, exactly! To the OP: I would stop that ginger ale and excess sugar (including pineapple juice) if you want to expedite recovery. Sugar ain't gonna do much more than bad right now! Wild Folk Farm in central Maine sells a Viral Defense tincture online that has knotweed and other stuff that seriously hooked up my uncle and mitigated his symptoms, which were pretty bad. TOTALLY notice the difference taking it, even after having the 'rona.


Breezy207 OP t1_jb1o7vj wrote

Interesting-I know nothing about knotweed. Pineapple has a compound that helps with coughing and ginger ale has been my go to with illness since I was little-thanks for the helpful info, though-knotweed and elderberry are on my list to check out..glad it helped your Uncle!


Minute_Map_6444 t1_jaylyrc wrote

Had it last spring, started off as the worst migraine of my life and a 104 degree fever. Slept basically the first two days, felt a little better for a few days, didn’t have any respiratory symptoms until about a week in. Around the two week mark I lost smell/taste but only for a couple of days. Third week was pretty bad vertigo/brain fog and then that stupid sinus infection.

ETA I forgot about the body aches, those were bad the first week too. Just my clothes touching my skin hurt. Also ended up losing like 15 lbs cause all I ate for a week was crackers and Gatorade lol


Breezy207 OP t1_jaynyw5 wrote

Oh geeze-you had quite a siege of it and a lot of different symptoms…vertigo and I go way back, hoping not to deal with it again….


cmcrich t1_jaygqjj wrote

It caught me in November, and I was just starting to feel smug about going so long without catching it. Vaxxed with 2 boosters. Fever, aches, and nausea for me, no cold or flu like symptoms, which really surprised me. I took the meds (name escapes me ATM) and it made me really nauseous. I stopped after the fourth day, just took Tylenolfor the aches. Lots of Pedialyte and soup, and sleep. Took about 2 weeks to get over it fully. Hope you shake it and feel better soon.


BeardedBaxterholic t1_jayekob wrote

Extra Vitamin D and Rest. Your body is fighting, even if you feel up to it, just rest.


Kayak4Eva t1_jayjnqo wrote

Just got over my first case of it a week or so ago. I'm vaxed and boosted multiple times. For me, it was a light fever for a couple of days, coupled with sinus congestion and complete loss of sense of smell - that was weird. Feeling pretty good now but still some fatigue. Sense of smell is mostly back. Fever is gone. Still some congestion.

No great hints that haven't already been covered. Drink a lot of water. Get a lot of rest. I did do a couple of saline nasal flushes that I think helped with the congestion. Don't make any critical decisions because your brain probably isn't working all that well. Good luck and have a swift recovery!


tobascodagama t1_jayqjzq wrote

My partner got COVID for the first time in the Fall. Fortunately, she was asymptomatic, and I somehow never caught it from her.

Isolation tips: I don't know what your home layout is like, but, if there's a guest bedroom, camp out in there for the duration. Try to minimize your time in common areas, and wear a mask when you leave your quarantine room. Ventilation is hard in the winter, but if you can air out the common areas once in a while that can help. Try a Corsi-Rosenthal box, they're inexpensive and do a great job at cleaning the air. (Our house has a lot of airborne particulates from our pets -- setting up a box in the living area cut down that down almost entirely, and MERV 13 or higher filters will do the same for virus particles.)


NverEndingPastaBowel t1_jays31k wrote

Had it in the fall. Vaxxed and boosted. It was real bad for me. Basically 4 days of fever, sweats and a lack of anything like coherent memories. There are 103 episodes of Cougartown somewhere in that void. Long term, I noticed from my fitness tracker that my resting heart rate went from the low-mid fifties to the mid-high sixties and stayed like that for months. Back to normal now. Never really moved into my chest or sinuses so that’s a plus. Never lost taste or smell. I feel like I had it a lot worse than most people I know in terms of hitting hard.


MoonLoony t1_jaz3u7y wrote

We dodged COVID until Christmas day '22. I got paxlovid but my husband didn't. I had much milder symptoms and was better in a week. He was down for two full weeks and it went into his chest. He coughed for a month. Sucked but we lived.


baxterstate t1_jay37zn wrote

I don’t know if I’ve been lucky, but I haven’t had any symptoms, so I haven’t gotten Covid. I took the J&J version of the vaccine.


Breezy207 OP t1_jay3fsv wrote

Good for you-hope you stay well! It was Pfizer for me…


BhagwanBill t1_jayky5f wrote

> I haven’t had any symptoms, so I haven’t gotten Covid

Not totally true. I never knew I had covid until my wife got sick and I tested myself just to be sure and bingo, I had it. Never had any symptoms at all.


Breezy207 OP t1_jayo6qd wrote

It’s weird how that works, gotta wonder how many ppl are carrying Covid and don’t have a clue…


baxterstate t1_jayodmc wrote

That's very strange. What're you supposed to do, keep testing yourself?

If you don't have symptoms, are you really sick?


clouts1 t1_jayuh8e wrote

Vitamin D!!!!! Lots of it keep in the healthy range don’t over dose on the D also just drink water lots and lots of water. Hot showers and rest


RubberWishbone t1_jayvb60 wrote

Cloth baby diapers to blow your nose and rest. It was the sickest I've been in years (I didn't qualify for an updated vaccination at the point). The cloth diapers saved my nose and face from being insanely chapped


Breezy207 OP t1_jb0rvy6 wrote

Good advice! Brought back memories of ironing my Dad’s hankies…


lucide t1_jazz0ge wrote

Interesting use of cloth diapers, I would never even considered.


[deleted] t1_jayvhpk wrote

My husband had Covid. He was home for twelve weeks. My mum tested positive today. She is in Florida. 😦


Positive_Shelter_936 t1_jayz2rb wrote

I had it. And I barely noticed. If I did not test for work I would not have known I even had COVID.


DiscoRichard t1_jb0k3pn wrote

I downloaded GTA San Andreas on my phone and played until my eyes fell out.


malibuklw t1_jb0w9v7 wrote

There’s a lot of anecdotal evidence to say that long covid could be caused by/exacerbated by activity. Even when you are feeling better go slow. Don’t rush back to the gym, don’t push yourself excessively.


blondepotato t1_jayhffd wrote

Never had any symptoms but I tested positive via antibody tests


DonkeyKongsVet t1_jayn1jp wrote

Rest. Liquids.

I had spurts of energy, times I felt really exhausted and times I felt like I could do things around the house.

I felt stuffy and congested around day 5 and by day 7 I was able to breathe easier. On day 3 I had a dull pain in my back and ribs, that was for about 3 days.

Other than that I felt fine. Honestly felt like I had a bad cold or sinus infection and pain you get from coughing a lot, even though I didn't cough as much.

I think fluid and rest helped.


lucide t1_jazyxkq wrote

Had a rough flu this year, that was fever for 4-5 days, 5% energy, aches & pains, constantly cold then hot in bed/night sweats, heavy brain fog, among other symptoms. Maybe some of that lasted longer than necessary because I was still single-dad in there, but the 5 % energy really surprised me, an active and health focused individual otherwise and made me test for Covid twice, always negative. So far as I know otherwise, no Covid yet.


rich6490 t1_jb00tsn wrote

My whole family had Covid, including my 101 year old grandmother. All had nothing worse than extreme tiredness for a couple days and a little congestion. My 2 year old son and infant (at the time) daughter had zero symptoms while testing positive.

I have had a few colds and the flu this past year that were much, much worse. Crazy how much it can vary for people.


Breezy207 OP t1_jb0t6ep wrote

Wow-so glad your family, from 101 to infant had an easy time with it-must be good genes!


rich6490 t1_jbakond wrote

I don’t think it’s good genes honestly, out of probably 30 friends and/or work colleagues and their extended families who have all had Covid… I have only heard of one person who had a more serious case that required hospitalization. If you have health issues I totally understand being cautious and concerned… otherwise this all seems like a bunch of overblown nonsense.


Alternative-Crab-663 t1_jbb0508 wrote

I do have family with significant health issues. Extended family lost parents, a friend lost a sister, and my Mom is in a nursing home where dozens died. I think we’re lucky this version of OMICRON is milder than earlier types. Personally, I’m friggin sick of hearing about it, but it is what it is for us…


Serializedrequests t1_jb0304z wrote

Vitamins D. Mine was very soon after a booster, and only really uncomfortable for two days. Just a very assertive cold, with painful sore throat and fever.


Sufficient-Squash428 t1_jb03d89 wrote

BOO for Covid

YAAAAWHO for mystery meatloaf and mashed potatoes

Feel better soon.


Breezy207 OP t1_jb0s8rb wrote

Mystery meatloaf was good-and its always an adventure😊thank you!


declemson t1_jb0aksr wrote

It finally got me 2 months ago. I gargled with warm salt water and lots of water. The illness was 6 days or so but I had fatigue for about a month. That was worse than illness


peppapoofle4 t1_jayd2fb wrote

Rest! Eat healthy, drink plenty of water, take vitamin supplements, especially vitamin D. I ended up with a severe vitamin D deficiency. I never had any vitamin deficiencies before this! It’s like covid ravaged my body of vitamins. You may end up totally fine, depending on what variant you have. I hope you have a speedy recovery!


Breezy207 OP t1_jayffal wrote

Thank you for the good suggestions and wishes-I have a Vitamin D issue-started taking it and in a couple weeks developed the worst insomnia-like my brain was hollowed out-googled Vitamin D and sleep issues, and sure enough, in some it disrupts circadian rhythms. I think if you live long enough you develop all kinds of strange things…


OriginalGordol t1_jaz3d4i wrote

If it's not too late, ask your doctor about paxlovid.

I got Covid over Labor Day weekend. Symptoms were pretty mild, I was fully up to date on the vax and boosters, and as soon as I showed symptoms and tested positive, I called my doctor and they put me on paxlovid (I also have underlying medical issues that put me at a higher risk for a more severe case).

Honestly, for me, with the above, the worst thing was the cold/flu like symptoms making it hard to sleep. Nyquill became my friend. I was already off work that week for planned PTO, I was able to return to work via telecommuting only by the second day I was supposed to be back at work. I think I wound up taking only two sick days, not in a row.

And my employer's Employee Health people banned me from the office for three weeks instead of their normal two due to my underlying medical issues and relevant medications.

And, it's apparently not uncommon to get a "bounce" of symptoms a couple weeks later, and to test false-positive for up to three months after the infection. They told me to not bother testing until at least three months had gone by.


VegUltraGirl t1_jazzh8a wrote

Mine hit me hard! Couple of days with a terrible headache, then the body aches hit, and the congestion, and completely lost my appetite. I was basically in bed for 5 days and home from work for 10! I was in so much pain, I couldn’t sleep, just aches all over! After it passed, I had major brain fog for about a week. I could barely sit through a conference call at work, I really needed everyone to speak slowly to me lol. It was brutal.


Breezy207 OP t1_jb0sz8m wrote

Sounds like it wasn’t much fun-got a 2 hr zoom meeting this week, hope to be better by then🤞


SadExtension524 t1_jb042hz wrote

Had it last year. 103° temp, had to go to ER to get fluids, outside of that, I didn't leave my bed for 6 days. I came down with it on a Saturday and didn't have the strength to even go downstairs until Friday. Lost my sense of smell, but it did come back, although it has changed. While I had acute Covid, I noticed that I did not experience the tinnitus I usually have. That came back too. Am very easily fatigued still.


[deleted] t1_jb0bf4l wrote

Wow what year is it hahahaha


6byfour t1_jb4nemf wrote

My first round last Thanksgiving (21) was pretty bad. So tired I was nearly useless for a week - I could work for an hour or two and then nap time, and by day 3 my chest was very congested. Got it again this winter and was more like a bad cold - after my quarantine and several negative tests I was able to travel with no problem


Carolina-Hurricanes1 t1_jb0grjw wrote

It was a free paid 2 week vacation for me for a super deadly virus with a 99.998% survival rate.


Breezy207 OP t1_jb0tsiy wrote

Good for you! My biggest concern is my 70’s immuno-compromised husband with COPD😔


DidDunMegasploded t1_jay9txj wrote

  • Have depression
  • Be an introvert
  • Be autistic with social anxiety (disclaimer: cannot receive from vaccines)
  • Get all the vaccines, play it safe
  • ???
  • Profit

Haven't gotten COVID yet. And that is what happens when you rarely go out, and when you do go out, you go at night.


Breezy207 OP t1_jaydfld wrote

Sounds like you have it figured out-hoping for the best for you!


janetsgross234 t1_jay9fdv wrote

Covid is pussy ass shit the flu has been far worse... unvaccinated had it twice both times just sniffles got the useless flu shot however and have had that god that was terrible


peppapoofle4 t1_jaydhgt wrote

You are one of the lucky if your experience with covid wasn’t terrible. Many people are able to recover just fine, but millions are dead, many more are now disabled and struggling to cope with the after affects of contracting covid.


janetsgross234 t1_jayicmj wrote

Ya lol long covid just like long lyme disease gimmie a break, everyone i know has had covid including almost all of the 130 ppl i work with, only person to go to the hospital was one kid that got the J&j shot and had a reaction to it.

Personally i wish covid had 50% kill rate way too many people on this rock, but im sure WW3 will put a dent in it. Covid will be the last thing on your mind when you doing the "duck and cover" cause the cdc said itd protect you from a nuke


raynedanser t1_jayj5sn wrote

Jesus christ.


janetsgross234 t1_jayjhsc wrote

What? Im just being honest....hopefully I dont die from a direct hit...bath iron works could be a target and thatd be a problem, Id like a chance to go all mad max for abit around here with some /rmainers chained fo my front bumper. Is that so wrong?


raynedanser t1_jaymjeu wrote

I think you're a pathetic troll looking to amuse yourself. That or you're really fucked in the head.

Either way -

Have a great night. I'm not playing.


DidDunMegasploded t1_jayum0l wrote

He sounds like a wannabe gangster trying to act tough when in reality his toughness level is as small as his sausage. Lmfao.


janetsgross234 t1_jaynfin wrote

Dunno why you responded in the first place but ok mang you do that


Breezy207 OP t1_jaye7ne wrote

I’m pretty lucky, knock on wood-only got the flu once and couldn’t get off the floor-flu shot every year since. Hoping that Covid is mild for me too-living w an immuno-suppressed husband with COPD the vax was a no-brainer for us.


janetsgross234 t1_jayhk3p wrote

Meh im not anti vax, just anti untested vax i figured id let all the dubs be first inline for the medical trials. Since I have a mild heart condition that turned out to be very wise, I watched a 30year old collapse at work 2 days after j&j vax frigged his heart up. Rare but it does happen


Breezy207 OP t1_jayjyw9 wrote

Heart issue def puts you in a different category-really sorry abt your coworker-all vax and meds come with risks. Listen to any drug commercial on TV-Ozempic comes to mind…I’d be a nervous wreck if I needed to take that drug…


janetsgross234 t1_jaykarf wrote

Ya i get a kick out of the ones that cure a minor problem like eczema, but cause lymphoma or liver failure. Not worth the risk in my humble opinion


here4TrueFacts t1_jb37rjq wrote

Also, the ones that heave the same side effect as the reason you are prescribed in the first place. And until some time in the last 10+ years advertising prescription drugs was not allowed. But now they can as long as they list all the side effects and don’t actually specify the details of why it’s prescribed. Hence about maybe 20 seconds of a vague sales pitch with pictures of happy people, then “ask your doctor about…”, then a huge list of side effects. Pharma is spending a LOT on advertising.