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GottaUseFakeNames t1_jca83vg wrote

oh fuck bub, i’d have the cock sucker de-limbed, sectioned, loaded in the back of my truck, and a brush pile formed in the yard to burn this weekend (while i drink a few glasses of Allen’s) and still have time to stop by dunks for coffee on the way to work.


w1nn1ng1 t1_jcasqjr wrote

As a homeowner, I feel this comment. I have a $400 Husqvarna chainsaw I've used twice...just because I want to own it and know, eventually, there will be a need for it. Its also nice to have owning 2.5 acres of mostly wooded land. I find myself buying shit I will only need in an emergency just to have, lol.

Any time I see a homeowner who doesn't have some sort of truck or large SUV, I tell myself that person has to be struggling as a homeowner (not financially, but utility wise). I don't know what I would do without my truck.


IamSauerKraut t1_jcazgfc wrote

>I don't know what I would do without my truck.

Save money on purchase price, taxes, insurance, upkeep and gas?


w1nn1ng1 t1_jcb2ziu wrote

And what...borrow a truck every time you need to move literally anything? No thanks.


IamSauerKraut t1_jcb4qb8 wrote

Most trucks I see have nothing in the bed. They just want folks to think they have a bigger sack than anyone else. Some even hang their sack from the trailer hitch. But the bed remains empty. There is a psycho-phrase for that.


GottaUseFakeNames t1_jcb95nf wrote

maybe you just can’t see what’s in the bed of the truck beside you from the drivers seat of your Hyundai Elantra there chum, ever thought of THAT!?


IamSauerKraut t1_jcb9vtl wrote

I would not drive either a Kia or Hyundai if you paid me to do so.

Why not read the thread and gain some context before you make yourself look like the fish food.


GottaUseFakeNames t1_jcbb6qy wrote

why don’t YOU go back to worrying about what’s going on in PA and leave us truck driving, wood cuttin’ sons a bitches alone, chowder head! read the thread? buddy I AM the thread at this point! and don’t call me when you need furniture moved bucko. over and out. God bless.


IamSauerKraut t1_jcbczgw wrote

>God bless

Remainder of your screed is about as unchristian as anything I've read today. #Fakery


mymaineaccount46 t1_jcb3rcz wrote

I desperately need to get a beater truck. Have lots of tools but an SUV really just doesn't cut it when you're on acreage.


GottaUseFakeNames t1_jcbae6f wrote

i’m with that. while i was just joking around in my original post, there is a hint of truth to it. there’s certain things i’ll never go without again in my life as long as i can help it, truck and chainsaw being two of them.

i remember the days of driving with the hatch and back door open in my wrangler on the way home from home depot. sheetrock hanging out the back, plywood strapped to the roof. i did that only a few times before i said fuck it and bought a truck. i always feel for the people loading up their cars at those stores. i’m not saying it can’t be done, but boy is life a hell of a lot easier now.


philliumm t1_jccvtqd wrote

Hey, that was the day I bought a small trailer. Lower than a pickup bed, you can leave it behind full of stuff until it's full of trash, then take it to the dump. A wrangler and an 8' trailer is still pretty nimble, too.


GottaUseFakeNames t1_jcd8uap wrote

i ALMOST went that route too. but i was staring to tire of the wrangler anyway so i decided to get two birds stoned at once.


crypto_crypt_keeper t1_jcactjt wrote

Too bad you do cuz this pic would be perfect for calling out haha


NowThatsAnAdventure t1_jcae1k8 wrote

Save the pic for future reference. You never know.


Scallywag328 OP t1_jcaj4l1 wrote

I can't work today boss, a tree is blocking my driveway, see?

Boss: Why is there snow in August?


FortBlocks t1_jcce96j wrote

Doesn’t work in July really


crypto_crypt_keeper t1_jccnbmg wrote

I'll Photoshop some grass in there, then I'll make another copy with some leaves on the grass, and bam 4 seasons of excellent excuses. For any use, call out of work, bail on your in laws, whatever is clever


Tradesby t1_jccv91m wrote

Jim, why does that same tree keep falling throughout the year? Shouldn't it be dead by now?


Sea_Raisin1735 t1_jcaad61 wrote

Last night the roads were so sketchy! We almost bought the farm in Belgrade. So glad we didn’t! Missed another car by seconds.


LacrosseKnot t1_jcarp6f wrote

I miss other cars by seconds literally every time I drive.


Eccentrically_loaded t1_jcaf7gx wrote

I just had my first chance to plow a fallen tree out of the way this morning. Worked well. Plowing without bulldozing everyone's grass was a lot harder.


indyaj t1_jcbc95m wrote

Good thing it's so small. If you wanted, you might be able to drag it out of the way.


Tavybear6969 t1_jcbdafn wrote

Got to love maine lol. Glad it missed the cars


derpmcperpenstein t1_jcbkazb wrote

This happened to my daughter this morning ( kinda). Snow fell from a pretty large tree. Windshield is fubar.

Op could have been a lot worse.