Submitted by tesaril t3_124e96g in Maine

Even before present day Florida lunacy, I'd never go there again. Right now, I'd say Kentucky due to their especially "ripe" political choices.

So many horrible states that I'll never visit again. So vile, backwards....

What's your group of boycott state especially for lifelong Mainers?



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PutinOnDaRittz t1_jdzlj9v wrote

You can add Indiana to the list. Turning into the Florida of the Midwest at a fast clip here, which is why we’re leaving for Maine.


Antnee83 t1_jdzvoff wrote

I lived in Indiana for a good chunk of my youth.

I could not get the fuck out of there fast enough.


SadExtension524 t1_je1cci4 wrote

I'm from Indiana originally (Bloomington but a Sullivan native) and moved to Maine in 2021.

Can confirm, IN is a terrible place to live!


truththeavengerfish t1_je2smgg wrote

Even Bloomington? Having IU there didn’t balance things out a bit?


SadExtension524 t1_je2yzlz wrote

Did you know we had fascists at the farmers market, and someone spray-painted derogatory words/symbols on the sidewalks?

Because the city refused to ban the nazis at the farmers market, a group broke off and made their own farmers market, nazi-free. We literally had 3%ers "guarding" the fascists market stand.

Bloomington is pretty good, but the surrounding community is still very typical southern Indiana.


Plantspace_ t1_je2auoi wrote

As a trans person.... Most states.


Super-Lychee8852 t1_jdyzocm wrote

Massachusetts, New York, California, Oregon, Washington


IllustriousAmbition9 t1_jdzx2oe wrote

How do you say you watch Fox News without saying you watch Fox News?


AbrasiveDad t1_je0f1sg wrote

How dare he show his political bias just like OP did!....


Swimming-Surprise-50 t1_je00shh wrote

You have mental illness from consuming too much internet


IllustriousAmbition9 t1_je010s8 wrote

Unfortunately, I have to visit my parents in Florida twice a year. It's as bad as I say. Great if you don't need to insure a home though! Get down there!


Super-Lychee8852 t1_jdzxi5c wrote

I don't watch Fox News at all. I don't have cable


IllustriousAmbition9 t1_jdzxnvl wrote

Sorry for that. I guess you just freebase your propaganda from Facebook and Reddit groups. My bad.


Super-Lychee8852 t1_jdzxsef wrote

I don't use Facebook either or follow any political groups on Reddit.

Not sure what propaganda you're referring to


Super-Lychee8852 t1_jdzz2ju wrote

It would appear you're very deep in the liberal propaganda from your post history. Seems a bit like the pot calling the kettle black to me.

I've been to every mainland US state, I've seen what's going on in these states. It's not good


JimBones31 t1_jdzlhjo wrote

These are all beautiful states. Ever been to upstate NY? Great mountains and plenty of nature.


Super-Lychee8852 t1_jdzm7oz wrote

They are pretty. But their leadership is very poor and there is a lot of ugliness too. I'd rather just go way up north here in Maine or in NH over upstate NY, Or visit Idaho, Wyoming or Montana over the west coast options


Beginning_Key2167 t1_je0i23r wrote

So I can assume you have visited none of those states? I have visited Idaho and Montana also California and Washington and I live in Oregon I’m originally from northern Maine. I don’t think you’ll find people from Idaho matching how people are from northern Maine.


Beginning_Key2167 t1_je0hdxp wrote

I currently live in Oregon. Transplant from Maine and Oregon is amazing and a beautiful state. Washington state as well. Obviously, you’ve never been to California or you wouldn’t have that on the list. California is a Amazing and diverse state.


[deleted] t1_jdzns7j wrote



Super-Lychee8852 t1_jdzo8h6 wrote

Do you really believe that?


[deleted] t1_jdzpl5p wrote



WalkerBRiley t1_je01hwb wrote

The boycotting our own state part. If she's the sole reason we boycott her. Those other state reps are collectively fucking over their constituents. We've one state rep doing it. Let's boycott her.


Sleuthiestofsleuths t1_je07spl wrote

You're not wrong about Susan Collins, she's a devil in a blue dress, and this horror show against women's rights would not be happening if not for her. But, rather than boycott Maine, may I suggest collectively showing Susan Collins the door.


robrien1968 t1_jdzs8i2 wrote

Florida…low taxes, sunshine, and a great economy…also one of the states people are heading to in droves..


IllustriousAmbition9 t1_jdzwvvq wrote

What are you waiting for? Get out of here and head down to that backwater shithole. Propaganda is a helluva drug! Your experience living there will be a lot different from the idea that's been presented to you on Fox News!


Swimming-Surprise-50 t1_je00r65 wrote


Vvv this is in regards to the fool I was replying to who deleted their comments


boogienonymous t1_je0monf wrote

How so? I think boycotting a state that's into censoring history and banning books so as not to make old white rubes uncomfortable is a good idea.


Vavorino t1_je06s3w wrote

What does that have to do with Fox News?


FITM-K t1_je0ywfe wrote

By all means, go! Enjoy the low taxes, the sunshine, and (eventually) the impossibly high insurance costs on your underwater property! But hey, at least you'll be able to rest easy knowing that your kids will learn about sex and sexuality from random internet videos rather than qualified teachers, and that they won't be exposed to any scary books that talk about black people.


General_Pop6592 t1_je2u37y wrote

You are clueless!! Hopefully, you are still young enough to ventually watch CPRC (China) take over our country, while "you" were worry about States trying to simply maintain a civilized, conventional society.


FITM-K t1_je2vazk wrote

> CPRC (China)

The Chinese People's Republic of China? Jesus christ dude, at least get the fucking name right if you're trying to scaremonger.

> ventually watch

> "you" were worry

Leave now my man, you will fit right in in Florida lmao


boogienonymous t1_je0t4qt wrote

There are a lot of stupid people in the US. About 74 million based on the last POTUS election.


truththeavengerfish t1_je2t0p9 wrote

100% this. Based on that math it’s fair to assume that approximately 50% of people that voted in the last presidential election are fucking imbeciles


bleahdeebleah t1_jdzx1yl wrote

So you're saying we should boycott it, or did you not understand the post? I'm trying to understand this.


WalkerBRiley t1_je00osu wrote

He thinks Florida is the land of milk and honey.

But every person I know who has moved there has either come back after a year or wished they could.

People don't realize just what a cesspit Florida is.


Beginning_Key2167 t1_je0h0y8 wrote

Exactly low taxes and sunshine don’t outweigh the total cesspool Florida is. I lasted 6 months in the 90’s I wouldn’t last 2 days the way Florida is presently. I have been lucky enough to travel to a lot of states in our country. Florida hands-down was the worst experience out of any of them.


mydogcecil t1_je0c0rj wrote

OP history explains it all


GuavaGood5835 t1_je4lxsu wrote

Connecticut, Mass , Jersey, NY, California


sunbuddy86 t1_je3h6sv wrote

Lifelong Florida resident here. We are in a fast race with California for the highest home insurance and are #1 for highest car insurance. With the upcoming 60 to 100% increase in home owners insurance in June my bet is that a year from now the housing market will tank due to foreclosures. We are clearing the woods to build cracker box houses and a SUPER toll highway that begins at the Georgia boarder that goes all the way down the Gulf coast. Red tide and the five thousand mile long seaweed (you read that right) bloom that will hit us very soon makes living here delightful. Ain't freedom grand!


Excedrinpmzzz t1_je1rlqn wrote

Life at any state other than Maine is so much better. Leave for more than a week and you’ll see that you are living life on the highest difficulty level. Maine has the 3rd highest food prices and rent/ buying a home is out of control. The older population is retiring and the labor shortage will only get worse. The drug use here is horrific and the youth are dying everyday. The education system is terrible ranking #40 in the us. The smart youth leave as soon as they get a chance. This state is dying (literally) boycott Maine , it’s literally one of the worst states in the us by almost all metrics



EgoBruisers t1_jdzn7et wrote

Commifornia, Oregon, Washington, Massachusetts, Illinois


Sufficient-Squash428 t1_jdztles wrote

Wasn't Ronald Reagan from "Commifornia", the 5th largest Economy in the world?

Must watch Fox.


EgoBruisers t1_jdzwpfz wrote

I only watch Fox if the Patriots are playing an NFC team bub. I ain’t no Q.


WalkerBRiley t1_je01mdv wrote

Not a Q, but doesn't understand California's economy supports pretty much the rest of the union, especially most of the Red states.


10mm2fun t1_jdyzlgx wrote

There's a nickname for people from Ohio. "FIFO" If I get 69 up votes I'll tell you what it means 😁


WalkerBRiley t1_je01vo3 wrote

Buckeyes, and I do it for free. But those idiots think its a term of endearment now.