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MuForceShoelace t1_je59p4t wrote

excuse you, it's a dollar general that is next to the weed store. Then the other weed store is next to that.


tjmme55 t1_je5ab5d wrote

Don't forget the Aroma Joe's that's in the parking lot of the Dollar General


MuForceShoelace t1_je5b20d wrote

parkinglot is a car that sells used golfballs by having a bunch of golfballs on the hood of their car or strawberries from a wooden sign that says 'strawberries" that their daughter drew in 1992


NoMansSkyWasAlright t1_je81bnq wrote

Yes there’s still someone trying to sell shitty weed out the back of the dollar general. No that does not mean it qualifies as a weed store.


Karen_Moody t1_je7l26l wrote

Don't you mean the Aroma Joe's in the parking lot of another Aroma Joe's?


ptowndavid t1_je5o6hc wrote

They go out after their shifts and battle it out like the newscasters on Anchorman. I really hope this is their answer.


Weak-Distribution-83 t1_je71naa wrote

I’ve had enough of you Mantooth. This ends right here right now.


ptowndavid t1_je7d6e8 wrote

This is the scene in my head as employees at the Farm Stand and Blossom in Saco end their day. Eyeing each other across the street through bloodshot eyes amidst clouds of cool looking “smoke”. Then out of nowhere- a trident goes through the air…


fastIamnot t1_je5l734 wrote

What is you're next to an ax-throwing restaurant and a Hobby Lobby?


Cwolf17 t1_je5y9k9 wrote

I know exactly which store you're talking about lmao


DaNostrich t1_je5zsvy wrote

I used to work there 👀


fastIamnot t1_je64kxx wrote

I used to buy there lol. I always thought it was hilarious that it was right next door to Hobby Lobby. The pearl clutching that must have gone on in there when you guys opened.............


DaNostrich t1_je65ac5 wrote

Idk how true it is but I was told hobby lobby even owns that stretch of buildings ( the guy that owns smoke and steel also owns the weed store)


John_Yossarian t1_je7miqu wrote

That sounds fishy... does he also own the Prosthetic Finger & Tourniquet Emporium?


DaNostrich t1_je7oc6l wrote

What’s weird about it? Their family owns G&M market ( literally named after the owners kids Greg and Matt, Greg being the business end of the weed shop and Matt being the the weed ) but they own S&S, Brothers, G&M, Stompers and an amatos that they renovated into a 3rd brothers location, successful business people aren’t limited to one venture lol


John_Yossarian t1_je7r2ms wrote

It was a joke about people high on marijuana throwing axes while under the influence of the cannabis cigarettes. The joke is that the guy owns a place to get people high, a place to throw dangerous sharp axes, and also owns a place that sells things to the stoned people who lost fingers or cut off a limb while axe throwing under the influence of cannabijuana.

Imagine that your favorite corn chip manufacturer also owned the number one diarrhea medication.


marzipan-daydreams t1_je5s460 wrote

Weed store employee here

Its good to be neighborly to your neighbors, regardless.


DudlyDjarbum t1_je59lwq wrote

Also do you generally enjoy the work compared to other retail?


marzipan-daydreams t1_je5sa0q wrote

Its retail.

Like no matter what its retail. But since it's something so personal, I'm also my regulars therapist, life coach, shoulder to lean on, etc. We wear a lot of hats.

But its way cool.


MikeLowrey305 t1_je6qweo wrote

Any job opportunities? Is the pay ok? I have growing experience & knowledge of a lot of strains.


marzipan-daydreams t1_je71dgp wrote

The states full of opportunities, it's weird to get your foot in the door, admittedly. I know some of the bigger grows post their shit on indeed when they're hiring, you could go that way.

I'm on the retail end, the pay is a lot better than what I was getting, i don't have a dress code, nobody's expecting me to yes sir no sir

And I get to smoke at work.


Hollywoodjenks t1_je606su wrote

At first it was magical that magic fades real quick in a retail setting


DudlyDjarbum t1_je62jin wrote

I just can't imagine getting dickish to people selling me weed. After the decades of black Market I still walk out looking over my shoulder but with a huge grin.


marzipan-daydreams t1_je6bewr wrote

Brother you'd think that

I've been yelled at that my scales are off, that I'm shorting people, that I'm ripping people off, all sorts of shit

Its to the point that when someone's nice to me and doesn't just bark out their order I start sliding them discounts and freebies for not sucking ass


monsterscallinghome t1_je6osb5 wrote

Is that why they're always throwing in free prerolls on my order? I'm old man, I can't take a whole joint of this modern weed. Anything more than my old sneakatoke and my ass is macrame-d into the sofa for the rest of the day, and I have shit to do! (see: old.)


marzipan-daydreams t1_je718o3 wrote

You're telling me man

I'm damn near 40 and some of the weed nowadays is fucking wild strong.

But yeah it means the budtenders like you.


monsterscallinghome t1_je71tcf wrote

I've gotten to just asking for whatever sativa or hybrid strain has the lowest thc. Then I get my ounce, pay the human, and go on about my day. I can imagine they deal with some...interesting characters...a bit more often than most places expect to.


Karen_Moody t1_je7lzri wrote

I too have noticed that asking for something that explicitly does NOT get me shitfaced has resulted in some amazing customer service. As a bartender, when someone asks me for "something strong," I roll my eyes and give a standard pour of whatever.


marzipan-daydreams t1_je6bjlt wrote

Also if anyone in this thread is a budtender in the state feel free to crawl into my dms I'd love to have some industry friends lol


Psychological-Bear-9 t1_je6aqjc wrote

Brother, you have no idea. Some people are really cool, but some of the worst people I've dealt with in retail have been in cannabis. People that are too dumb to understand we aren't a trap house and have rules and laws we have to follow. As well as people that think the people working at the store are for whatever reason responsible for the strains we have.

A lot of nuts that think that we're watching them to report them to the DEA or Maine state government. It's unreal the stupidity.


Slmmnslmn t1_je69k4y wrote

Same. I remember being happy it came in a bag. I used to bring my own just in case.


Ok-Avocado-5876 t1_je6hppd wrote

Lol, just go down 236 through kittery and theres one like every 500 feet 😆


Apprehensive_Wing766 t1_je6wn3n wrote

I always imagined feuds between rival weed stores would have "smoke outs". Kind of like a shootout, but it's two groups just aggressively blowing their own stores weed smoke at each other

You can thank weed itself for me having ever thought about this in the first place


eljefino t1_je7nxf2 wrote

I'm imagining a leaf blower hooked up to a giant gravity bong.


uppitycrip t1_je6vlxq wrote

Hey there I’m just a patient (not one of the first in Maine) and the legislature is hearing LD 94 today, and it’s a really bad bill for the industry and for the patients. It would make the Cannabis refugee situation worse because it would impose a thirty day residency requirement for children under 18, and ban concentrates from the medical program and limits who can write a recommendation. Please do write to the Veterans and Legal Affairs Committee and call your local representative to educate them about why they should oppose LD 94!


Karen_Moody t1_je75il6 wrote

Can you cite that? All I can find on the state's website is:

"This bill proposes to require approval from a minor's primary care provider before that minor may use medical cannabis."


uppitycrip t1_je76jo7 wrote

This is from the text that the head of the Maine Caregiver Coalition has been sharing on her Facebook page.


Karen_Moody t1_je7kh83 wrote

Interesting, the amendment isn't on the state's website yet. That's disappointing. Thanks for the info, sincerely.


fishing2256 t1_je667gm wrote

There is like 10 weed stores within a mile of my house


chumble98 t1_je5spe2 wrote

no lmao the closest weed store to mine is a highbrow and i get told stories about how they’re stealing from their customers. both because the prices are so high and because they literally will steal a bit from the weed people buy


flexingindisguise t1_je87h6i wrote

lmao where did you hear that employees are stealing


chumble98 t1_je8arru wrote

from their ex customers, tho to be faaaiiiiirrrrr, i believe that’s specific to the one near me


Royal-Ad-619 t1_je6dzoh wrote

Working in the manufacturing and grow aspect of marijuana is definitely where its at over the retail aspect unless you are more of a people person. It's certainly great to have friends in the weed shop next door to hear what's going on for deals and new items hitting the shelf so you get the heads up


red_cobra88 t1_je5hs5p wrote

There is a place in hallowell that fits that description


andi-pandi t1_je7vqdt wrote

Turner… route 4


Copacetic9two t1_jeal5al wrote

The stretch of route 4 in Wilton too (population less than 4k), in just a couple of miles there are at least 4, and another getting ready to open. I don’t get how they can all compete that close to each other, but it’s been years now. They should rename it route 420.


dr_cl_aphra t1_je5sfjm wrote

…Dave’s not here, maaaaaaaaan


Hipsquatch t1_je6c8x1 wrote

What about the people who work in the weed store located in the bathroom of another weed store? (Old Starbuck's joke repurposed)


Glum_Control_1219 t1_je5wgrp wrote

Some of them it's more a personal thing like I'm friends with some of my neighbors and I'm not friends with others and like there's that one guy on the street everyone hates


SamJackson01 t1_je6wmat wrote

They go out back by the dumpsters and fight it out to song like West Side Story.


modifiedchoke t1_je93wk5 wrote

They really are everywhere now. No biggy to me, I’m just amazed that they all can exist in such close proximity to each other.


Dry-Note2928 t1_je949r4 wrote

Funny u ask cuz someone is turning the old burger King next to the weed shop and hotel into another weed shop


seeclick8 t1_je6ogtk wrote

Oh this made me laugh! So true


JimmyJackJericho t1_je6uool wrote

the two weed stores I go to have great locations. I can get an eddie, catch a movie then get my grocery shopping done at one and the other I can stop in at best buy then grab a keef soda and walk to the bookstore


DidDunMegasploded t1_je8ahuw wrote

There are more weed stores here than there are Dunkin's. I don't want to hear people bitching how there are so many of the latter anymore.


ROclimbingbabeCK t1_je8gvgl wrote

Mostly I feel like they are the enemy 😂 everything they do sucks. Lol


Rolling_Beardo t1_je9m8hv wrote

I’m more interested in how you get paid. I thought most banks won’t take money from dispensaries. How do you handle taxes?