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indyaj t1_jeamhkd wrote

Government entities aside, most small towns run on volunteerism. Check with the town you're moving to. I'm sure there's an organization or six that would welcome your energy.


ToesocksandFlipflops t1_jeaoedp wrote

This is the way.

Maine doesn't have huge regional volunteer organizations, Good Shepherd Food bank is one that I can think of off the top of my head, although thinking about it I'm not sure how many volunteers they have, because they work closely with volunteer food banks in towns. There is also the Dempsy center but I think that mostly located in the L/A area.


To OP: what type of volunteering would you like to do? That will help immensely to give you some direction. Smaller central Maine towns would have most volunteer opportunities centered around the town, where bigger towns/cities would have more diverse opportunities.


logs_and_dogs OP t1_jebomx4 wrote

I will definitely take both of your sets of advice and get in contact with the local council/government. I see myself doing community organization and fundraising in the sort term because I'm pretty good at talking to people. Long term I might see more physical labor and equipment operation for local parks, forests, etc once i have all my heavy equipment purchased. Does that nail it down a little more?


lipsticknic3 t1_jebcmez wrote

Would this be a call to town hall? I've been wondering the same as OP


ecco-domenica t1_jebh13o wrote

Could be but I'd start asking at the library.


logs_and_dogs OP t1_jebou5f wrote

My aunt always says librarians know everything that goes on in town :) will do!


ToesocksandFlipflops t1_jebipio wrote

I would go in and talk to the people who do car registrations. If the town has a rec department they for sure need help.

Baseball/softball is always looking for help and it's not just to coach, it's getting fields ready etc.

Go to the local food bank when it's open not to get food, but to check about volunteering.