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SomeDudeUpHere t1_jbhbctb wrote

But in Maine, you still pay property tax. Depends on income level, but I pay way more in Maine income tax than the difference would be in property tax.

Edit: I don't understand the downvotes. My home in Maine vs being in NH might cost me like 2k less per year, but I pay way more in Maine income tax than 2 grand.


Beasagdeux t1_jbu7zkz wrote

If you are paying 'way more' than $2K in Maine income taxes then you are making WAY MORE than most Mainer's ever will.... which is probably why you are being downvoted. Totally not fair.. but some people do start getting twitchy when 'rich' people bitch about paying income taxes.

But you aren't wrong. The reality is that the mill rate in NH is all over the place.. the same as the mill rates in Maine. In some towns it's $5 in others it's $30.

Everyone says 'oh NH property taxes are so much higher'... and back in the day.. they used to be. MUCH higher. But these days.. not so much.


SomeDudeUpHere t1_jbun0kd wrote

You're right. Looked it over, and I don't pay way more than 2k. But it's basically a wash. Yeah, I used the 2k number based on towns in each state that I know roughly what the rates are, though you're right that some maine towns absolutely have higher rates than some NH towns