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IamSauerKraut t1_jcyjuar wrote

>On bail conditions from last time

They let him out instead of holding him?? Seems unwise all things considered.


LawDogSavy t1_jcyxr46 wrote

What's crazier is a police standoff is a Class E misdemeanor. The lowest class for criminal charges.


Fenidreams t1_jczs25i wrote

Yet their giving domestic terrorism charges to peaceful protestors in Atlanta smh


Notmystationbro t1_jd05o8h wrote

Yeah firebombing is peaceful 🙄


Fenidreams t1_jd12ymf wrote

There is no evidence that the people arrested at an alternate site had anything to do with that. It was miles from the music festival they stormed and arrested folks at, and they arrested legal observers and musicians taking part in the festival. STOP COP CITY.


Sufficient_Risk1684 t1_jd2pfy4 wrote

The music festival just happened to have legal observers hanging around for no reason? Also legal observers aren't a thing. There is nothing that lets you trespass and participate in violent conspiracy's just because you are a lawyer.


Fenidreams t1_jd4nu3k wrote

To observe police idiot


Sufficient_Risk1684 t1_jd4od7z wrote

Why were they expecting police at a music festival?


Fenidreams t1_jd5hchh wrote

Because it’s on the planned site for “cop city” a privately funded behind closed doors deal for Atlanta police foundation to build a 100+ acre police training facility to practice militarized urban warfare tactics, and repression tactics, chopping down an old growth forest, the police killed a peaceful protester in cold blood there, they investigate themselves, they are not to be trusted, hence, legal observers


Infinite_Eye1195 t1_jd01vgv wrote

Peaceful 😂


Fenidreams t1_jd135ry wrote

No evidence the people arrested and charged had anything to do with the attack on PROPERTY not people. The people arrested where attending a music festival a few miles away. The police RAN and hid when the direct action started then went in militantly and arrested legal observers peaceful protesters and musicians at a MUSIC FESTIVAL


Infinite_Eye1195 t1_jd4nm14 wrote



Fenidreams t1_jd4npcl wrote

Prove it


Sufficient_Risk1684 t1_jcz2ncj wrote

They let everyone out. Western Maine keeps having police chases with people on bail from...having police chases....


hagak t1_jczxf6g wrote

How else are they supposed to practice police chases here?