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siebzy t1_jecxsaj wrote

OP says he doesn't have a title, and the vehicle is newer than 95, so your Google fu has failed you this time guygan


siebzy t1_jecy7ya wrote

OP, look up "bonded titles". You will probably have to put up some money for a bond unless the car is a total junker.


Guygan t1_jecyd94 wrote

Read the text:

> How to Register a Private Sale Purchased Passenger Vehicle:

> Pay excise tax at your town office. Excise tax is a municipal tax. Please contact your local municipal office for additional information.

> Documents needed: Signed bill of sale (bill of sale template) Title, if the vehicle is model year 1995 or newer, signed over the title to new owner from the previous owner(s)


siebzy t1_jecymi7 wrote

Read again - "Title, if the vehicle is model year 1995 or newer"


siebzy t1_jecyzrc wrote

OP stated the model year is 1997 and the seller does not have a title.

The statute you cited is therefore not relevant to his situation.

It is possible to obtain title to a vehicle through a bonded title process. This is actually less onerous than it sounds for most used vehicles.


Guygan t1_jedrxww wrote

Then he needs a obtains title.

It’s like following a cake recipe.

“Put in oven”

Don’t have an oven? Then acquire one, or don’t make a cake.