Submitted by Hangry_Pauper t3_11togin in Maine

I'm tired of every time Maine is referenced I'm a movie, it's only to be used as some far flung place so other characters and inaccessible or like some magical destination (which it is magical, but stay away).

There's always some tragedy in a movie and people are like, "Do they have any family we can contact to come help?!?" With the reply, "Yeah, they've got a sibling, but they live in Maine (or Bangor is popular)" to make it seem like we're not capable of getting somewhere ASAP if it's beyond Massachusetts (fuck that state).

Or during a romance it's always "Where will we go/where have you always wanted to go?" "Have you ever been to Maine?"

We're a people. We're accessible. And by God we're not some hermit state. Anybody else ever noticed this?



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Arkitakama t1_jcjyhdl wrote

> Stay away

> We're accessible

Pick one


TickingCringeBomb t1_jcjyaxi wrote

I like it. We get kind of a lot of mention for a 1.2 million population place. I like the mystique and misperceptions. Every time they mention it I do the "Dicaprio pointing at the TV" meme.

One of my favorites is in The Sopranos. Vito's son is getting in trouble so they're going to send him to a boarding/reform school in Maine.

The kid goes "I don't wanna go to stupid Maine"

And James Gandolfini's Tony Soprano says "You think anybody wants that?"


SeaBear393 t1_jck01cc wrote

Coming from a man from New Jersey….. that’s rich.


BOOSH207 t1_jcjyath wrote

Many movies have Maine in them or mention Maine and it’s not disparaging.

Reference: Iron Giant and


redchampagnecampaign t1_jck2f13 wrote

Iron Giant is a deeply underrated movie that I need to watch again—I don’t think I realized it was set in Maine though. Neat!


haditupto t1_jck9puz wrote

yes, and the kids show RescueBots is also set in Maine (fictional Camden I believe) as an homage to the Iron Giant


monsterscallinghome t1_jckr8ht wrote

I read an interview with one of the filmmakers once wherein he said the movie grew out of the question: "what if a gun knew it was a gun, and didn't want to be?"


MuForceShoelace t1_jcjy3lg wrote

Are we not a hermit state? Maine's whole personality is being super super mad and angry if anyone comes or moves here and our dumb catch phrase is "you can't get there from here"


LaChanz t1_jck08sn wrote

We're just not a drive thru state. Well, unless you're Canadian. People don't just dive thru and think, hey, this is nice. I think I'll live here for a while. They have to actively decide to come here. That's one of my favorite things about Maine.


ZingZongZaddy t1_jck3uks wrote

Many people involved in the development of TV and movies are from or have connections to the state. It's not a bad thing.


What should stop, is the shitty representation of characters. The Boston accent is not ours, Hollywood. Stop using summer people as your consultants. Those Lifetime original movies set during the holidays, that's not what Maine looks like. That's Connecticut.


I'm all for increased representation, but let's at least be accurate about it.


baxterstate t1_jck1sb1 wrote

I like that Maine is considered like the Alaska of the northeast.

I’d love to keep the riffraff from MA, NY, NJ, PA etc, from coming here.


MakingItUpAsWeGoOk t1_jcjz2mg wrote

Have you ever tried to get somewhere quickly that’s beyond Massachusetts? It is damn near impossible. Hollywood isn’t too far off. Once spent a solid 20 hours just at Logan trying to get to Eastern Europe to my daughter. There was zero chance at Bangor or Portland. Had a family member trying to come back to Maine from New Orleans a year before Katrina in another hurricane and he had to drive to Huston TX to find a plane coming close. Seen people drive to central Ohio because it was going to take same amount of time as finding a flight.


meowmix778 t1_jckgphv wrote

The attitude that Massachusetts is this far-off hellscape full of roaming bands of speeders and people who change your state is really regressive. It's just a state. Calm down.

If a show takes place in like Chicago and characters have to go to Maine.... that's far.

Settle down. We don't live in some sacred place that's only for us and only real maine folk would understand. It's just another state with its good and its bad. It's baffling why you'd argue to not want to hear the name of a place on a movie or show.


SobeysBags t1_jcki7bc wrote

Also, in TV and movies, the filming location is always in Nova Scotia, since Maine doesn't look "Maine" enough, so they go for Maine on steroids, i.e, Nova Scotia. Also the tax breaks help.


SadExtension524 t1_jco67ul wrote

As someone from "away," this is definitely a hermit state! And there's a lot of this state that is not easily accessible.


Left-Range6609 t1_jckf728 wrote

I think it’s to be expected. Let’s list our Favorite Maine cameos. I’ll go first: Have to start with the sopranos guy who goes to Maine for witness protection and Tony finds him while taking meadow to visit bowdoin 2: bojack horseman- it’s the place he romanticized escaping to to change his life and leave show business. 3. Steven king… That’s all I can think of


Lucky_Event_8450 t1_jcmkzf5 wrote

I think Stephen King made Maine popular since almost every one of his books or movies are based on Maine cities, or Colorado.


Embarrassed-One2182 t1_jclf3io wrote

Hollywood seems to be clamoring for relevance, anymore…hence Marvel movies suddenly being Oscar nominees. Just watch independent and foreign films that are still written by humans, and not a committee utilizing ROI algorithms. Although, Fablemans was excellent!


costillaultima t1_jclp5of wrote

I like it. Especially with Storybrooke, Maine.


Hangry_Pauper OP t1_jclvrzw wrote

Loved that show until I think Cinderella showed up and it just became a giant Disney Mashup to introduce characters


DaytonaDemon t1_jcpvgos wrote

>Or during a romance it's always "Where will we go/where have you always wanted to go?" "Have you ever been to Maine?"

For real? This is a bad thing?


psilosophist t1_jcqnuvf wrote

I just watched a bad 80s horror movie called Dead And Buried that is supposed to take place in Maine but was filmed in Northern California.


Hangry_Pauper OP t1_jcjynd7 wrote

I see the /s missed its mark


AdmiralWackbar t1_jcjzep2 wrote

How could anyone tell this was sarcasm


meowmix778 t1_jckgznm wrote

Because it wasn't. It's like when someone says something stupid or offensive and then loudly proclaims "IMMMMM JOOOKKKINNNGGG".


Lieutenant_Joe t1_jcl8tc7 wrote

In this case, it was stupid, but not offensive.

Unless you’re from Massachusetts, but then, fuck you anyway :p


DidDunMegasploded t1_jckp77b wrote

Tone is not easily distinguished from text. That is part of the reason why the tone indicator you just used is a thing.