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Hangry_Pauper OP t1_jcjynd7 wrote

I see the /s missed its mark


AdmiralWackbar t1_jcjzep2 wrote

How could anyone tell this was sarcasm


meowmix778 t1_jckgznm wrote

Because it wasn't. It's like when someone says something stupid or offensive and then loudly proclaims "IMMMMM JOOOKKKINNNGGG".


Lieutenant_Joe t1_jcl8tc7 wrote

In this case, it was stupid, but not offensive.

Unless you’re from Massachusetts, but then, fuck you anyway :p


DidDunMegasploded t1_jckp77b wrote

Tone is not easily distinguished from text. That is part of the reason why the tone indicator you just used is a thing.