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AmbitiousInitial8961 t1_je9qf1k wrote

Won't ever go to DEW again. We have been multiple times, used to live near the area. I find the enclosures - while bigger than York - to be too small and just dirt. It basically looks like a run down farm that somebody put wild animals at without cleaning up the place. The owner comes across as unbalanced and doesn't know how to properly relate with customers. Was on a tour with a group of young girl scouts and had him going off on this experiences in war (sounded like he was talking about Vietnam) and interactions with "stupid animal lovers" (which turned out to be scientists with animal behavior degress) who don't actually know anything they are talking about while he knows how to take care of all his animals. I'm not saying he doesn't love them or he is intentionally treating them badly, but loving something and doing the right thing do not always go together.


eljefino t1_jecm4dr wrote

I went there with my 4 year old kid and his preschool. Good enough time-- saw a tiger pee through the fence on a tourist-- but the staff were a bit rude. I was standing by the "exit" while waiting for the rest of our party to come out and they yelled at me for reentering (by a few feet). It was obvious I had paid along with everyone else.

Also depending on when you go (or not) you'll want to wear mosquito netting. The bugs, not necessarily mosquitoes, are insane.