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The-Associate t1_je3ftxf wrote

Can barely fill a pothole, good luck.


ozzie286 t1_je3mpix wrote

Thanks for calling Quacko Insurance, how can I help you?

Yeah, my car was crushed by ice.

Crushed by ice? Where did it come from?

The ocean.

The ocean?

Yeah. Well, it went over the bridge.

Over the bridge? Your car went off the bridge and hit ice in the ocean?

No, the ice went over the bridge and hit my car.

So you're telling me the ice jumped out of the ocean up onto the bridge and hit your car? Have you been drinking?


critical_courtney t1_je3w4am wrote

“Well yeah, but that’s beside the point.”


raggedtoad t1_je4m530 wrote

"It was just a few fireball nips..."


dedoubt t1_je535cy wrote

>"It was just a few fireball nips..."

Which isn't even really booze.


ozzie286 t1_je784s0 wrote

Was it cinnamon flavored whisky fireball, or cinnamon whisky flavored fireball?


cwalton505 t1_je4g4ei wrote

Oh "my car was hit by a boat"

What how? Were you in the water?

"Nah a drugged out guy nodded off at the wheel of his lobsterboat and flew over the bridge and hit my car"


kintokae t1_je56q0z wrote

Will look really nice until that oversized tractor trailer goes under it and smashes up the underside of it.


deadsantaclaus t1_je3p419 wrote

This works in conjunction with a skyscraper and a monorail.

Livermore Falls has to make this happen.


Guygan t1_je4ft09 wrote

Of all the fantasies you could have about spending hundreds of millions on something in Maine because it’s “cool” this is pretty far down the list.


Git_Off_Me_Lawn t1_je4vtrh wrote

Maybe I'm not very hip, but I think having roads that don't cause you to have to replace suspension parts on a yearly basis is pretty cool.


ZingZongZaddy t1_je5a89h wrote

Do you think this would require no maintenance?


Git_Off_Me_Lawn t1_je5ihkb wrote

I'm saying why waste money on this thing when we can't even keep simple roads from destroying your car?

Judging from the roads I drive on, I'd be bringing a boat home on/in my car a year or so after this thing is built.


HiggityHank t1_je57epc wrote

Comes in way before billion dollar flagpole though.


cwalton505 t1_je4fwp6 wrote

It'd be a really fucking stupid waste of desperately needed funding if something like that was built is more like it.


raella69 t1_je4e2r6 wrote

No, we are so shitty about roads... imagine a road of water over your head. With the way everything is nowadays, would you really trust Maine's roads to not let you die stupidly?


feina635 t1_je4kteq wrote

Having absolutely zero experience or knowledge of the subject, I would imagine a bridge is substantially cheaper, easier, and safer to build than the logistics of that.


K8nK9s t1_je4b96o wrote

Who's we?


realbusabusa t1_je4hjgb wrote

Yes, it would be really cool to have protected bike lanes next to 4 lane highways.


CptnAlex t1_je4ulua wrote

Meh, I like the utility but would prefer not to bike immediately next to a loud highway. Those old railroad tracks transformed into bike paths are much more pleasant


adambair t1_je4l4e6 wrote

Perfect, we can put it on the highway to the giant flag.


michaelreadit t1_je4mlyq wrote

As far as usefulness goes, this seems on par with the worlds tallest flagpole

Edit: On second thought, at least this is pretty.


Dbgb4 t1_je4jjl1 wrote

I suspect a very unique circumstance of geography required. Where?


6byfour t1_je4mexr wrote

Looks like there’s room for a giant flag pole in there


MonsterByDay t1_je4rdjy wrote

Considering the fact we can't manage to keep asphalt on our regular surface roads, I'm not sure that we're in a position to start building complicated structures that are only needed for sailboats.


bor-harbar t1_je5cdrm wrote

We probably could if we taxed the rich!


flyswithdragons t1_je4lxu9 wrote

Where is that roadway?

Pretty but likely expensive and high maintenance.


bluestargreentree t1_je4qz5c wrote

OK, so this solves what problem? Where is there a bridge too low for sailboats? Chances are this would be wayyyy too costly for any waterway that accommodates barges or cruise ships.


ppitm t1_je4rsh6 wrote

> OK, so this solves what problem? Where is there a bridge too low for sailboats?

I mean, there's plenty of them, but so what?


TravellingTransGirl t1_je4txf3 wrote

It's pretty but I don't think we have "athletically pleasing" money at the moment. Should focus what we have on basic infrastructure


jewishexgirlfriend t1_je540pw wrote

When you need a bridge but there's extra money in the budget


haji_666 t1_je5d9mw wrote

Wouldn't last long in Maine... a few spring thaws and the frost heaves will chew this up


ScenePlayful1872 t1_je6vs57 wrote

That would mean the last of the swinging bridges


Lorindel_wallis t1_je730n0 wrote

Big tax payer funded project that would look great for the rich folks in yachts. Perfect. /s.
We have enough problems with normal bridges. Let’s maybe fix the rds we have first. This looks amazingly expensive


MikeLowrey305 t1_je8df8p wrote

Should probably spend the money on Dams for hydroelectric power to lower the electricity rates instead.


GrowFreeFood t1_je4sfxv wrote

I got a completely new way to do roads. It involves no roads.


dreamsthebigdreams t1_je4wkg3 wrote

It's way too big of a project for any Maine business to handle... Have to bring in outside companies from different states not even increasing jobs of mainers....

Oh you need proof madowaska bridge they brought all kinds of people from out of state to do the work......

A huge job local builders can profit from but the skill set is just not there for that type of work


scootercatlady t1_je4xjmm wrote

The website for the Madawaska bridge says it's being built by Reed & Reed of Woolwich Maine. Seems like Maine companies are quite capable of doing the work.


Vomitus_The_Emetic t1_je4htng wrote

I usually drive more than sailing or flying so prefer to give cars the view rather than boats and helicopters