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timothypjr t1_jc6u7qu wrote

tHaNKs SHeNna! Protecting us from tofu is a GREAT way to spend time an energy by the DMV.


notawight OP t1_jc6vswf wrote

Maine bans alleged vegan's license plate that said LUVTOFU


weakenedstrain t1_jc70qv2 wrote



notawight OP t1_jc71vzu wrote

I mean, I don't know. I could see coming up with that and thinking you've got the perfect defense against the state taking it away.

I don't know Peter. He's probably a legit vegan, but hahd sayin not kowin.


MaineChowder71 t1_jca0plh wrote

Take it away! Even vegans don't "love" tofu. 😉


geomathMEW t1_jcaff1f wrote

i think every time i have it im like, "damn i love tofu, why dont i eat more of this!"

in particular that commune up here that makes it does a fantastic job. kinda expensive tho