Submitted by gsimp18 t3_120rjv9 in Maine

Has anyone living in the midcoast area (specifically Rockland, Rockport, Thomaston area) noticed people in high viz vests being dropped off at the end of their street and walking door-to- door?

Two young me were dropped off at the end of my street yesterday morning and seemingly went from house to house asking questions when my neighbors answered the door. I’m curious to know if anyone’s talked to them as I intentionally did not answer the door when they knocked. Does it have anything to do with the anti PTP initiative that we’re all being bombarded with?



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JillStencil t1_jdjjrrg wrote

Rockland resi here- it is fidium who installed fiber optic cable like a year ago. They are offering a month free internet and a locked in rate of 70/mo


athermalwill t1_jdjln4h wrote

You could just answered the door and gotten an instant answer to your question.


polaris207 t1_jdjf883 wrote

A few weeks ago we had two women come to our door at dinner trying to get us to switch energy carriers. This was in South Portland.


siebzy t1_jdljr08 wrote

What is with everyone being freaked out about people going door to door these days?