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Present_Assistant_60 t1_je7smkg wrote

What about when you are visiting from a state that doesn’t require


Spresti1 OP t1_je7sqbv wrote

You follow the laws of wherever your car is registered


Ottobahnrichtofen t1_je7xybe wrote

They may as well just pass it, half the cars I see don’t display the front plate. Which is a giant pet peeve of mine, because I had a front plate stolen off my car while in NY and got pulled over there because of it. I also got pulled over for it in CT and MA on the way home on the same day. Only to come home and see every scofflaw in the state not displaying the proper plate on the FRON OF TJEIR VEHICLE AND IT MAKES ME SOOOOOOO ANGRY okay mildly infuriating but okay i feel better now thanks.


Spresti1 OP t1_je7y8ak wrote

I agree but they probably won’t because the people without that front plate are income for the state


ptmtp26 t1_je9fc11 wrote

They should pass it. Why should we be drilling pointless holes in our bumpers to display state mandated material. They don’t pay the 40k plus for the vehicle.


WalkerBRiley t1_je9lh18 wrote

Last I checked vehicles come with a front plate mount.


ptmtp26 t1_jeb52bk wrote

Dealers screw them into your bumper or designated plate location if they get shipped to states that require them