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Brodaeus t1_jd3yh38 wrote

Just a wild guess here but Redbank was fairly recently purchased by a Californian (I think) real estate company. Redbank is/was considered a “not so great” area so this new company is in the process of driving out the current residents with absurd rent increases in hopes of gentrifying it and cashing in on the rush to move to the Portland area.

Short answer; yep, same property.


EffectiveSwitch4 OP t1_jd3yrmy wrote

Thank you!


Brodaeus t1_jd3zoab wrote

No prob although upon taking a closer look I was mistaken, Liberty Commons is a separate property that also appears to have been purchased by the same company. Different setups but same office on MacArthur Circle.


EffectiveSwitch4 OP t1_jd4039d wrote

Okay yes it’s confusing right?! I appreciate you taking the time to look into this too!


curtludwig t1_jd4a6ny wrote

Back in the '90s I was working for a land surveyor. Redbank was the only place we ever worried about our gear. "Worried about" like kept the truck locked and never let anything out of our sight.

I'm told it's better now but that was a pretty low bar...