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420Thundercat t1_jd48spo wrote

Liberty Commons & Redbank are owned by the same group, it was JRK Residential (the CA company someone cited) and they have recently changed the name to Two Coast Living Management, “a residential property management company that owns & operates stylish, convenient, & modern communities found in urban and semi-urban communities across the United States” per their website.

As a general note both Redbank and Liberty even seem to share the same Fitness Center/Business Center/Clubhouse but who knows when their “Multi-Million Dollar Renovations” will ever be done.

*A side note on that - they do not seem to be disclosing that fact prior to lease signing that the space is not currently open, and that their best guess is it will re-open “sometime in the spring” - something potential renters should be made aware of prior to renting. It was closed as of December 2022 and remains shut down at the moment.