Submitted by EffectiveSwitch4 t3_11xnlvo in Maine

Are Redbank Village and Liberty Commons the same property? They look to be owned by the same company (websites are basically the same with minor differences) and list the same office. The major difference is Redbank has very poor reviews and Liberty Commons doesn’t. Are they even separate properties owned by the same company or is this just a rebranding effort?



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Brodaeus t1_jd3yh38 wrote

Just a wild guess here but Redbank was fairly recently purchased by a Californian (I think) real estate company. Redbank is/was considered a “not so great” area so this new company is in the process of driving out the current residents with absurd rent increases in hopes of gentrifying it and cashing in on the rush to move to the Portland area.

Short answer; yep, same property.


EffectiveSwitch4 OP t1_jd3yrmy wrote

Thank you!


Brodaeus t1_jd3zoab wrote

No prob although upon taking a closer look I was mistaken, Liberty Commons is a separate property that also appears to have been purchased by the same company. Different setups but same office on MacArthur Circle.


EffectiveSwitch4 OP t1_jd4039d wrote

Okay yes it’s confusing right?! I appreciate you taking the time to look into this too!


curtludwig t1_jd4a6ny wrote

Back in the '90s I was working for a land surveyor. Redbank was the only place we ever worried about our gear. "Worried about" like kept the truck locked and never let anything out of our sight.

I'm told it's better now but that was a pretty low bar...


Stagles t1_jd45yd7 wrote

They may be owned by the same company now(I have no idea), but they have always been very different. They are right next to each other. Liberty commons has always been a nice, upscale, not very affordable place to live. Redbank has always been a last resort, half-ass remodeled, place for people who couldn't afford to live in sopo. It has also always been a great place for having your home broken into and robbed. Now it's less affordable and slowly losing that vibe.


DidDunMegasploded t1_jd46sxf wrote

And let's not forget Brick Hill smack-dab in between the two of them, which is just as shitty as Redbank last I heard.


Stagles t1_jd470of wrote

Not in the middle. It's across the road. Is still very much shitty. Apartments themselves are kinda nice. People aren't as good.


420Thundercat t1_jd48spo wrote

Liberty Commons & Redbank are owned by the same group, it was JRK Residential (the CA company someone cited) and they have recently changed the name to Two Coast Living Management, “a residential property management company that owns & operates stylish, convenient, & modern communities found in urban and semi-urban communities across the United States” per their website.

As a general note both Redbank and Liberty even seem to share the same Fitness Center/Business Center/Clubhouse but who knows when their “Multi-Million Dollar Renovations” will ever be done.

*A side note on that - they do not seem to be disclosing that fact prior to lease signing that the space is not currently open, and that their best guess is it will re-open “sometime in the spring” - something potential renters should be made aware of prior to renting. It was closed as of December 2022 and remains shut down at the moment.


EffectiveSwitch4 OP t1_jd4e5qf wrote

Thank you everyone! Sounds like some of my confusion was warranted and that’s good to know about some amenities not being available. Sounds like this will be a last resort place just for the sheer lack of transparency whether intentional or not.

On a side note, if anyone has the energy or knowledge, are the schools in South Portland good, I.e. kids from diverse backgrounds, academically solid, teachers seem to like working there, rampant bullying not an issue?


Resitance_Cat t1_jd59xzz wrote

i think redbank was built as temporary housing in like the 40s/50s and that’s about as good as they got. used to live there right out of college with like three roommates. definitely saw people trying to break into houses. our downstairs neighbor lived with his mom and we got to listen to them fight. but four kids in a three bedroom loving life is too fun to notice all that other stuff! 🤪


MathematicianGlum880 t1_jd5sllm wrote

I lived in Redbank in the 60’s (born and raised) and then again in the late 70’s. During that time, I never knew it to be rough. As kids we ran around the village playing games. But i do remember at some point after the 80’s it did have its low periods.