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AnchoriteCenobite t1_je7ervn wrote

> There's green burials, but not many cemeteries that honor that faithfully.

As someone who is planning on a green burial, can you name any cemeteries in Maine who are doing it right? I was looking at Baldwin Hill in Fayette.


raynedanser t1_je7frl0 wrote

What is your area and I can check at work tomorrow? There's one we've worked with a few times, but I just cannot think of the name at the moment.

PS- As someone that is mindful of the environment, I thank you for your interest in green burials.


AnchoriteCenobite t1_je9m3mw wrote

I'm in the Oxford Hills area but I would be happy to be buried anywhere in Maine. Thanks for checking.

I've tried quite hard to have a relatively minimal environmental impact in my life, the last thing I want is for my death to produce a ton of CO2 or pollute the soil.


raynedanser t1_je9mnvw wrote

Check out Rainbows End in Orrington. We've used them before.


AnchoriteCenobite t1_jea2xmd wrote

Thanks, will do! Am probably going to take a little road trip soon to check these places out in person and see where I want to return to the land. :)


raynedanser t1_jea5lw6 wrote

That's a wonderful idea. Again, thank you for being so kind to Mother Earth.