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tesaril t1_je7oqgf wrote

They really gonna press charges on a guy taking care of his mother's wishes? Not in Maine. Do it and act more stupid than usual. Judge will roll his eyes. Shake his boney finger. Give you a VERY STERN warning, and a $250 fine.

Great. Whatever, Judge. ( Ps, don't say that aloud....)


Arkitakama t1_je8kqkb wrote

$250 is a small price to pay when it comes to honoring the deceased.


slothscantswim t1_jea389z wrote

Improper disposal of human remains is a pretty serious charge in most states, not sure about here, but I would definitely speak to a lawyer about this if I were OP.


mugwhyrt t1_jea5hoo wrote

Not to mention that I doubt it's going to be easy to play dumb if investigators see this post


slothscantswim t1_jea7xy5 wrote

I’m not sure the investigation would go that far, but I wouldn’t leave it to chance.