Submitted by jaruca t3_11w7u3c in Maine

I heard that the deli isn't going to be serving customers anymore and everything is going to be presliced. What's up with that? Guess you can't get thin or thick slices of meat anymore. No more meat/cheese ends either?



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IamSauerKraut t1_jcy4x29 wrote

Maybe it's because the Lebanon Hannaford is short staffed; one of their butchers remains jailed because he could not behave himself on Jan 6.


Super-Lychee8852 t1_jd02out wrote

Is Jan 6th your entire personality? Lol


20thMaine t1_jd1asqp wrote

No but the guy in jail has nothing else

Because he’s in jail for participating in an attempted insurrection


EthanGLD t1_jcxpiii wrote

I work in a Hannaford and haven't heard anything about this, so it could just be your local store. Deli crew is usually fairly small, so if they're understaffed they might have to cut some services if they want to make sure the hot foods bar and such are stocked


jasonhitsthings t1_jcxif2z wrote

Maybe in an individual store, but I seriously doubt they're doing away with it across the board.


EnthusiasticAlert t1_jczdpdu wrote

I work at a Hannaford in deli leadership and haven't heard that. Could just be your local store due to staffing. We stopped the service case during covid but haven't heard mention of it since.


DidDunMegasploded t1_jcx96ch wrote

Sad if true. Then we won't get any more "can't open the damn bag because of where they put the damn sticker" posts in here!


Nithuir t1_jcxndyo wrote

They'll still have presliced baggies which I've found aren't much better at the stickers being put on right.


MathematicianGlum880 t1_jcy6785 wrote

Shaws has been understaffed as well, they have the seafood person help out. Should be that way anyway…


SadExtension524 t1_jd18ygy wrote

Starting when? Ours was normal deli service as of Sunday afternoon.


jaruca OP t1_jd197bc wrote

I heard this coming Saturday.