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historywhiz63 t1_jdomc4a wrote

I’m dead. My family produces these chips so I’ll let my cousin know about quality control 😂


MrCastle52 t1_jdonqyo wrote

Not the OP but those chips are great! Love ‘em!


ZzzZzzZzz1978 t1_jdosfxp wrote

The first time I tasted these chips, I almost cried! Best chips I’ve ever had!


Girhinomofe t1_jdou58q wrote

I’ve always found humor in the quotation marks, but the first time I had this brand was at the brewery out on Monhegan Island, and damn— these things are so good I’ll just let the grammar slide!


kintokae t1_jdoxfn3 wrote

The quotes just mean the potatoes were questionable when they made that bag.

But yes these chips are so good. I usually grab a bag of salt and vinegar ones when I stop at renys.


noahboi990 t1_jdu4ms2 wrote

wait someone above also said they produce the chips? cool