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fauxfox66 t1_jdorr4l wrote

Hey thanks for buying! My dad and my family make these, and we love seeing them reach a new audience! Hope you enjoyed!

This is an unofficial Fox Family statement, but: I've seen my Dad be asked this question (been asked it myself at food shows) and he always looks baffled and answers something like "why not?" So his grammar isn't top tier. He says he got his degree on the i95 (truck driver).

Also, he was having his daughter type this logo on a dial-up desktop computer using MS paint or something, as his eldest daughter had drawn the foxes, his youngest son had colored them, and it was so important to him that we all be involved. So she would type and lay it out. This was somewhere around 2000, maybe 1999.

I was maybe 7 or 8 years old, okay? He wanted emphasis and the underline wasn't looking right so I used quotation marks. Trust me, they looked better than italics.

Now, branding styles have changed and this is dated, but heck, so are we all up here in the county, and we smile about it rather than cringe. And changing the entire logo, all the plates to do so are wildly expensive. (And I suspect people would be strange about the change- when we added "wicked" and "hot" to the BBQ bags, everyone thought we had a new flavor. We're dated here in the county, and probably problematically resistant to change.)

Thanks for your question and spreading the word about our chips!


EuphoricHighway9817 t1_jdouq4x wrote

Y'all should come up with an all dressed chip, it would be incredible. BTW the salt and vinegar is to die for


fauxfox66 t1_jdoux4i wrote

We're all at war with whether we should do all dressed up, sweet BBQ, pickle, or ketchup flavor next


peppapoofle4 t1_jdp1x7m wrote

Oh my god, I hope you end up having all of these flavors. But I vote pickle as well!! Yissss


470vinyl t1_jdpijri wrote

Omg. PLEAZE DO ALL DRESSED. I would buy those by the pallet. I love Fox chips.


Nomuza t1_jdpbeoj wrote

I would die if you guys make an all dressed, Humpty Dumpty's isn't as good as Ruffle's all dressed, but I'd rather give my money to someone local.


speeb t1_jdqynpq wrote

Blasphemy. Ruffles All Dressed are horribly inferior to HD.


sphc88 t1_jdr3xl4 wrote

Humpty Dumpty hasn’t been local for a while unfortunately.


Bartweiss t1_jdstcjb wrote

Ruffle’s has cut all dressed sales in most of the US and apparently has no plans to bring them back - are you still getting them near you?


Nomuza t1_jdsve81 wrote

I haven't seen them in a while, I used to get them at the Bridgton Hannaford but I haven't found them since I moved away.


cwalton505 t1_jdqar6f wrote

Sour cream and clam. I'll never forgive humpty dumpy for canceling that flavor


seanmick t1_jdqld62 wrote

Clam dip like Humpty Dumpty did back in the day. IYKYK.


benji2007 t1_jdqlhl2 wrote

A flavor from Utz Chips that I enjoy is the Crab Chip, maybe a new addition from yours could be a Lobster Chip?? (They let much taste like Old Bay or Creole seasoning lol)


Present_Ad_833 t1_jdpf79h wrote

I vote for a bbq/s&v blend. It’s like a tangy, salty, smoky paradise in your mouth


pl8ster t1_jds3o9k wrote

Starting to sound quite a bit like all dressed chips there.


Present_Ad_833 t1_jdsyu0k wrote

I’ve never tried them for fear of them being too heavy on the ketchup flavor. I guess I’ll need to toss some in the cart this week!


ptmtp26 t1_jdqjnku wrote

Ok it’s all dressed or sweet BBQ.


xxlittlemissj t1_jdrvvy2 wrote

Can you do a clam flavored one like Humpty Dumpty used to do? I would buy them by the case!


oohsparklie t1_jdpeley wrote

Your chips are one of the many things I love about the County! Please do a pickle chip!!


Asfastas33 t1_jdpui9b wrote

If you did anything like cape cods sweet and spicy jalapeño I’d die. And if not, I’m totally content with your bbq. They’re GOATED


TheReal_Ke1za t1_jdqqpu1 wrote

Game for any and all of these good flavors. I bet you’d get some weird / good attention if you did something that used lobster (either in the name or the product.)


lmfb666 t1_jdrc1sg wrote

I thought that said "sweet bbq pickle" and I was super into it.


pl8ster t1_jds3ir4 wrote

All dressed! I'm not Canadian but they absolutely know what's up with these.


bigandymans t1_jds5644 wrote

SWEET BBQ PLEASE! Thank y’all for making real ass chips. It makes buying local easy when it tastes that good.


Bartweiss t1_jdsuxs6 wrote

If it influences anything, Ruffles says the have no plans to bring All Dressed back to the USA. I’ve got 0 all dressed options near me, and it’s a terrible state of affairs.


Pi-eatr t1_jdrnmv6 wrote

Agreed the Salt & Vinegar is killer!


hateboss t1_jdp1vkd wrote

Using quotations marks for emphasis is actually a real Boomer thing with an actual reason behind it. Back when typewriters were used, there was no bold or italicized font as you would need a whole new typeset, so they commonly used quotation marks to provide emphasis.


civildisobedient t1_jdqzqum wrote

No, they would use underline. Using quotation marks like this predates the typewriter by a few hundred years:

> The 1549 edition of a French book entitled Champ Fleury, for instance, set Latin quotations in italics, creating a precedent for later books to employ quotation marks or italics to call out text that their authors felt was worthy of note. The marking of such “gnomic utterances or sententiae”—weighty, proverbial or otherwise notable aphorisms—was immensely popular among readers and writers of the time

Also, Boomers (born in the 40s-50s) were already young adults by the 1970s and 80s and would thus be pretty familiar with keyboards and computers.


A_Common_Loon t1_jdr3n2b wrote

A lot of typewriter conventions come from typesetting conventions. People used quotation marks instead of italics while using a typewriter precisely because it was commonly done in typesetting too.

Also I think the number of boomers using word processing programs in the 70s and 80s was probably very small. Maybe an actual one can weigh in but my my dad was born in 1947 and we had computers really early, but he still used his typewriter for most writing and we didn’t get a word processing program until the 90s.


mominmaine t1_jdp3ops wrote

Hands down the best chips anywhere. Thank your dad and your family for my family.


sirgoofs t1_jdp5ajf wrote

I’m going to enjoy those quotation marks from now on, thanks to that extremely genuine explanation.


fromesays t1_jdp0kw3 wrote

I love these chips. Just wanted to say thank you!


AllEliteAdvantage t1_jdp6ira wrote

I used to live right down the street on Chapman Rd in Mapleton. Always loved seeing the smoke coming out knowing greatness was being made!


oohsparklie t1_jdpesoi wrote

I'm up the street from Mapleton lol! And yes these are the BEST chips in the County!! And I'm incredibly lucky we only have to walk a few feet to the store to get them!


Ecstatic-Bandicoot81 t1_jdpg9q6 wrote

I miss your dads pizzas! Really glad to see the sucess you've had- but man, he could make a mean pizza at the store. Use to love when he was doing chips in the fryer before everything took off.. ahh, good days.


MrsMurphysChowder t1_jdppgdu wrote

What a cool story! And thanks for that explanation. I love potato chips, they are calming to my ibs, (guys, read about resistant starch) but can't have stuff like Pringles because they use gluten. I will have to look for your family's chip brand. I am a Maine business owner, too, and like to support other small businesses.


real_weatheralex1 t1_jdp48zh wrote

I have talked to the fox family, I had a person from that family as a teacher. I was one of the first to try the sour cream and onion before everyone else got them.


Doctuh OP t1_jdqmr7l wrote

Thank you for the reply! It was more of a curiosity for me than anything. Please let the family know they make one hell of a chip! I can't keep an open bag alive for more than a day in my house.


WSBetty t1_jdpaw3b wrote

I mix the plain with the wicked spicy ones. Love them. My favorite chips now!


useruseruseruser123 t1_jdr921i wrote

I just want to say - you guys make my FAVORITE chips! We had a destination wedding in Maine and put you in our gift bags for everyone.

Unrelated but can you get the contract back with Carl’s in Kittery???


fishmanstutu t1_jdpco8f wrote

Bro love love your chips. But god damn the first time I tried those BBQ. WOW. But the salt and vinegar or the sour cream and onion are a must. Do you ever have tours ?


notprincesslea t1_jdphiaz wrote

This is amazing. I didn’t realize this brand was locally family owned. And mannnn they really are the best :)


aitchbutepic t1_jdqarjy wrote

Unironically, these chips are better than every other brand. I always try to get some salt and pepper ones when I'm back in Maine.


pervymcperversson t1_jdreoi5 wrote

I'm typically not one to fawn over or get excited about people, BUT SEEING YOUR COMMENT ON REDDIT HERE MADE MY DAY. I love these chips so so much and don't know what I'd do without them. I eat them more than I'd care to admit (and more than is good for me..) but heck. They're so worth it.

Thank you to you and your family for doing what you do and just making such an impeccable product. Please don't ever stop. My tastebuds and happiness life depends on it.


NoFeetSmell t1_jdrue56 wrote

I'm currently living in England, but have spent half my life living in both New England, and original flavour England, and I'm always utterly baffled by the absence of chip/crisps flavours in the States, vs what's available here in the UK. Why doesn't anyone in America make roast chicken, beef, or bacon flavoured chips, since they're all universally beloved in the States already?! Not to mention some other righteous flavours, like pickled onion, prawn cocktail, or even just basic cheese flavoured Lays, specifically sans the sour cream? I think it's so baffling, since the country is fucking huuuuge, and there's presumably gotta be a market, but I've literally never even seen an attempt to test the waters for one.


blutigetranen t1_jdq5ih9 wrote

Headed up that way this spring, where can I track some down to try em?


TheReal_Ke1za t1_jdqqg0p wrote

What a fun + generous explanation! These chips are so effing good. Congrats on making delicious food and keep up the good work! :)


PahpiChulo t1_jdqrp5e wrote

Having grown up with Humpty Dumpty back in the 70s and 80s, I knew that they would be gone in spirit once they were taken over. Your chips were sent to us when my wife bought us a lobster roll dinner to be shipped to Florida. On the one hand, they were fantastic and the Yankee quality is there. On the other, the arrived crushed and ended up getting a partial refund on the order.
I guess my question is can you ship to Florida without the lobster roll accompaniments?


Famous_Quality_5931 t1_jdrkgpv wrote

Don’t ever change the logo it’s perfect. I always notice your chips on the shelf before anyone else’s because of the unique logo. It’s cool to have you comment I hope your family is well!


dust1ng0ff t1_jdrokf2 wrote

Fox chips are absolutely delicious

Blows the hell out of Cape Cod chips


Hossbog t1_jdscfw4 wrote

I love your chips, the only reason I found them is all of the stores in Lubec and Machias sell them and I am up there for work frequently.

I bought 2 boxes off of you guys a while ago and gave them to everyone who came visit for a while to spread the word!

I love these chips and do my best to tell everyone I know about them!


oldtownmaine t1_jdsk567 wrote

You guys are my distant cousins … my grandmother was Nettie Fox


ferricfox t1_jdq3lqt wrote

Nice username. My phone number is +1-***-fauxfox


mattsffrd t1_jdqh23n wrote

I absolutely love your chips but they don't love me, they give me screaming diarrhea lol


Seyword t1_jdqmvvw wrote

What’s the yearly gross income after all expenses are paid for this company?


1stepklosr t1_jdosm0g wrote

Wow this comment makes it seem like you're really high.