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EuphoricHighway9817 t1_jdouq4x wrote

Reply to comment by fauxfox66 in "Potato" chips vs Potato chips by Doctuh

Y'all should come up with an all dressed chip, it would be incredible. BTW the salt and vinegar is to die for


fauxfox66 t1_jdoux4i wrote

We're all at war with whether we should do all dressed up, sweet BBQ, pickle, or ketchup flavor next


peppapoofle4 t1_jdp1x7m wrote

Oh my god, I hope you end up having all of these flavors. But I vote pickle as well!! Yissss


470vinyl t1_jdpijri wrote

Omg. PLEAZE DO ALL DRESSED. I would buy those by the pallet. I love Fox chips.


Nomuza t1_jdpbeoj wrote

I would die if you guys make an all dressed, Humpty Dumpty's isn't as good as Ruffle's all dressed, but I'd rather give my money to someone local.


speeb t1_jdqynpq wrote

Blasphemy. Ruffles All Dressed are horribly inferior to HD.


sphc88 t1_jdr3xl4 wrote

Humpty Dumpty hasn’t been local for a while unfortunately.


Bartweiss t1_jdstcjb wrote

Ruffle’s has cut all dressed sales in most of the US and apparently has no plans to bring them back - are you still getting them near you?


Nomuza t1_jdsve81 wrote

I haven't seen them in a while, I used to get them at the Bridgton Hannaford but I haven't found them since I moved away.


cwalton505 t1_jdqar6f wrote

Sour cream and clam. I'll never forgive humpty dumpy for canceling that flavor


seanmick t1_jdqld62 wrote

Clam dip like Humpty Dumpty did back in the day. IYKYK.


benji2007 t1_jdqlhl2 wrote

A flavor from Utz Chips that I enjoy is the Crab Chip, maybe a new addition from yours could be a Lobster Chip?? (They let much taste like Old Bay or Creole seasoning lol)


Present_Ad_833 t1_jdpf79h wrote

I vote for a bbq/s&v blend. It’s like a tangy, salty, smoky paradise in your mouth


pl8ster t1_jds3o9k wrote

Starting to sound quite a bit like all dressed chips there.


Present_Ad_833 t1_jdsyu0k wrote

I’ve never tried them for fear of them being too heavy on the ketchup flavor. I guess I’ll need to toss some in the cart this week!


ptmtp26 t1_jdqjnku wrote

Ok it’s all dressed or sweet BBQ.


xxlittlemissj t1_jdrvvy2 wrote

Can you do a clam flavored one like Humpty Dumpty used to do? I would buy them by the case!


oohsparklie t1_jdpeley wrote

Your chips are one of the many things I love about the County! Please do a pickle chip!!


Asfastas33 t1_jdpui9b wrote

If you did anything like cape cods sweet and spicy jalapeño I’d die. And if not, I’m totally content with your bbq. They’re GOATED


TheReal_Ke1za t1_jdqqpu1 wrote

Game for any and all of these good flavors. I bet you’d get some weird / good attention if you did something that used lobster (either in the name or the product.)


lmfb666 t1_jdrc1sg wrote

I thought that said "sweet bbq pickle" and I was super into it.


pl8ster t1_jds3ir4 wrote

All dressed! I'm not Canadian but they absolutely know what's up with these.


bigandymans t1_jds5644 wrote

SWEET BBQ PLEASE! Thank y’all for making real ass chips. It makes buying local easy when it tastes that good.


Bartweiss t1_jdsuxs6 wrote

If it influences anything, Ruffles says the have no plans to bring All Dressed back to the USA. I’ve got 0 all dressed options near me, and it’s a terrible state of affairs.


Pi-eatr t1_jdrnmv6 wrote

Agreed the Salt & Vinegar is killer!