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meowmix778 t1_jegvuvo wrote

The Photoshop Park in Northern Maine.


Guygan t1_jegtqda wrote

That’s an enhanced photo. The night sky won’t look like this to your naked eye anywhere you go.


Severe_Reality6504 t1_jegzd3u wrote

You gotta install some mods. It’s not in vanilla Earth.


Manticore87 t1_jeguxma wrote

You won't be able to see exactly what you see in this photo with just your eyes, even if the moon is not out and you are in the deepest & darkest part of Maine.

If you want to see as many stars and planets in the sky as you can in Maine, go out a few hours after sunset or before sunrise where there is little to no light pollution,, and no full moon or moon is not out.


imnotyourbrahh t1_jeh2ilx wrote

December the darkest. Definitely not during Spring/Summer.