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RatherNerdy t1_jef1384 wrote

Not north, but downeast, the Bold Coast is pretty amazing.


Guygan t1_jeekign wrote

You need to be more specific. This is like asking “what’s cool to see in the entire state of Vermont”.


big_sports_guy t1_jeev81r wrote

Anywhere up by katahdin is cool, patten/sherman area has some good views on the highway and around that area


TopChef1337 t1_jeey5i5 wrote

Stop into Sherman Mills, super cute village right off the highway, then catch Rt. 2 north through Island Falls up to Houlton.


Northern_Camper t1_jefnwzo wrote

It is still firmly winter up there right now. Penobscot river trails is still open I believe. You can rent skis from them for any donation amount. If you have snow shoes or skis Sebois river trails, katahdin woods and waters, shin brook falls are all cool areas by the north entrance to Baxter. Scenic overlook in Patten on route 11 is beautiful.

New England outdoor center has some good views, trails, and a brewery now. Bissell brothers milo location is a bit of a destination in an area not many people visit.

Orono bog walk is one of the most accessible unique areas in Maine.

If you go in spring timing it between winter and bug season is key. There usually is a week or two that is beautiful. You can go fiddle head picking if you know what your doing.


WalkerBRiley t1_jefodp8 wrote

This is like asking "what cool things can you see in Ireland? About the same land area, even.


hike_me t1_jeevifo wrote

Katahdin Iron Works is kind of neat


likes_sawz t1_jef1kjt wrote

If you want to go on a minor adventure check out the ghost trains up near Chamberlain Lake.


1donkey1 t1_jef6b3l wrote

You can’t get there right now


WalkerBRiley t1_jefo5dr wrote

Unless the gatehouses into the NMW are shut down, you can get there at any time of the year. It just depends on how determined you are.


1donkey1 t1_jeg2lvf wrote

In the winter the only access to the trains is by snowmobile. Most clubs in that region have closed their trials.


xach t1_jefwhpe wrote

There’s a cool fire tower you can climb in Weston. The view is good.


Huckleberry-Powerful t1_jegnolf wrote

You are talking about a huge portion of the state, but considering some Mainers have never even been to The County, I appreciate where your head is at.

I'll just make a list:

Baxter State Park The Golden Road North Maine Woods The County when the potatoes are in bloom Long Lake The St. John River valley

I hope that helps!