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BMFhartz1 t1_jc4ggi3 wrote

Should have asked why they fired the guy that had the only decent show on the channel in the last 20 years.


Tribute2Johnny t1_jc6eej5 wrote

They've let go of 95% of the people I knew working at BLM/CYY over 10 years.
They just got smaller and smaller to a point where it's people who took a huge pay cut, cut of hours, or just syndicated programming.

Radio sucks.


UncleRicosWig t1_jc621s9 wrote

They’ve been playing the same five song rotation that long? Damn.

The morning show is boring dribble


IamSauerKraut t1_jc51lyq wrote

Dear Prudence... won't you come out to pla-ay-ay...


icedcornholio t1_jc5f9ed wrote

I’m so old I remember it being 107.5


ripecannon t1_jc7i2i7 wrote

With Mark Persky (dunno if I spelled the name right)


dj_1973 t1_jc7yzrm wrote

I remember the Mark and Mark Remarkable Morning Show, before the Captain. Mark Persky and Mark Mancell. I remember Jose Diaz.

I remember when they fired Mark Persky, and I started listening to WTOS because it pissed me off so much.


icedcornholio t1_jc847sl wrote

I thought he had retired on his own. There's not much online about him since he left. Looks like he was on a station called WYAR but that site hasn't been updated.
Reddit said he had legal troubles but I think the poster confused Mark Parenteau from WBCN with Mark Persky...


nevertrustamod t1_jc93rjs wrote

Had Persky as a sub teacher back in high school.

The dude does not know how to shut up.


tjmme55 t1_jc6c8u6 wrote

"Beatiful Litchfield Maine"


Much-Conference1110 t1_jc6geq5 wrote

The last time I listened to the morning show they had Mark Persky in the booth with them


eljefino t1_jc6pc09 wrote

Persky was an a-hole, glad to see him gone.


1Username2RuleEmAll t1_jc6roer wrote

Why do you say that? Do you know anything about the firing or any Persky gossip?


eljefino t1_jc6s84p wrote

Yes, but not posting here.

Of note, he was on 107.5 Frank for about a week, if that helps.


frankenpoopies t1_jc4vok6 wrote

And they don’t mention the frequency in the whole article.


1Username2RuleEmAll t1_jc6tnc6 wrote

I miss Tommy C, I miss the Guru, I miss Persky, I miss the Cosmic Muffin. BLM is a shadow of its former glory but it is still here and has some legitimacy left. The slashing of personalities had made me often listen elsewhere, but i still pop in. I have been lucky to have been born and raised with a monster AOL station and then, in moving to Maine, blessed with another. These are rare. They still are allowed by their overlords to play Beatles and the enitre catalog "A to Z"'s and might play an occasional deep cut off of vinyl. Tommy C at least has his show on CLZ and that is the best thing on the radio. I'll enjoy what we have while we have it.


Dude_Following_4432 t1_jc7bah9 wrote

If you are not listening to Tommy C on WCLZ, you are missing some good stuff. A lot of things you haven’t heard in years and things you’ve never heard.


rkleine3 OP t1_jc4d3i4 wrote

Did you know what BLM stands for?


B0ndzai t1_jc6eqf5 wrote

Took me a while to learn that TOS stands for Top of Sugarloaf because that's where their tower is.


eljefino t1_jc6pedd wrote

TOS has BLM's old afternoon guy, the "if the conniption fits..." dude. Guru out!


UrchinSquirts t1_jc66cbn wrote

We Believe in Legalized Marijuana is what we said back in the ‘70’s.


nitelotion t1_jc59ccs wrote

Love this! I grew up on the same street as Celeste and her family when I was a kid. Listened to BLM so much back then


[deleted] t1_jc6g0dk wrote



eljefino t1_jc6p6my wrote

WBCN in Boston changed formats and WAAF turned into some bible thumping station.

Fuller/Jeffries, just two local dudes, sold WBLM and others in its group for $63 million in 1999. Perfect timing.


Buckscience t1_jc79oap wrote

I get my dose of 'BLM every morning at 7:20 on Maine Public Radio. Still great to hear Altitude Lou. I was more of a 'TOS/'FNX type, myself, but the Blimp was the soundtrack to pretty much every hour long bus ride from Farmington to Weld, and vice-versa, from 1982-1986.