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Antnee83 t1_itg8vkp wrote

I'll save you a click.

> Maine Democratic Governor Janet Mills is debunking a Maine Republican Party 30-second TV attack that accuses her of imposing one new tax, a nonexistent grocery tax, and trying to raise another, the state's gas tax, which she never did.

> Mills said in an interview on Thursday, “I do not support a gas tax increase, will not support a gas tax increase, and there is no grocery tax. I do not support a tax on groceries."


IamSauerKraut t1_itghkai wrote

Lies are one of those skill sets R's keep in their toolbox... repeat often enough and might just get an extra couple of votes from the stupid people in the back.


captd3adpool OP t1_itgkf1n wrote

The thing is the stupid people arent in the back anymore. They are front and center and VERY energized by this kind of shit. We cant just sit back and think "psh dumb people wont do anything". Look at the state of this country. Dumb people are doing A LOT of damage and are fixing to do a lot more because of the lies and scare tactics that are being VERY successfully deployed by the right...


dreamsthebigdreams t1_itgn09j wrote

In Maine? You mean the stupid people (poor republicans that think rich ones are equals) all over the place smothering the smart ones?

Now I understand.


mod_ular t1_itgoeo5 wrote

  • "Men can get pregnant"
  • It's perfectly reasonable that minors can opt for chemical castration, radical mastectomy, and/or other deleterious treatments. A 14 year old is mature enough.
  • The economy is strong as Hell
  • Trump colluded with the Russians, is a fascist and a communist, yada yada yada
  • The whole gun control lie
  • defund the Police
  • The "woke" Military
  • Inflation is transitory/brief and will be over soon. And we aren't in a recession
  • Hunter Biden is an extraordinary artist that can sell a painting for $500K
  • It's all just Russian dis-information on that laptop
  • etc. ad infinitum ad nauseum

JimBones31 t1_ithg8yf wrote

This is the same shit as the ad that the post is about. Nobody is trying to turn your pre-teen daughter into a Demogorgon. FFS


IamSauerKraut t1_ith0i3e wrote

needs /s at end or else folks will think you are serious.


Silktrocity t1_itkkt2u wrote

  1. No.

  2. Doctors, and guardians know better about their child's scenario then some random fuckwad stranger off the internet. Mind your damn business.

  3. Nobody says that.

  4. He is a bigot, and an ignorant ass clown. What say u? durr LeTs Go BrAnDoN!!

  5. There is no gun control lie.

  6. Nobody says this. But yes, the military takes up the bulk of this Countries resources.

  7. You guys overuse the word "woke" so much I don't think you know what it means anymore. It's just a buzzword that trailer trash conservatives who think they are in the top 1% use to try and sound cool.

  8. Inflation is very real, and the biggest culprit is billion dollar companies not giving a fuck. Thank Trump for all the corporate tax breaks and not holding them accountable.

  9. Why do you all have such a hard on for Bidens son? it's getting creepy.

  10. Still going on about a lap top with zero evidence 2 years later? lmao


Impooter t1_itjbv1q wrote

Thank you for making it extremely obvious to us how you don't know shit about fuck.


Maine_Fluff_Chucker t1_iu2qsqw wrote

>* "Men can get pregnant" >* It's perfectly reasonable that minors can opt for chemical castration, radical mastectomy, and/or other deleterious treatments. A 14 year old is mature enough. >* The economy is strong as Hell >* Trump colluded with the Russians, is a fascist and a communist, yada yada yada >* The whole gun control lie >* defund the Police >* The "woke" Military >* Inflation is transitory/brief and will be over soon. And we aren't in a recession >* Hunter Biden is an extraordinary artist that can sell a painting for $500K >* It's all just Russian dis-information on that laptop >* etc. ad infinitum ad nauseum

I exist to be perpetually agreived, so much so I gobble up the nonsense.


LumpyBumpyToad t1_iu4va1v wrote

"The whole gun control lie"

What other nation has gun violence like America that you're proud to be compared to?


LumpyBumpyToad t1_iu4vdc2 wrote

>The "woke" Military

If you want to to detail an actual loss in readiness... go ahead. I'll wait.


lafnmatt t1_itj71w7 wrote

Right!?! 🤯 “It is ma’am!!! IT IS MA’AM!!!” *super deep voice (one might even go as far as saying a manly voice?) 🤷🏻‍♂️


c30mob t1_itgnlxo wrote


Icolan t1_ithiss0 wrote

Maybe provide a non-partisan source for claims like that.


raynedanser t1_ithomyy wrote

Please tell me that's not what you consider a reliable, trustworthy link.



c30mob t1_iti28ph wrote

it literally links the 73 page plan showcased on the maine gov website lol the plan includes a gas tax.


raynedanser t1_iti9pmo wrote

It literally is a pro-GOP site. That casts doubt on it immediately. Yes, there's A tax. She is not raising it, no matter what the GOP tells you.


ozzie286 t1_itjz7ny wrote

The relevant section of this report is discussing potential sources of funding for EV infrastructure, and groups "gas tax" with other potential funding sources. It does not specifically advocate for raising the gas tax, notes the constitutional issue, and most importantly, this report was not written by Mills, rather an office under her.


LumpyBumpyToad t1_itgndgz wrote

I went to look into the grocery tax thing because I was thinking "how did I miss that?"

Oh look, they're full of shit.


marklarboogaloo t1_itgtyc7 wrote

Do you... not buy food or gas?


LumpyBumpyToad t1_itgvf3v wrote

Of course I do.

What does that have to do with lying about a grocery tax?


marklarboogaloo t1_ith70mh wrote

So are you unaware what taxes you pay or are you actually dumb enough to clap when they don't make you pay more


a_pirate_life t1_itht9n6 wrote

Where on my recipet is the "grocery tax"? is it underneath the sales tax or something?


Or are you implying that the governor instated a secret tax? Why wouldn't she only make republicans pay it then?


hike_me t1_itj190x wrote

There is no grocery tax. Junk food and prepared foods are not exempt from sales tax — but that is not new.


MrFittsworth t1_itjin1h wrote

Dude. Shut up. You're contributing nothing. Low hanging troll bait. I've seen 7 year olds post more convincing inflammatory comments. Wreaks of sad neckbeard and a persecution fetish.


LumpyBumpyToad t1_itkf6bl wrote

>actually dumb enough to clap when they don't make you pay more

Well, yeah... when the claim is they're making me pay more.

You need help moving your goal posts, big guy? They look heavy.


WangnanJahad t1_itlr7lm wrote

They get enough help from each other. Let's just watch them dig bigger holes for themselves.


iglidante t1_ith1tlw wrote

The prices haven't gone up evenly in a way that would suggest a tax - because there wasn't a tax.


CaveKnave t1_itgom9p wrote

Republicans will come up with the most far out shit and their entire base feeds into it. This is textbook brainwashed. They vote against their own interest non-stop. It's like a trying to stop a baby from throwing itself down the stairs every day.


captd3adpool OP t1_itgpdxx wrote

Thus the insane state this fricken country is in...


daveb207 t1_itha6vx wrote

Goes both ways bud


CaveKnave t1_ithbpm0 wrote

It doesn't. The republican party has become so extreme and so unwilling to see any wrongdoing within their own party - and have spent all their time and energy into opposing whatever the democrats bring to the table - instead of actually bringing in an opposing, forward moving view. It's all just fearmongering at this point.


busback t1_ithjh7n wrote

The democratic party has become so extreme and so unwilling to see any wrongdoing within their own party - and have spent all their time and energy into opposing whatever the republicans bring to the table - instead of actually bringing in an opposing, forward moving view. It's all just fearmongering at this point.


CaveKnave t1_ithloie wrote

Can you give a factual example? I see dems criticize Biden all the time - I can't say that for almost all the republicans I know towards Trump - And when they do criticize him it's "yeah he says mean things". Not only that - trump is in a world of legal shit and FACTS are just written off as a conspiracy.


busback t1_ithmy0v wrote

Trump hasn’t been president for almost two years lmao

That’d be like me bringing up Obama in 2018. Get over it


SyntheticCorners28 t1_ithpwh9 wrote

Then why didn't you idiots take your signs down?


busback t1_ithq2o2 wrote

I’ve never voted for Trump nor have I had a Trump sign

I think you’re referring to the vocal minority


CaveKnave t1_ithzqbd wrote

You still fail to see the big picture here. Just because YOU don't do it, doesn't mean the party you're defending isn't. Again, you've made my point just by your comments. Republicans refuse to admit or call out any fault - and that's the issue.


busback t1_itio44z wrote

You do realize there’s over 60 million republicans in the US? Do you really think such a blanket statement is applicable to that large of a group?

Let me guess- “anyone stupid enough to follow such a dumb party isn’t intelligent and/or is a bad person! Wee!”


CaveKnave t1_itiqgs2 wrote

Wow your guess is actually spot on. I guess you've thought this through. I stand by my over-encompassing statement because, like you've proven several times, the group of idiots that call themselves the republican party refuse to admit fault in anything.

Would you like to take a moment and separate yourself from that group of idiots? Is there something substantial that trump did/does that you don't agree with? Here's your chance buddy.


captd3adpool OP t1_ithovds wrote

Get over what exactly? That Trump is a traitorous conman who tried to subvert and effectively destroy democracy in this country? Get over the fact that he utilized the privileges and protections of the presidency to try to avoid his legal trouble? Get over the fact that that orange catastrophe helped bring out the absolute worst of the american people and make it "acceptable" in general society? Get over the spineless Republicans that refused to have some fucking guts and stand up to that narcissistic POS? Or maybe get over the fact that Moscow Mitch vowed to not work with the Democrats AT ALL and stand in the way of all of the Biden administrations policy goals? How the absolute fuck can "people" like that claim to want whats best for the American people then act like fucking children and refuse anything if it isnt them getting their way and their way only? Plot twist! Republicans want whats best for the rich and for corporations. They do not care about ths American people. They do not and will not protect any rights or freedoms but will do everything they can to slowly erode the rights of everyone in this country that isnt a rich, white, "christian", heterosexual male. Democrats suck. Make now doubt about that but only because they dont have the balls to go on the offensive against right-wing insanity. The GOP is straight up evil and COMPLETELY unamerican.


SyntheticCorners28 t1_ithpt0b wrote

You are legitimately projecting the Republicans habits onto the Democrats. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on.


busback t1_ithqdld wrote

Imagine caring so much about people’s political beliefs that you say “fuck you” to them after some online banter. Do you act the same way in real life?


SyntheticCorners28 t1_ithqkhk wrote

Actually yes. When I hear someone say something stupid I call it out.


busback t1_ithqv7m wrote

You mean, “when I disagree with someone I say fuck you to them”?


a_pirate_life t1_ithstcp wrote

No, you said something fucking stupid and somebody more intelligent than you called it out. Now you're butthurt


SyntheticCorners28 t1_ithtxti wrote

^ This guy gets it!


Hefty_Musician2402 t1_itk7lfx wrote

I care about peoples’ political beliefs when they start taking away my rights. Your liberty to swing your fist ends where my nose begins. Fuck outta here.


busback t1_itky6p3 wrote

Do you believe in vaccine mandates?


Hefty_Musician2402 t1_ito8kyy wrote

Nah. I’m pro vax but seeing as they aren’t as effective at reducing actual spread, I don’t see a reason to make people get the vax. It might save their own ass but hey who am I to judge?


cepheus42 t1_itkfttv wrote

Dems: "Let's do student loan relief, let's fix the broken immigration system, address global climate change, let's increase spending on infrastructure, look into high speed rails, modernize our schools, improve rural internet, preserve the right of women to make their own reproductive choices, let's end price gouging on insulin, let's increase voting security while ensuring all who legally could vote can vote, end billionaire corporate tax exemptions that shift tax burdens to the middle class and poor, and then we'll..."

You: "Democratic party only hates on Republican ideas!"


Silktrocity t1_itkljuj wrote



Silktrocity t1_itklb17 wrote

The most "Extreme" thing a democrat wants is to provide you cheap and affordable healthcare, hold corporations accountable, and make sure children don't go hungry at school.

get a fucking grip and get a reality check my friend.

imagine being so blind that you call democrats "fearmongerers"... when one of the main GOP talking points has been openly fearmongering about dems taking away their guns for the past 40 years.


Silktrocity t1_itkl9xp wrote

The most "Extreme" thing a democrat wants is to provide you cheap and affordable healthcare, hold corporations accountable, and make sure children don't go hungry at school.

get a fucking grip and get a reality check my friend.


MathematicianGlum880 t1_itgtsfm wrote

They all lie, as lying is not partial to one party. People lie in general. That being said, I am not a fan of her, I don’t hate her but I just didn’t like her when she was AG. However, she has pretty much stayed true to her word and if she keeps that up, I hope she gets back in. Politicians need to stop promising free things and take care of the state. But, that’s me and everyone gets to have their own opinion.


Bywater t1_ith8kuj wrote

Lies work great on the republican base because if it is something they want to be true it is, even when the actual truth gets in the way they won't back down.


imnotyourbrahh t1_itgeryb wrote

who raised the sales tax from 5.0 to 5.5%? And the prepared food tax from 7 to 8%?


captd3adpool OP t1_itgezcg wrote

Definitely wasnt Mills. Pretty sure that was... LePlague.

Happy cake day!


imnotyourbrahh t1_itgftm3 wrote

Thanks. I thought it happened more than 4 years ago but couldn't remember. I do not eat cake as I am diabetic.


KYazut t1_itgiipz wrote

It’s a digital cake, so it won’t affect your sugar levels.


mod_ular t1_itglvgb wrote

Wait till you're older. My glucose level goes up and I gain weight just standing next to a piece of cake. Digital cake would have some effect I'm sure


KYazut t1_itgn0tb wrote

Tell me about it. They tell you about the grey hairs, but nobody sits you down to explain that your body will suddenly recognize that your 5 Coke a day habit is actually bad for you.

<Bitterly finishes a Coke Zero>


mod_ular t1_itgowfc wrote

Switch to water as sugar subs are shown to cause an insulin response. This can lead to lack of effective insulin response. That's called Type 2 diabetes


KYazut t1_ithdb3m wrote

It’s not a huge risk on my side, but good advice nonetheless. I just like the bite of coke carbonation, and it’s hard to replicate correctly even with a carbon infuser.


grc207 t1_itks9ms wrote

Lepage vetoed that budget with the sales tax increase. The legislature over rode the veto.


New_Sun6390 t1_itgl8z3 wrote

That was LePage. It happened in 2013 while he was governor.

IIRC, LePage was quite vocal with his view that meals, lodging, and car rental taxes were fair game because they are paid primarily by visitors from out of state. Problem is, that is not really true. But when did LePage ever care about the truth?


imnotyourbrahh t1_itgn1ir wrote

True, I am here 365 days and pay that food tax at least once a week.


New_Sun6390 t1_ith48zq wrote

Happy cake day!!

Yeah, he failed to take into account that many visitors to Maine dining and lodging establishments are from.....Maine!! I am sure there is data that backs that up.


hike_me t1_itljte1 wrote

State income tax is 100% paid for by residents. Food and lodging tax is at least partially paid by tourists.

If the state needed to raise additional money to pay for some program, it would likely be better to raise that money through an increase in lodging tax vs income or sales tax, because it would shift at least some of the burden off residents and onto tourists. Lots of tourist destinations try to shift taxes onto visitors when possible. Obviously some Mainers pay lodging tax as well, but any amount shifted to taxes non-residents pay reduces the overall tax burden of residents.

I never get over how much lower Maines lodging tax is compared to other places I travel.


SonarDancer t1_ith5ohf wrote

They are all online lying about covid vaccine mandate in schools “they’re coming for our kids!!!” Because cdc added covid to recommended list. TDAP, MMR and varicella are only ones required but they are saying whatever cdc says is required


SonarDancer t1_ith5tx7 wrote

Without regard to the number of other vaccines on the recommendation list that are definitely not required by schools.


jarnhestur t1_itjaq6u wrote

It’s a flat lie, but I am paying 5¢ per paper bag now and my grocery bill has gone up, so it’s easily believable if you aren’t paying attention.


WangnanJahad t1_itlrpt1 wrote

Bring your own bags. it's not that difficult. Doesn't even have to be a bag from the store. It can be anything from a pillow case to a backpack for all they care.


grc207 t1_itkted4 wrote

In December of 2021, the Mills administration released "The Maine Clean Transportation Roadmap", a study on funding and infrastructure mechanisms for supporting EV's. On page 47, it is clearly stated that an increase in fuel taxes is a viable process supported by the majority of Americans.

You don't have to love or hate a candidate to understand that this administration has at least considered a fuel tax increase.


grc207 t1_itltqnu wrote

Have to love r/Maine! If you cite fact to counter one’s claim or encourage discussion, you’re downvoted.


ArchersMakeGoodKings t1_itmjwd5 wrote

Considered and support are two different things. People are tired of the GOP's misinformation and scare tactics. I'd presume that's where the downvotes are coming from.


grc207 t1_itmlvly wrote

So in March 2021 when Janet Mills signed Executive Order 94 36 to advance the Maine Clean Transportation Roadmap (and it's suggestions to raise fuel taxes as a funding mechanism), did this not cross the line from "considering" to "supporting"?


ArchersMakeGoodKings t1_itno8nm wrote

As far as it reads, the EO was to create the Clean Transportation Roadmap to be presented to Mills by December 2021. I don't see anything specific about how much of it needs to be adopted as policy.


captd3adpool OP t1_itm1lw6 wrote

100% agreed and i thank you for providing that useful information!


karenrn64 t1_iti0zux wrote

Actually independent but assuming is what has caused grotesque political battles where instead of debating actual issues, politicians resort to mud slinging.


Ebomb1 t1_itivbr1 wrote

I guess we'll know by the percentages in the governor's race how many people are too rich or too stupid to ever check their grocery receipts.


kmspence t1_itj2gu9 wrote

You mean the ideology that flies the redneck swastika and claims its heritage is dishonest? The uneducated, unskilled rural vermin are dishonest as they are lazy and stupid.


karenrn64 t1_iti0m09 wrote

Baldacci claimed his budget was balanced all the while Maine Care owed millions to the hospitals throughout his administration. I know it's history, but for one party to claim that the other parties is the pot calling the kettle black.


WangnanJahad t1_itlrzum wrote

I'm sorry but....what does what Baldacci did over a decade ago have to do with Republicans lying to their constituents today?


McChicken6677 t1_itiel5g wrote

if you think either party tells you nothing but the true, you in for a rude awakening. they will anything for votes


derpmcperpenstein t1_itgiivr wrote

You can tell when MOST politicians lie...... Their lips are moving.....


karenrn64 t1_ithb5b7 wrote

Good thing Democrats never lie, especially about things like the state budget being balanced.


captd3adpool OP t1_ithbq71 wrote

It is balanced. Never said democrats dont lie. Hush.


captd3adpool OP t1_ithp635 wrote

In adition: might be a good idea to do some actual research and stop parroting right-wing/ GOP bs.


Nefara t1_ithqmey wrote

The silly thing about saying "both sides lie" in the current political climate is that on one side the "lie" is a statement that could be argued is a matter of opinion, perspective or semantics, and on the other side the lie is that we are all imminently under attack by 7ft purple polka dot ogres with chainsaws that want to eat children. They are not equivalent.


HowLittleIKnow t1_itht5s6 wrote

What are you even referring to with the balanced budget thing? Can you link an article or… Anything?


Silktrocity t1_itklt39 wrote

I've never met a democrat named Karen.


karenrn64 t1_itq6c66 wrote

Judging much by a name? Just because someone is not a democrat doesn’t mean they are incapable of making intelligent decisions. However I have noticed that when it comes to politics, many people leave liberalism at the door and think that anyone who does not see things as they do is an idiot. This point of view doesn’t promote intelligent discussion. There is no way to debate when one person resorts to merely saying “You’re a liar.” “Let’s talk about this topic so we can understand each other’s views. “ is much more constructive and sometimes leads to the other person changing their views.


Silktrocity t1_its0pb2 wrote

Maybe you should take your own advice. Go re-read what you wrote that I responded too. Do you think being a troll is constructive? Does it add to the discussion?


karenrn64 t1_itsg6rn wrote

I see you disagree with my perspective and will continue to disagree with me regardless of what I say. Just know that by calling me a troll, you have done just what I said, stopping any intelligent discourse by stooping to name calling.


Silktrocity t1_itsgzhj wrote

Way to completely ignore what I just wrote. LOL You can't spin off what you said and try to uno reverse it. It doesn't work like that lady.


Pale-Requirement4279 t1_ithbzzk wrote

Democrats lying again, go figure.


captd3adpool OP t1_ithcd0g wrote

Guess you read the article wrong. Get back to me when you can read properly. There is no grocery tax and there is no increase in the gas tax planned. In fact there have been no tax increases since Mills has been in the Blaine house.


Queebo207 t1_itg8wl9 wrote

The fact that you think only republicans lie is laughable. I assume all politicians are lying or speaking in half truths.


AriusTech t1_itg9uv2 wrote

OP in no way said or implied that only Republicans lie. This is however a case where they are blatantly making shit up, and the only defence you can come up with is "dEmoCraTs LiE tOO". Laughable indeed.


captd3adpool OP t1_itg9epz wrote

Everyone lies. You lie. I lie. We all lie. When its this kind of endless, blatant bullshit though it becomes laughable but also extremely troubling because so many people believe the absolute horseshit that endlessly comes out of the right wing. Democrats lie too but Republicans do it WAY more and lie about worse things.


Slmmnslmn t1_itgcltv wrote

You didn't specifically say pigs cant you know what you implied right?


IamSauerKraut t1_itghpgx wrote

Oh man... now we have to watch out for flying eating/pooping machines, too?? And here I thought birds were bad...


weakenedstrain t1_itgjd0t wrote

Birds aren’t real. Nice try, Big Phowl!


IamSauerKraut t1_itgka7f wrote

Larry Bird is too real! How dare you try to cancel him!

And then there are my own two birds which I sometimes flash at annoyances...


weakenedstrain t1_itglf60 wrote

Just because someone is called “The Word” doesn’t make them real, Bub!


LumpyBumpyToad t1_ith0ip3 wrote

No one denied the other party doesn't lie.

We're just discussing the Republican ones in this thread.

I, for example, am tired of the Republican lie about hating socialism and big government... when 8/10 of our most DC-dollar dependent states are red. I can complain about that, thanks!


RandyBoston617 t1_itg9sz6 wrote

It’s what they’re told.


Shilo788 t1_itginta wrote

Well they should think for themselves, GOP is never for the common people it's all for the rich.


Bywater t1_ith954s wrote

Come now, the GOP has always pandered to that poorly educated, over worked and underpaid rural base. That is how they have been relevant all these years.


captd3adpool OP t1_ith8sc5 wrote

The same people will say: "Im a free thinker!!! Im a wolf among sheep" 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️.