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indyaj t1_iqrvsxf wrote

Can you post a link to this info?

Edit: also sources to the other problems you listed that were "solved by communism." It would be great if you could include info on how oppression and authoritarianism aren't included in communism saving the world.


Kiddie_Kleen t1_iqry4rs wrote

For the Vaccine and then for the Doctors


indyaj t1_iqsae7r wrote

The first link goes literally nowhere. The second to a link about Cuban doctors going to another country to help. That's not communism. If it is, then the US government is communism.

Communism doesn't "solve" problems any more than capitalism does. It does have a phenomenally shitty record on human rights though.


Redleaves1313 t1_iqtcmz9 wrote

Communism works so poorly that the current form of “communism” is very far from the original idea of communism.