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OurWhoresAreClean t1_iuaqul0 wrote

Right before I get the snow tires put on my car, if the past is any guide.


baxterstate t1_iuat6qk wrote

Not for a while. I got a new snow thrower.


ftedwin t1_iub6bju wrote

Doing the gods work, thank you for your investment.


DidDunMegasploded t1_iubj34g wrote

So did we. Took a good 5 months, but we got one that works better than our old one.

The trick is figuring out how to drive the thing lol.


kegido t1_iuctf37 wrote

On behalf of the rest of the state,Thank You!🥶


baxterstate t1_iud0wax wrote

Like when your baseball coach tells you to get on base for the team regardless of how you do it, even if you have to get beaned!


Snotrockett t1_iuaps95 wrote

You mean see an inch or two for a couple days or actual snow pack?

Also very dependent on what part of the state you're in.


eljefino t1_iubc0mi wrote

We aren't really in "the pattern" yet. It's kind of like flicking a light switch-- we're still in "early fall."

Gotta get 22 degree nights, 38-40 degree days, then, whump, there it is.


MadKat_94 t1_iuar0ze wrote

Winter’s usually a good bet.


MrHoonigan802 t1_iubjwh2 wrote

December 15th 8:07pm


MathematicianGlum880 t1_iuauom3 wrote

I read that we would see snow in November.


[deleted] OP t1_iuavf03 wrote



Lieutenant_Joe t1_iub5ngm wrote

Obvious sarcasm.

This is twice in the last two days I’ve seen this sub downvote someone because it doesn’t understand sarcasm.


TraditionalPiccolo28 t1_iub8134 wrote

Or somebody that's sick of politics being thrown into everything. I don't Downvote for anything except blatantly untrue statements but I do kind of get where whoever it is is coming from. At the end of the day whether you're liberal, conservative or somewhere in between we're all neighbors here.


Lieutenant_Joe t1_iub8c6f wrote

Sorry, man, but I simply don’t respect the “don’t make it political” take in 2022. If you’re anything but a straight, white, male Christian (or the wife of one) in this country, your fucking existence is political.


TraditionalPiccolo28 t1_iubatxa wrote

My mother is Vietnamese and my father is white and native. My husband is the child of a WW2 immigrant. There is 0 reason to turn the question "When do you think it's going to snow?" into a political debate. Seriously- no reason.


Lieutenant_Joe t1_iubb27l wrote

I don’t see how that comment was turning anything into a debate beyond cracking a joke about the election that’s coming a week from now. Although I guess we’re currently debating the merits of a joke. That’s not really a political debate, though.


TraditionalPiccolo28 t1_iubcdhi wrote

Tensions are high- you're debating with me over whose lives are political... That says something... Cracking a joke at the expense of your neighbors and community members based on what political letter they place next to their name based on a question about snow seems a bit out of place to me. I'm just sad that we've become so divided that somebody would feel the need to make this remark.


Lieutenant_Joe t1_iubd4bi wrote

I doubt they’re sorry. I wouldn’t be.

You were one of two comments who responded to me at the same time, and I immediately started arguing with you while immediately relenting with the other person because you said something that annoyed me: “we’re all neighbors here.”

When I was growing up, one of the people I rode the bus with was a self-proclaimed white nationalist. Still is one, last I checked, which was a few months ago. I moved within that town at one point and got new neighbors, but one of those was a family of Californians who hate anyone who isn’t like them and have logged to erasure a public trail system on private property in the town after buying the property from the old, infirm lady who used to own it.

Do not ask me to be pleased about calling nationalistic xenophobes my “neighbors”. Those people don’t want us to exist, man.


TraditionalPiccolo28 t1_iubf14v wrote

I never did ask you to call them neighbors. I'm sorry I triggered you it wasn't meant that way. I have heard people tell my mother to go back to her own country. I've been talked to in gibberish that's supposed to sound spanish because I supposedly look more like a Puerto Rican than I do Asian. I understand where you're coming from. I'm still gonna say that we don't need to bring up these emotions in each other based on a question about snow, though. I am truly sorry for triggering you.


Lieutenant_Joe t1_iubfopi wrote

You’re fine. I’m just sick of the “we’re all in this together” line. Sure, that might be true, but some people are trying to throw others off the raft based entirely on what they were born as rather than who they’ve become. I desperately wish those people weren’t in here with the rest of us. It fuckin sucks.


TraditionalPiccolo28 t1_iubk9yk wrote

I agree wholeheartedly. I still honestly think "the rest of us" are the majority but the others are just louder and more crude. Believe me, I'm definitely an ally in the fight against racism, classim, bigotry and misogyny. I hope you have a nice evening. I am truly sorry I brought those emotions back to you.


masktoobig t1_iubv4hn wrote

The post is about snow, not politics. There's plenty of political posts out there. Just go there instead.


MoxiousMouse t1_iubp5oa wrote

Your existence is political when you're a straight white male christian too! Doesn't it seem like vilifying people based on sex, race, orientation or religion is wrong, period?


Lieutenant_Joe t1_iubq9m2 wrote

I’m not vilifying them. But we can talk about it; I will say they’re the least likely to struggle in life based on what they were born as, rather than their personalities, accomplishments and every other thing that makes them an individual. The rest of us have to deal with various degrees of “You suck and I wish you didn’t exist”, often from/influenced by people in power. There are obviously people who wish straight white male christians didn’t exist, but they generally aren’t people who have the ability to influence the quality of life of entire demographics. Not in this country.


sheeponabowl t1_iub84tn wrote

It’s not that we don’t understand sarcasm, it’s that we think comments like this one are stupid. Don’t bring politics into something where politics isn’t brought up. It’s that simple.


Lieutenant_Joe t1_iub9uja wrote

Alright, well, the one yesterday wasn’t political, and it’s not like it’s an uncommon occurrence. Forgive the immediate assumption. I’m pretty sick of seeing it happen here.


sheeponabowl t1_iuba42c wrote

I can’t comment on yesterday because I didn’t see it so I’ll give you that one. But this one was just out of place and unnecessary.


Lieutenant_Joe t1_iubaj2o wrote

After I made my reply calling it out, the comment jumped from -10 to -1, so I’m gonna try to do it every time I see it from now on.


sheeponabowl t1_iubal96 wrote

That’s fair.


Lieutenant_Joe t1_iubgsl6 wrote

Also, just as an addendum to something I said earlier: I didn’t remember the context of the downvoted sarcasm I saw yesterday tbh, so I checked just to get my facts straight, and it was actually a very political comment on a very political post. I still think it was glaringly obvious, though.


sheeponabowl t1_iubi5y5 wrote

Oh just kidding. That one has an upvote from me because it made me chuckle.


scorpiogre t1_iubg1ah wrote

Don't know if this helps, but this /s indicates sarcasm on reddit, so if you said something sarcastic just throw that at the end and people know its a joke.....usually


Lieutenant_Joe t1_iubg3jg wrote



scorpiogre t1_iubh6ry wrote

Well ok then.


Lieutenant_Joe t1_iubhct2 wrote

Sorry, but I’m of the opinion that sarcasm stops being funny when you have to explain that it’s sarcasm. I’ve largely stopped using it on this site because Reddit now immediately assumes you’re being sincere without the /s, even if you’re as obvious as you possibly can be.


scorpiogre t1_iubiz5w wrote

People are a funny bunch. Ya gotta remember that it's text people are reading and they interpret stuff from their point of view. The /s is just a way to help.

That's just like my opinion dude.


Lieutenant_Joe t1_iubj7ns wrote

I get it. But I won’t be caught dead using it, and I don’t like seeing people punished for not using it.


DidDunMegasploded t1_iubjatx wrote

Is it? Because that attempt sucked more than anything that has ever sucked before.

Sarcasm is hard to determine from text. That is why tone indicators are a thing. Furthermore, as already stated, it's a dumb comment whether sarcastic or not. If you insert politics into an innocuous conversation that has nothing to do with it, then you are a sad person and I will judge you harshly and accordingly.

Smart people don't do that. Even though we're near Election Day, smart people do not do that. Ever.


Lieutenant_Joe t1_iubjkvg wrote

Reddit’s broken my brain; I interpreted your first paragraph as not sarcasm and started formulating a response, and it took me 10 seconds to realize

Think imma put the phone down for the night


DidDunMegasploded t1_iubvquh wrote

Maybe you should, because I'm not being sarcastic at all in my overall comment. You don't have to have a broken brain to look at a post or comment and not see a tone indicator.


Lieutenant_Joe t1_iubwfoi wrote

>nothing has ever sucked more than this poor attempt at a Reddit comment

That was either sarcasm, or you’ve lived an extremely privileged and sheltered life and aren’t one to be calling anyone’s intelligence into question.


DidDunMegasploded t1_iubxxgk wrote

Ahaha...aaaaah...ha, no, it's not sarcasm. Why don't you Google "tone indicators" and then get back to me.

If I, an autistic person, can distinguish what is sarcasm and what is not and you, a neurotypical person, cannot, then someone needs to step back and really assess the situation here. And it's not me.


Lieutenant_Joe t1_iubykhx wrote

Alright, now I know you’re an asshole. I’m autistic too. I would have hoped you’d know better than to just assume someone’s brain chemistry after spending any significant period of time as an autistic person on the internet, but I guess not. Whatever your last response is gonna be is none of my business; you’ve been my only waste of time in this whole thread.


DidDunMegasploded t1_iuc3fag wrote

Okay then. You can keep supporting the art of politics being shoved into irrelevant conversations and keep being blissfully unaware of the art of tone indicators. I'm happy to leave this pseudo-argument armed with a lot more knowledge of both arts.

And there's no rule of the Internet that states "assume everyone is autistic unless stated otherwise", either.

An autistic person who doesn't know about tone indicators...I'll have to mark that on my list of "Things I Thought I'd Never See". Adieu.


Smart_Patrol t1_iub5exn wrote

Snow is canceled this year


ScarletFire21 t1_iubix15 wrote

Yea, due to the new Kappa Omega Phi variant all snow is cancelled for the 2022-2023 winter season


yesplease6979 t1_iuaudmx wrote

Sometime between now and April would be my guess. 😂🤣


aly-moon t1_iubvran wrote

I'm guessing closer to April so it breaks our spirits really good like it loves to do... 😔


Sventhetidar t1_iubboy8 wrote

Who knows? Seems like every year is more mild than the one before.


Mikhos t1_iuc6vbe wrote

Closer to a green christmas every year.


OmniMegaGiraffe t1_iud0hg1 wrote

Most of Penobscot County had a green Christmas in 2020 and I think 2021 almost was


Solar_Saves t1_iuav7l7 wrote

When there’s enough moisture in the atmosphere to attach to dust particles and it’s cold enough to then freeze and crystallize them into snowflakes billions and billions of times…


mostassuredlyafish t1_iubbace wrote

I'm honestly surprised I haven't seen a late night flake or two yet.

... must not be hanging out in the right bars.


DidDunMegasploded t1_iuc3v20 wrote

If you want to see a late night flake, lemme connect you to my ex...he's got a ton of flakes.


winstonsmith8236 t1_iubnsn3 wrote

Will be my 2nd winter here. Pretty excited to see when it actually begins this year considering I know it ends just in time for my birthday…in May.


exbex t1_iub30vd wrote

Not soon enough.


TDGroupie t1_iub2mia wrote

Game of Thrones days it’s coming…


Alibutts1983 t1_iubcn52 wrote

Shhhhh…..if you don’t say it, it won’t come!


Dramatic-Ad-2581 t1_iuayneo wrote

Sometime before or after the New Year. Definitely I'm the next few months


indyaj t1_iub3hdh wrote

I'm surprised it hasn't yet.


Albitt t1_iub80tg wrote

Sometime between now and march.


Starboard_Pete t1_iubium4 wrote

I mean….in what part of Maine are you referring?


Limp-Tangerine-5923 t1_iudg8bt wrote

First snowfall where it sticks will be November 30th between the hours of 1am - 7am and my drive home from work will be ruined. Southern Maine prediction.


TonyClifton86 t1_iudxw83 wrote

I am going to sound crazy but I am going to say beginning of January since everything about this year has been crazy.


Flashy-Brain t1_iuedut7 wrote

Hopefully not until after I get my snowblower fixed


ZombieZ138 t1_iubca65 wrote

It didn’t snow last year till about middle December so I say then


Snjort_1 t1_iubcmi6 wrote

If I remember right we usually have at least a little amount of snow by the end of November


Seaweed-Basic t1_iubn4lz wrote

Any minute now probably since you asked


Bazyli_Kajetan t1_iubsffu wrote

First flakes some time the week before thanks giving, first “storm” in late November-early December. It’ll really “hurt” come January.


Breakertorque207 t1_iubye3w wrote

Probably 2nd week of November for a quick flurry.


Icy_Breakfast_5677 t1_iuc2qrb wrote

I think there’ll be snow on the ground the day before thanksgiving.


TheUnknownNut22 t1_iucpug3 wrote

Definitely tomorrow because I just took the snow blower into John Deere for it's annual service and it's not here.


queenfantabulous t1_iucvs9x wrote

The weather app I use says Dec 12 we'll get 1.5 inches here in Southern Maine... But you can't trust a prediction that far into the future, hell you can't trust what the weather will be like in 24 hours around here sometimes.


GoArmyNG t1_iucw340 wrote

Hopefully soon... I make mad money when it snows


Confused-Ruby t1_iucy5dw wrote

I read somewhere that it wasn’t going to snow until next month, I’m hoping it holds off just a bit for the end of the semester though


leeroy20 t1_iud4gdu wrote

December 22nd


ptmtp26 t1_iud8p7b wrote

First 4” storm on December 8


Beasagdeux t1_iudcp59 wrote

Central Maine here... got our first hard frost this morning. Probably need to take out the window shakers.

We could see snow anytime now. Probably not lasting snow though. Snow that sticks through the winter usually doesn't show up until around Thanksgiving. (Though there have been a couple years lately when that didn't happen until after Christmas)


justcharliey t1_iue5vh3 wrote

Has there been frost in the Fryeburg area?


Good-North-7176 t1_iuelt8o wrote

If it gets too far into December with no snow, I’ll ask my husband if he could shave his beard for the cause. It will then plummet 20° and snow 15” overnight.


Vertigo103 t1_iueqfkc wrote

Last year at this time we had snow on the ground in Franklin County.

Today no snow and almost 70f


gawilliam2017 t1_iuezfzr wrote

Depends what part of Maine were in. I live in the Portland area I'd say it'll snow and stick in mid December first snow in November.


actualcactuss t1_iubsb4b wrote

Science answer, it's another La Niña year which means its most likely to be colder and wetter than normal. But also its like the 3rd La Niña in a row so thanks climate change.