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alpha417 t1_iu22d1x wrote

... when they find out, they will tell you.


ScenePlayful1872 t1_iu2ppvv wrote

Your headline makes it sound so mysterious…. like there’s some sort of Caper afoot


MathematicianGlum880 t1_iu28uds wrote

We’ve tried researching this and found nothing. Though we did find something from 2020.


robbins290 t1_iu2430d wrote

Oh my old stomping grounds.


biguyfreeport t1_iu2pp3v wrote

So a lot of people have a cold.. whoopie!!


lafnmatt t1_iu45a9g wrote

Holy moly! How long are we gonna pretend that COVID-19 is anything more than a strain of influenza? So tired of hearing about it and seeing the masked sheep everywhere. Granted it’s less but even one is one too many. Wish for growing brains… “Be afraid. Be very afraid.” So dumb.


Rickthepickle33 t1_iu4aacf wrote

Why is. Someone protecting themselves a bad thing. Why does it bother you so much. Those who wear a mask are in the minority. So wouldn’t those who don’t wear one a sheep. Your hatred is sad.