Submitted by CPgang t3_yd32e7 in Maine

How come it’s so bad nowadays? I feel like people used to be good about only using the passing lane for passing. How can you not notice when there’s a line of cars building up behind you AND STILL keep on truckin at 65-70 in the left lane for miles. Regardless of speed limit I always move over if someone faster is coming up behind me. Just move over. Please.



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mainebringstheheat t1_itq27dx wrote

Situational awareness is at an all time low!


throwaway38372652664 t1_itrdw4z wrote

If you browse around, youll see so many people that take pride in, " im just gonna drive slower to piss you off youre not saving time driving faster " the major entitlement is crazy.

People literally take offense if you pass on a dotted yellow aswell. Its like you just slapped their elderly grandmother levels of anger because they are driving slower and you passed them. Its nuts


Least-Car6096 t1_itqh1nh wrote

Isn’t it?!?! I’ve been saying this for months now but I swear these past few weeks I’ve seen more oblivious, ignorant, careless and downright dangerous drivers than I’ve seen in my whole life combined. People give 0 fucks on the road these days and act like they’re invincible. I recently purchased a brand new car that is ready to be picked up this week and the first thing we’re doing is installing front & rear dash cams.

SO with that being said- I would highly appreciate any and all dash cam recommendations/experiences with certain brands/pros & cons, ect! Research and reviews only get me so far.

(Also I’ve noticed 93 south has been worse than ever on any given day at any given time. I’m assuming it’s all the leaf peepers aggressively bombing home after a long day of enjoying the beautiful tranquil nature up here. Majority of folks weaving recklessly in & out of traffic have MA plates)


[deleted] t1_itr2son wrote



Ramnamrico t1_itrlb9e wrote

Same here dawg, I follow my own rules on the road, fuck all these dumb motherfuckers


DidDunMegasploded t1_itsvmq2 wrote

sips Pepsi

Oooooh! Can't wait to see how that'll hold up in court against a judge! Teehee...


baxterstate t1_itq39o6 wrote

These people are self appointed speed limit monitors.


MeEvilBob t1_itqmuys wrote

They wanted to be hall monitors in school but were rejected for being too annoying.


AccordingToAnybody t1_itt8n7o wrote

Left lane travelers should not be speeding at 80-90mph.


ADDYISSUES89 t1_ittwkse wrote

That doesn’t mean you get to moderate their behavior, Karen. This is how inappropriate road rage and “brake checking” accidents happen. You’re cruisin’ for an all inclusive vacation to Maine Med, bub.


AccordingToAnybody t1_itv8s08 wrote

Obeying the speed limit is not moderating other’s behavior. That is akin to saying women who look attractive, are at fault for sexual assault. In fact, breaking the law by speeding in the left lane and tell me I should move over is moderating the behavior of others.

Calling me Karen invalidates your credibility and magnifies your own ignorance.


ADDYISSUES89 t1_itvpn6v wrote

Yeah yeah yeah. Just move over and mind your business.


mhb20002000 t1_itqakgn wrote

Some people don't know because they never check their mirrors, which is a scary thought.


barryg123 t1_itrk480 wrote

It's not supposed to be about checking your mirrors for a faster car behind you. Driving in the left lane is meant to be a temporary thing only, while passing a car. It's not a lane to drive in as long as you want until a car comes up behind you.


kote2360 t1_its1up0 wrote

Not unless you live in Massachusetts


legalpretzel t1_itsnb6m wrote

Am from MA. When our state police aren’t too busy faking their OT they definitely ticket for driving in the left lane.


knowslesthanjonsnow t1_ittgo8f wrote

It’s probably different in Maine, but there are too many cars to all stay in the right lane. You’d slow traffic tremendously.


JustDubbinAround t1_itv1i19 wrote

I see this argument in response to keep right rules all the time. Do people really think it means everyone is in the right lane at all times and never moves out of it for any reason? It's not that extreme, even in states like Maine and Massachusetts that have the more strictly worded laws.

Faster traffic uses the left lanes to overtake slower traffic, and then moves to the right when they're done. This is how it works in the majority of the world that drives on the right. In countries like the UK where they drive on the left, it's the same system, but reversed.

Heavy, but free-flowing, traffic means a speed gradient between the lanes: Right lane moving the slowest; left lane moving the fastest; any lanes in the middle should be progressively faster as you move left. As long as each lane is moving faster than the lane to its right, the letter and spirit of the law are being followed. The people getting pulled over in this situation are the people who are obstructing traffic.

Stop-and-go traffic, nobody is getting a ticket for failure to keep right. Nobody cares what lane you're in when it's stop-and-go. Just keep it between the lines and use you blinker if you need to move to another one. If I'm the one in the other lane, I'll let you over in front of me as long as I see the blinker.

These rules are not about letting people use the left lanes as a racetrack, or about parting the Red Sea in heavy traffic so that people can do 100 in a 70. They're about creating an orderly, predictable traffic flow so slower drivers and faster drivers can share the same road safely.


smaugsucker t1_itq1955 wrote

Today driving to work I merged onto 95 south (in Bangor) behind a van. As soon as we were both in the right lane he merged into the left lane where a bunch of cars already were behind us. There were zero cars in front of us for at least a half mile. I ended up passing him on the right. Seriously tho why would he want to go straight to the left lane after merging when there were no cars in front of us???? He was still in the left lane doing about 65 every time I looked in my mirror until I was too far ahead to see him anymore


Majestic-Feedback541 t1_itpucr4 wrote

Just pass them in the right lane!

All jokes aside, they really fuck the flow of traffic up. It's not hard to switch lanes to pass someone and then move back once there's space. I hate the highway, I avoid it any time I have an alternate route (unless I'm on a time limit)


throwaway38372652664 t1_itrel0u wrote

Thank god 95 is triple lane up to portland, or itd be a parking lot. The amount of people who cant / wont move over when youre merging off the on ramp is disgusting aswell.

But even worse are those who go fucking 45 50 on the on ramp and then dont speed up atbthe highway merge, forcing me to pull out and merge behind you. They then get pissed cause your in their blind spot trying to merge. Step on the gas bro, probably have mad carbon build up from grannying it all day.


Majestic-Feedback541 t1_itrmumb wrote

I agree. Though I hate that part of the highway even more than any other part (in Maine anyways). The three lanes are definitely needed but me driving in all that chaos makes me so nervous/anxious. I only have to drive it when I visit family though.


AriusTech t1_itran44 wrote

Fun fact: passing on the right is a moving violation, one with a greater fine than failing to yield the left lane. I make sure they have seen me via proximity then high beams before reluctantly passing on the right. If they don't know you're there and attemp to merge it could cause an accident that you could technically be at fault for under certain circumstances. Stupid shit.


JustDubbinAround t1_itrp33h wrote

Passing on the right is perfectly legal on the Interstate in Maine, as long as you do so in an actual lane. There are legitimate safety concerns about it, in my opinion, but a one-way road wide enough for multiple lanes of traffic is one of the situations where passing on the right is explicitly allowed by the law (see Title 29-A, §2070 ¶6).


AriusTech t1_itsm1hx wrote

Welp, Consider me schooled. I actually have a moving violation that was described as passing on the right, but it was coupled with operation in a breakdown lane (22 years ago, I was a dumbass kid). In hindsight I guess it should have only been one charge, but I deserved all of it. Lesson learned then and now! Thank you for the comment and evidence.


Majestic-Feedback541 t1_itrmfqm wrote

Well... When you're going down the highway above Bangor where it's 75, and the person in the left lane is going 65 and there's absolutely no other cars around... Am I just supposed to slow down until they figure their shit out?


fastIamnot t1_itqev3r wrote

Some people (unfortunately) drive in the left lane because they don't want to deal with cars merging from on ramps. I had a friend who did this. She was nervous going too fast and she was nervous about when to let cars in, etc. so she camped in the left lane. We'd be getting dirty looks from people who had to wait and pass her on the right. It was awful.

This phenomenon is especially unfortunate for other drivers when there's only two lanes.


desmarais t1_itr4q8n wrote

I mean I get this fear on 295 or if you're driving on Mass pikes that have frequent exits but in Maine there is so much time to prepare it baffles me someone can drive that way with so much fear.


startbox95 t1_itrmlw9 wrote

I'll do this often when I'm hauling a horse trailer through Portland. Too many people are totally unaware when they're getting on the highway and cut others off or don't speed up enough. It can be dangerous dealing with that in a bigger rig.

That said, I don't get into the left lane and then hold it up when I do this.


SweetBrotato t1_itrz1n4 wrote

I've seen your kind, we all notice and you get a pass - a nice courteous one whenever it's safe and clear to do so once we're through the metro area


WillSuckDick4Coffee t1_itrlw8k wrote

This is actually completely fine by me, as long as they move back over once they're past the exit. It actually shows situational awareness, which is so much more than most exhibit.


SuckingBreastWound t1_itt16mz wrote

Everywhere I've lived aside from Maine, the drivers were terrible about moving over for the onramps. I have to say I see Mainers more often than not moving over to the left lane.

However I still see people trying to merge into 75 mph traffic off that nice long onramp from Alton going 45-50. That makes me nuts.

Then as soon as they get out there, they floor it and go 85-90 lol


Impooter t1_itt1xes wrote

This is the worst, and so many people do it. It seems like every time I'm behind someone they merge at 40. But every time I watch people merge in as I'm already on the Interstate they're moving at an appropriate speed.

Something fishy...


Magus1739 t1_itv697f wrote

Not wanting to deal with people getting on the highway isn't an excuse to camp the left lane. Learn to do it right or stay the fuck home.


downvotepets t1_itqezs6 wrote

Maine has one of the oldest populations in the US. That probably plays a factor.


mattsffrd t1_itrd47q wrote

I don't know, in my experience it's an out of state plate like 99% of the time


ArchonRaven t1_ittsnqe wrote

In my experience it's almost always someone with 9 toes through death's door, at least in the midcoast region.


ADDYISSUES89 t1_ittwx5a wrote

That’s also me. I clench my teeth to get through Wiscasset. For fucks sake.


ADDYISSUES89 t1_ittwuxu wrote

I’ve been here for most of my 33 years of life, I have Texas plates (dual residency). People treat me like shit on the road: I’ve learned to ignore it. I have a Maine license. Pull me over! Oh, wait… I’m the anti-camper, though. I will pass on the right. Enjoy your sight seeing.


mattsffrd t1_ituen4v wrote

Oh yeah I pass campers on the right all the time, fuck 'em lol


barryg123 t1_itrkbfd wrote

Elder people were never taught how to drive?


DidDunMegasploded t1_itsvz8s wrote

Nope, not it. Cognitive difficulty, memory loss, all that stuff. Lots of stories of elderly folks accidentally plowing into buildings because they mistook the gas pedal for the brake pedal.

Some elderly people can drive fine, others can't.


acister t1_itqtg7x wrote

It is really bad. I used to drive straight trucks and this makes traffic patterns really dangerous for trucks merging. Also want to note how awful people are at merging / dealing with mergers in the Bangor region. It's not even really much traffic as far as things go and people really don't know what to do. Almost got in a significant accident last year because of this (was fine but was a slam on the brakes my dog flying into the windshield on 95 situation).

Also if you're going 40 over and I'm going 20 over passing people in the left and there's not much room for me to move over right away - chill the fuck out and wait a minute before dramatically switching lanes and giving me the death stare passing me in the right lane like a maniac and swerving back in front of me.


yankeedand t1_itpsusj wrote

Also, too and as well. Maine does have a “slow poke” law for all those gatekeepers who feel like it’s their duty to regulate everyone else’s speed.


SodaFlavoredSweat t1_itqlqm9 wrote

Some years ago I got tired of left lane campers, people who pass you and then immediately slow down, and the worst of all … when you’re coming up on someone in the right lane, and you’re about to pass, but then the person behind you pulls out first and floors it, so you have to slow down, wait for them to pass first, and then you can pull out and make your pass and re-set the cruise control.

I solved all of those issues by setting my cruise control at 1 or 2mph under the speed limit.

I almost never catch up to anyone and can just set the cruise control and camp out in the right lane with no one ever going slower than me.

It probably dropped by blood pressure 5 points.


Impooter t1_itt3isb wrote

I do that exact thing sometimes, when I just can't deal with stupid drivers.

Saves me a ton of gas too.


MuForceShoelace t1_itpuu5l wrote

With only two lanes the correct lane ends up dealing with entering and exiting traffic, then the passing lane is just straight driving forever. So people just kinda get out of the way and hang out


Slmmnslmn t1_itq4p3h wrote

That's probably the most true. I know people do that between portland and Brunswick on 295. Especially going North.


satanshark t1_itqi4vj wrote

In Portland, at least, the left lane is the through lane, not necessarily the passing lane because of all the entering traffic. Still, get the fuck over.


siebzy t1_itppaqv wrote

I blame "self-driving" and radar cruise systems. People arent paying attention and they aren't controlling the vehicle.


Lerch737 t1_itptl6y wrote

YES! I can't tell you the amount of people I see with there daylight lights on, and no taillights when it's raining


smaugsucker t1_itq1gcz wrote

And no lights on at all when it’s foggy either lol


donkeyduplex t1_itqcv32 wrote

Honestly cruise control would help this issue. I'm generally set on 9 over the limit and typically in the passing lane. I always move over for a faster car coming ( however I'm not immediately sliding into dense traffic or a big truck, just to let you by -im overtaking everyone at the highest speed that wont get me a ticket; you can wait until its reasonably safe. Also, don't honk and act like I'm the asshole here)

Every single day I get passed by someone whom I later pass because they have suddenly slowed. If you just use CC traffic would be more predictable.


eljefino t1_itqn30v wrote

Cruise control is the issue. Someone with non-radar cruise creeps up on someone slower, moves into the passing lane, and then just camps there.

Sometimes the passing is excruciatingly slow because the camper is going the speed limit or another arbitrarily decided speed and won't do anything to complete the pass any faster.

Any car with cruise, can be accelerated by touching the gas pedal. But these drivers won't do that.


siebzy t1_itqi4u2 wrote

The new radar/adaptive systems are much more cautious and slower to accelerate than normal CC, and leave bigger gaps than necessary in traffic imo.


donkeyduplex t1_itqlg9s wrote

I'm about to get one, so I'll note that and try not to be a nuisance.


siebzy t1_itqswi5 wrote

The big place I noticed the adaptive cruise being weird is when someone is exiting in front of me. It slows down way too much and keeps distance even after the car in front has left the travel lane


Random-Rambling t1_itqq3mn wrote

>however I'm not immediately sliding into dense traffic or a big truck, just to let you by -im overtaking everyone at the highest speed that wont get me a ticket; you can wait until its reasonably safe. Also, don't honk and act like I'm the asshole here

Thank you. People who camp out in the left lane are dicks, but people who want to pass EVERYBODY and weave through traffic to do so are even bigger dicks.


mlo9109 t1_itpwgzj wrote

I do have this feature in my car (newer model Subaru). I have no idea how people aren't paying attention with it. The damn thing beeps at everything.


seaglassgirl04 t1_its3lsy wrote

The struggle is real! I have a 2019 Ascent with EyeSight .


Impooter t1_itt5eh9 wrote

My wife has an ascent, and the adaptive cruise is an amazing feature, but the lights and beeping keep you engaged.

I set it to a criminally high speed, and just use traffic and the follow distance buttons and just strategically switch lanes to avoid going too fast.

I'm still engaged, but it does all the tedious work for me, and I move with the flow of traffic.

This clearly doesn't work when there aren't other cars around, and I adjust appropriately.


seaglassgirl04 t1_iu2lj2z wrote

I only use my adaptive cruise control north of Bangor on 95 where there's less traffic and 75 mph speed limit. I do turn it off in construction zones where lane-line paintings are skewed or missing.


Impooter t1_iu2rdx0 wrote

I don't often travel that far north my dad lives in Argyle so I only get a small taste of that 75 mph, but I love how barren it is compared to anything south of Auburn.


MathematicianGlum880 t1_itpri1z wrote

I’ve been guilty of this. Been driving south on 95 twice a month and then back. When you set it on cruise, you just drive. But lately I’ve noticed that I’ll be going the speed limit and everyone else is going ten over. It would be nice if people didn’t need to go at break neck speed.

Edit…I leave the far right lane for truckers, campers and grannies. I like the middle lane. The far left is for idiots who need to go fast.


sheeponabowl t1_itq7mp1 wrote

10 over is not breakneck speeds. It’s ALWAYS been like that. Even when it was 65, people would normally go 75. You sound ridiculous. And calling people idiots because they’re going faster than you? Grow up. It’s a known fact that slow drivers cause more problems.


MathematicianGlum880 t1_itqvqs6 wrote

I’m 62, it’s not always been like that. Millennials. 🤦🏽‍♀️


sheeponabowl t1_itqzx1k wrote

Ok, then go with the flow of traffic. Don’t be mad at people because you’re just too slow. They aren’t the problem. Again, slow drivers are proven to be dangerous on the road.


BeNakedTogether t1_itqnmac wrote

My theory is more people from out of state. When you live in a rural state with two lane highways, you understand the difference between a travel and a passing lane.


013loudmouth t1_itr23bb wrote

its technically illegal in massachusetts to not move over. its to avoid people “bobbing and weaving” in the right lanes.


vgallant t1_itqnwvx wrote

r/IAmTheMainCharacter syndrome. "No one else is important, no one else matters. It's just me and my 4 to 18 wheels and I own this highway damnit. I paid my taxes, why can't I drive in whatever lane I want?" or "You are going too fast, now you're going to be stuck behind me, HAHA"


Famous_Quality_5931 t1_itqjbvs wrote

My favorite part is when you merge into the right lane they suddenly want to or they decide to speed up and keep you from passing them.

It should be legal to install spears on the front of your vehicle.


Impooter t1_itt5vzb wrote

I have thought about this...

Some kind of automotive electronic warfare device, or tire spikes..

I would never do it, but I think about it.


Myxomatosiss t1_itqyq58 wrote

It's probably an increase in congestion. People will stay in the left lane if there is another car coming up they need to pass. At a certain level of congestion, this just leaves them in the left lane permanently.


Impooter t1_itt4dux wrote

That is what keeps me in the left lane. I do speed up though, sometimes as high as 90 for a bit just because some people decide that 80-85 is not sufficient and ride my bumper as if I'm doing 30.

If I'm building a line I'll move back over but it's not often that happens. But then I'm stuck behind someone doing 65 for several minutes because as soon as I get over, the line that was behind me slows down. Then I realize that they were only going that speed because I was in front of them, and they don't want the ticket if there's cop ahead.

It's a psychological game...


Ill-Credit7396 t1_itqtjkl wrote

This is why I vibe on the right lane. I get stressed easily driving and I realize most times I drive I’m not in a hurry. Simply going on the right side most of the time has immensely reduced stress. And I’m guessing I’ve pissed less people off lol.


dedoubt t1_its3m5m wrote

You're the second person in this thread to say this and I'm going to emulate y'all. I just did the math and realized I'm only saving about 10-20 minutes driving 70-75 on my way home, but increasing my stress a lot. I rarely have a time limit on getting home, I'm going to chill and listen to music instead of stressing over how long it's taking.


[deleted] t1_itqf6bo wrote



the_paruretic t1_itqiccm wrote

A uniquely Maine problem? Haha, jesus christ. Get out and see the world. This shit is so bad everywhere in the country. People do not care about camping in the left lane.


MeEvilBob t1_itqneae wrote

In Texas you'll often find yourself behind a big F-450 dualie pickup without a scratch in the bed and no 5th wheel hitch.


[deleted] t1_itqji7o wrote



DidDunMegasploded t1_itqrwsb wrote

Oh fun, can't wait to see you get blasted here.

But you know what's more fun than fishing for imaginary Internet points with bullshit? Fishing for sympathy points from police with bullshit.


barbaq24 t1_itqnt5f wrote

If i see a Maine plate slow rolling the left lane, I just assume they are a retiree from Massachusetts.


acister t1_itqtxg1 wrote

Nah, DoorDash driver in the Bangor region and have driven trucks all over the country. Maine drivers tend to be the campers.


feigndeaf t1_itqx6m2 wrote

I have found that the right lane seems to usually be in rougher shape. I don't like camping in the passing lane, but I also don't like destroying my vehicle with potholes and shitty patch jobs.


nhranger t1_itr0pkg wrote

Selfish twits people are.


maineflow t1_itrna1p wrote

People who drive in the middle (of 3) lanes are just as bad; they are often the source of congested traffic


scott04101 t1_itz0313 wrote

This! There are far more people camping out in the middle lane... I wish that police would ticket people who don't drive in the right lane (in my opinion, a lot of traffic jams would no longer happen)


Snotrockett t1_its8t6g wrote

As a truck driver the middle lane campers piss me off to no end. Half the time it's other trucks.


avebabeee t1_itskbit wrote

There’s no sense of situational awareness. I’ve also noticed that a lot of Maine drivers just pick an average speed and they just stay at that. 45 in a 55. Drops to 35? They’re still going 45. Infuriating to be behind.


2close2trouble t1_itqgcjd wrote

I95 south Bangor between Broadway exit and 182A. It's always a freakin' tractor trailer.


JedBartlettPear t1_itqreml wrote

Okay, got a question about the middle lane. Is it a through traffic driving lane, or a weird medium speed passing lane?

Where I learned to drive (midsize city with a lot of 4-5 lane interstate) if there were more than 2 lanes then the leftmost 2 were through-traffic (passing and driving), and the rest of them were for exiting/entering, or working your way over before or after exiting/entering.


JustDubbinAround t1_itrswtj wrote

This is the relevant law in Maine:

>6. Ways with speed limit of 65 or more miles per hour. An operator driving on a limited-access way with a speed limit of 65 or more miles per hour is restricted in ordinary operation to the right-hand lane and may use adjacent lanes for overtaking and passing another vehicle, but must return to the right-hand lane at the earliest opportunity. This requirement does not apply to an authorized emergency vehicle, or to a vehicle otherwise directed by posted signs, a law enforcement officer or a highway maintenance crew.

Basically, the right lane is the lane you're supposed to drive in. The middle lane is the passing lane, and the left lane is an extra passing lane that you can use if you need to. Drivers in the middle or left lanes are supposed return to the right-hand lane at the earliest opportunity.

Treating it that way goes hand-in-hand with prohibiting big trucks from using the left lane. They still have a passing lane that they can use, because the travel lane is still the far right.

Only about 10% of the drivers down in that part of the state understand this, though, so good luck.


markydsade t1_itr7e76 wrote

People love to come to Maine to camp. They like to start in the left lane as soon as they pass the York tolls.


barryg123 t1_itrjygz wrote

Passing lane is for passing only. Not other types of driving


Alive_Most_2028 t1_itrnen3 wrote

There's not much worse than left lane campers but what is worse is when someone pulls out into the left lane way too early, going way too slow to pass another vehicle. Usually that happens without a blinker in my experience. No awareness whatsoever.


brenna-32-otte t1_its2hjz wrote

I just moved from Michigan and I’ve noticed the left lane campers seem to be a staple in Maine. Never in my life have I seen up to 30 cars stuck in the left lane behind some oblivious driver hanging out just cause they can…

I’ve also noticed many Mainers seem to suck at driving in general. Feels like I have a close call once a week because people just aren’t paying attention. Few months ago I almost crashed because someone swerved into my lane because they were brushing their teeth 🫠


seaglassgirl04 t1_its2kic wrote

Every time I'm driving north on 95 (destination Ft. Kent area) I always get a chuckle at how all of the NY and NJ cars disappear by Bangor.


Silktrocity t1_its609n wrote

I have a theory that the people doing this aren't usually from around here. In busier States, it's not uncommon to have 3-5 lanes of traffic so there really isn't a designated passing lane like we have. People are able to pass on the right and the left.

Basically, freeway etiquette is different in major populated areas.

It still pisses me off to no end though. I'll get right up on their ass and honk if I have too.


jebediah999 t1_itsp97p wrote

fine - i'll let you pass. but if you don't get your ass moving and you stick me behind the 207shitbox that can't get over 65 mph, making me have to reset my cruise control because you wanted to pass at a leisurely rate, i'm pissed.

courtesy goes two ways.


beachlover77 t1_itt2xpb wrote

Honestly I can remember dealing with this as long as I can remember and I am 45.


CPgang OP t1_itt3vhp wrote

Damn, that blows, you must be as patient as Job


ArchonRaven t1_ittse14 wrote

I just pass these people on the right now (only when there's no other traffic nearby, and I do it quickly). A couple people have honked at me but I just honk back. Not my fault they feel like hogging the wrong lane going 5 under.


xsp1d3rm0nk3yx t1_its0z7o wrote

When I end up getting in front of them, I’ll keep slowing down until they move over and try to pass me, then I’ll step on it and leave them in the dust!


NPC_Bae t1_itqklbe wrote

It’s been rough, as is people refusing to get over so folks can merge from the on ramp


northursalia t1_itqz99m wrote

In nearly every state, people on the highway have right of way, and are in no way required to speed up, slow down, or pull over to let you merge onto the highway. It is your responsibility to gain or maintain a speed that allows you to merge into traffic.


curtludwig t1_itqqstt wrote

Policing seems to be at a low, probably due to shitty treatment of police. I'd like to see the cops out there pulling over some cars and getting people to pay some dammed attention to their driving.

Then I'd like to see some real enforcement in court.


soulc t1_its2igc wrote

When I go north I generally travel in the left lane. Going faster than the right. But at a certain point the right is clear so I move over. But when people won't allow me to maintain my speed I play Nascar with them. Till they move or I can pass on the right. I always cut them off when going back into the left lane. If someone is traveling at the same rate as I, I leave the customary space. I don't need to be first just to go fast.


DidDunMegasploded t1_itq2523 wrote

It's honestly astounding how more people don't have daytime driving anxiety from shit like this.

I've seen people use the left lane more for a NASCAR track fresh outta the Indy 500, only racing for that ticket instead of a...well, whatever they win.


MooshuCat t1_itqltsh wrote

The power trip created by speeding is a hell of a drug.

For some folks, it's the only authority they experience all day.

Does everyone really need to get home 5 minutes sooner? So they can have 5 more minutes to stare at their phone on the couch? There is no logic to it, it's an adrenaline rush... And it causes many deaths. My cousin was killed last month by a speeding driver who lost control of their car on the interstate.


DidDunMegasploded t1_itqswga wrote

My mother hates going out. She'll do it, but that doesn't mean she'll enjoy it. Shit's just gotta get done. But that doesn't mean she's going to rip 80 everywhere she goes. Same with me--I want to get home too, but I don't feel like dying in a two-ton death machine just to do it, thank you.

Really sorry about your cousin, though. My mother got into a bad car accident with a speeding driver that fucked up her back and her knee for life, so I can sympathize.


DonkeyKongsVet t1_itqbaow wrote

I pass them on the right and blast my horn


Yourbubblestink t1_itrwmjp wrote

The speed limit is 70, meaning I'm going 74. If somebody needs to go faster than that, they will need to wait until I'm out of their way. I'll be in the left lane if there are cars going slower than 74.


karenrn64 t1_itqozfi wrote

Unless the person behind you is tailgating. Some of them stay on your bumper not matter how fast you go.


northursalia t1_itqyj0m wrote

Then pull over and let them by? Your turn signals and steering wheel worked enough to get you on the highway, they can be used to pull over, let someone by, and then pull back over if needs be. Pick up the phone and dial 911 if someone is being an asshat.


karenrn64 t1_itsfpuz wrote

I have actually called on a person that in heavy traffic that when I pulled over into the travel lane proceeded to floor it until they got to the next person. Most of the time on 295 or 95 the traffic in the slow lane is so close together and going so much slower that it is not always an option to change lanes. If a person is camping at the speed limit or below in the passing lane, then yeah, they should use their turn signal and move over BUT if you are going 10 mph faster than the limit, tailgating is just being obnoxious.


mainlydank t1_itre56i wrote

Meh, Idiots rat racing on the highway are way more of a danger than this inconvenience.


civildisobedient t1_itssrgx wrote

Get in front of them, then slow down to even slower speeds. Once they get out of the lane to try and go around you... speed up.


KYazut t1_itpqgzn wrote

Folks shouldn’t be camping in the left lane because it risks emergency vehicles getting stuck behind traffix but neither is the left lane a place for folks to consistently speed, which is what I’m guessing most folks who are annoyed at left lane campers are actually angry about.


CPgang OP t1_itps34w wrote

Speeding isn’t right but letting someone speed is safer than intentionally blocking them leading to possible road rage


FITM-K t1_itptgu1 wrote

Do you have any evidence that's actually true?

It might be, but "letting someone speed" is dangerous too since there's a correlation between high speed and accidents.

Edit: I mean evidence that letting someone speed is safer in general. Obviously it is safer for you, the driver of the car being passed. I was asking about the overall road injury/fatality rate for both options.


CPgang OP t1_itptvc2 wrote

True, I have absolutely zero tangible evidence but humans are dangerous and unpredictable when angry, and I’d rather let a maniac get pulled over or crash than put myself and that person in danger by staying in front of them. Callous? Maybe, but that’s my opinion.


JustDubbinAround t1_itqgyrl wrote

It seems pretty much common sense. Defensive driving is all about reacting safely to all the people out there who don't follow the rules. Speeding drivers behind you? They have already decided that they don't care about the rules, or about the danger they are creating for themselves and others on the road. What's the best way to mitigate the risk to yourself and your passengers?

A. Prevent them from passing you, leading to them unsafely tailgating you and possibly slamming into the back of you if Bullwinkle decides he wants to play on the Interstate today.

B. Let them pass, leading to them speeding off and getting far away from you.

Road rage is a separate issue altogether. But in my mind, if someone is in such a hurry that they are disregarding the rules of the road, then I'd rather have them in front of me than behind me. I trust myself to avoid crashing into them more than I trust them to avoid crashing into me.

Additionally, the right-hand lane is the safest lane on an Interstate highway (unless you're near an active entrance). The middle lane has you surrounded by cars on all sides. The left lane has cars to your right and a ditch or barrier to your left. The left lane is also where you are most likely to meet a wrong-way driver (and we do get them from time to time in Maine).

The right lane, though, has cars on your left, but the break down lane to your right, and so is the best place to be in terms of leaving yourself a potential escape route if things suddenly go awry in front of you.

Really, there is no reason at all to be any further left than necessary on the Interstate in Maine. It's generally safest to keep right, and it's the law wherever the speed limit is 65 or more.


FITM-K t1_itqs5ek wrote

I was asking about which was safer in general (i.e. leads to fewer injuries/accidents overall), not which was safer specifically for the driver of the car being passed. Obviously, if the only concern is your own safety, letting speeders pass is the safer approach.

> Additionally, the right-hand lane is the safest lane on an Interstate highway (unless you're near an active entrance).

"Unless" is doing a lot of work in that sentence, lol. It doesn't look like that's true, though. Crunch the data and it turns out the right lane is actually the least safe -- it's the slowest, yes, but also the most crowded and the one people are filtering in and out of for exits and entrances every few miles.

That said, I still prefer to travel in the right lane in most cases, and it's worth mentioning that the data above was accidents, rather than only serious or fatal accidents. The left lane had WAY fewer accidents, but I would imagine if it was limited to just fatal accidents the data might look different.


JustDubbinAround t1_itr76h6 wrote

I'll look at the study a bit more later, but as far as whether letting folks go is overall safer, I think that it is. The motorway fatality rate in Germany, for example, is only 1.74 per billion vehicle-km traveled. In the UK, it is 1.16. In the US, it is 3.38 (stats pulled from Wikipedia).

In the US, lane discipline is virtually non-existent. In fact, in my experience, Mainers are better about it than the rest of the east coast. People in other states just hang out in whatever lane they want on a multi-lane highway, and pass on whatever side they want, and it gets significantly worse if there are more than two lanes. In Germany and the UK, though, they are more strict about it. You only pass on the driver's side, and you move back over when done. No passing on the passenger's side allowed.

So, while I can't claim that getting out of the way is specifically what leads to the lower crash rates overall, there does appear to be a correlation. Of course, they also have stricter licensing standards in general, and bad drivers can take the bus or the train and stay off the roads, which is not really an option in most of the USA, so there's definitely more than one factor at play.


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>In 2014, autobahns carried 31% of motorized road traffic while accounting for 11% of Germany's traffic deaths. The autobahn fatality rate of 1. 6 deaths per billion travel-kilometres compared favorably with the 4. 6 rate on urban streets and 6.

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BeholderBalls t1_itq25z3 wrote

Oh boo just stuff it. Speeding is going to happen. Some people are comfortable traveling slightly over the speed limit and have places to be / don’t like to be stuck behind somebody unnecessarily. Bottom line: blocking traffic is more dangerous than speeding


benjamintuckerII t1_itq7zkb wrote

The issue is with people doing 90 tailgating people going 75-80 using the PASSING lane properly. They tailgate everyone and then continue to cruise in the left lane even when they have every ability to move over to the right lane.


optifreebraun t1_itqc8h9 wrote

The way I see it, if some guy is doing 90 mph and is on my tail, I'll move over to avoid being entangled in an accident. The cops can deal with his flagrant violation of the law.


benjamintuckerII t1_itqd48y wrote

That's just using the passing lane properly. If you can move over, you need to move over.


optifreebraun t1_itqdtsi wrote

Well, yeah I agree - my point is to people who are upset that they are already doing 80 and a car doing 90 comes up behind them. Just move over - you can avoid an accident and (if the traffic violation bothers you) law enforcement nominally should deal with this issue instead of you.

As an aside, the lane discipline in most of Europe is amazing - and on the autobahn, I've had the pleasure of cruising at 120 mph (200 kph) in the right lane and being overtaken like I was standing still by an Audi or Mercedes station wagon (it was so fast I couldn't tell which!) on the left.


Blicero1 t1_itqdu2k wrote

They are going to go 90. I'd rather know where they are and what they're up to then have them blow by in the right lane because some jackhole is camping over in the left at 68 mph.


KYazut t1_itr97lu wrote

Speeders and left laner campers are both dangerous and both breaking the law. I could care less whether you like one group better than the other.


optifreebraun t1_itqc2ov wrote

I think it's just simple politeness and manners - if someone needs or wants to go faster than me and I am in the left lane, I will move over for them unless I am also actively overtaking cars on my right.

I see it the way I see aisles at a supermarket - sure I have the "right" to block an aisle with me and my cart, but if I see someone wanting to get by, I'll move over to the side for them.


JustDubbinAround t1_itqld3o wrote

I drive the speed limit everywhere. I stay to the right unless passing or required to use a different lane to follow my route, whether the law actually requires it of me or not. I still get annoyed by left and middle lane campers, as they also seem to like camping out in my "blind" spots.

"Shit or get off the pot!" is what I most often find myself saying to them when they are hovering alongside like that. Adjust my speed to give myself some space on the side, and they'll be back to my blind spot in short order, like moths to a flame.


transmorgrifier t1_itq6zzp wrote

Do they have out-of-state tags?

(guessing they do)


desmarais t1_itr582t wrote

I drove a lot between Mass and Maine and honestly Maine drivers are usually the worst at this. They can be so oblivious to traffic around them


transmorgrifier t1_itr5rra wrote

I wonder why someone downvoted me for an honest question?

I was just curious


bigboybackflaps t1_itr7zym wrote

Probably the ‘guessing they do’ part lmao but maine drivers are infuriating to me primarily for this reason


Intrepid_Goose_2411 t1_itr1nwf wrote

Car accidents are one of the biggest causes of death in the USA. I'm from MA, but I come up to my vacation home in ME often, and I always try to drive next to someone slow to block the traffic from speeding. It's my civic duty and I'm saving lives, I won't apologize for that. It's my right.