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downvotepets t1_itqezs6 wrote

Maine has one of the oldest populations in the US. That probably plays a factor.


mattsffrd t1_itrd47q wrote

I don't know, in my experience it's an out of state plate like 99% of the time


ArchonRaven t1_ittsnqe wrote

In my experience it's almost always someone with 9 toes through death's door, at least in the midcoast region.


ADDYISSUES89 t1_ittwx5a wrote

That’s also me. I clench my teeth to get through Wiscasset. For fucks sake.


ADDYISSUES89 t1_ittwuxu wrote

I’ve been here for most of my 33 years of life, I have Texas plates (dual residency). People treat me like shit on the road: I’ve learned to ignore it. I have a Maine license. Pull me over! Oh, wait… I’m the anti-camper, though. I will pass on the right. Enjoy your sight seeing.


mattsffrd t1_ituen4v wrote

Oh yeah I pass campers on the right all the time, fuck 'em lol


barryg123 t1_itrkbfd wrote

Elder people were never taught how to drive?


DidDunMegasploded t1_itsvz8s wrote

Nope, not it. Cognitive difficulty, memory loss, all that stuff. Lots of stories of elderly folks accidentally plowing into buildings because they mistook the gas pedal for the brake pedal.

Some elderly people can drive fine, others can't.