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mattsffrd t1_itrd47q wrote

Reply to comment by downvotepets in Left lane campers by CPgang

I don't know, in my experience it's an out of state plate like 99% of the time


ArchonRaven t1_ittsnqe wrote

In my experience it's almost always someone with 9 toes through death's door, at least in the midcoast region.


ADDYISSUES89 t1_ittwx5a wrote

That’s also me. I clench my teeth to get through Wiscasset. For fucks sake.


ADDYISSUES89 t1_ittwuxu wrote

I’ve been here for most of my 33 years of life, I have Texas plates (dual residency). People treat me like shit on the road: I’ve learned to ignore it. I have a Maine license. Pull me over! Oh, wait… I’m the anti-camper, though. I will pass on the right. Enjoy your sight seeing.


mattsffrd t1_ituen4v wrote

Oh yeah I pass campers on the right all the time, fuck 'em lol