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Impooter t1_itt5eh9 wrote

Reply to comment by seaglassgirl04 in Left lane campers by CPgang

My wife has an ascent, and the adaptive cruise is an amazing feature, but the lights and beeping keep you engaged.

I set it to a criminally high speed, and just use traffic and the follow distance buttons and just strategically switch lanes to avoid going too fast.

I'm still engaged, but it does all the tedious work for me, and I move with the flow of traffic.

This clearly doesn't work when there aren't other cars around, and I adjust appropriately.


seaglassgirl04 t1_iu2lj2z wrote

I only use my adaptive cruise control north of Bangor on 95 where there's less traffic and 75 mph speed limit. I do turn it off in construction zones where lane-line paintings are skewed or missing.


Impooter t1_iu2rdx0 wrote

I don't often travel that far north my dad lives in Argyle so I only get a small taste of that 75 mph, but I love how barren it is compared to anything south of Auburn.