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CampingJosh t1_iugkxx5 wrote

I'd think you're weird, but I'd give you candy. And I wouldn't ask for any explanation.


lambaghetti t1_iugkkei wrote

Everyone in costume get candy at my door.


Distinct-Ad5751 t1_iuhv1by wrote

If you’re 21+, you get a beer/Truly and candy at my house.


smibrandon t1_iuj8eqn wrote

Which neighborhood are you at? (/s, if it's not obvious--not trying to be a creep)


Ferfuxache t1_iui0w4q wrote

You can be covered and shaving cream and rotten eggs I’ll hook you up.


Wooden-Importance t1_iugoc4i wrote

That's a sweet thing to do for your girl.

Don't worry about people getting upset. The only thing they can do is not give you candy. If that happens, hug your girl, have a giggle about it and head to the next house.

Even though I'm a grumpy old bastard this made me smile.


DexMc420 t1_iuhjvx6 wrote

Have a stash of candy she likes, so you can give her one if someone makes a stink about it.


byteslinger t1_iui95x5 wrote

As another grumpy old bastard, I endorse this sentiment.


nogzila t1_iugp4qv wrote

If your costume is good enough you will most and likely blend in anyways !


701wheelies t1_iuh5voz wrote

Wear a costume and have fun. No costume no candy!


KYazut t1_iugvm51 wrote

Someone always gets in a tiffy about something. I’d say go for it anyway but expect some sour faces. Probably fewer depending on how awesome your costumes are.

If you or she are nervous about potential social awkwardness, it’s just as much fun to dress up and give out candy. And putting on a show for the kids is generally more socially accepted. So you might think about grabbing a couple bags of candy for handing out, just as a backup plan in case trick or treating doesn’t turn out to be fun.



66698 t1_iuha5a5 wrote

You’re right. This is the most accurate thing Iv read on this subreddit all year. “Someone always gets in a tiffy”


GreenStoneRidge t1_iuhd00m wrote

I generally get so few kids at my door, I'd welcome some adults trying to have some fun.

The most I have ever had is 8.

Have fun, show her a good time. With age, maybe you will appreciate getting pennies or pencils more.


ASki420 t1_iuhgu93 wrote

Just wear a mask and no one will know! Also I think it’s cool when people in their early 20s are wanting to go out trick or treating instead of getting wasted at the bar ❤️ I hope you guys have a great time!


ZzzZzzZzz1978 t1_iuhjm1v wrote

I’ve always maintained that if you went to the trouble to dress up and you are courteous, I’ll give anyone candy!


ScenePlayful1872 t1_iugxgbv wrote

I think it’s great of you, and this is an exceptional circumstance. It’s role-play day: if you’re really concerned, costume and mask so it -could- be a large child. Just have fun with it, and screw any boo-birds


ThisIsRummy t1_iuhtw7j wrote

Its all about attitude for me. A 23F, in costume, ecstatic to try trick-or-treating, can get any candy she wants from this house.


Skippyandjif t1_iugwnln wrote

That’s so nice of you to do for her! I’ve always given out candy to everyone regardless of age. :) (I don’t live in Maine anymore but my family still does and my mom is an equal opportunity candy giver as well! CANDY FOR ALL!!)


IanWellinghurst t1_iuh7qes wrote

It seems like old-timers tend to be more strict about the kids only role. Most people thought I doubt would care. Have fun and happy Halloween.


BeemHume t1_iuhhccc wrote

We used to go trick or treating in college, not unheard of

How old are You OP?

e: Now I have Budlights for adult t or t


MysticalTeamMember OP t1_iuhvgll wrote

I’m 21 myself, I forgot to include it in the post. Thank you for the comment :)

I’m sure some of the adult t or t get a kick from that haha.


daisey_maine t1_iui7chj wrote

This would be weird if you were both 40. As you're not you should be fine!


Sylentskye t1_iuilh1y wrote

This is the bonus to having kids or volunteering to with relatives and their kids trick or treating as an additional wrangler. My brother enjoyed going out with my kiddo and I and would get all dressed up. He was offered candy at a lot of places for his costume; he declined as we were in a popular area and he didn't want to take from the kids.


every1getslaid t1_iuhnb0g wrote

Adults in costumes get candy at our house


GuanoLoopy t1_iuhcegs wrote

If you are truly worried/nervous, be sure the costume had a full face mask or other way of hiding your true age. But anyone with a costume would get candy from me.


Ok-Dish-17 t1_iuhesv1 wrote

I would totally give candy out to anyone in a costume, but you might get some mean people who aren't cool with it.

As long as you're both ok with that possibility, go for it

Happy Halloween!


StarWarder t1_iuho2f3 wrote

I’ve thought about how I’d make it less weird to go trick or treating as an adult and I came up with a plan to donate the candy to a kids’ charity or foster homes. If you put a label on your container/bag that this candy is going to needy kids, it’s a lot less weird… admirable even. And then you get to feel good again the next day when you drop it off for the families who couldn’t go trick or treating!


ShovelPaladin77 t1_iuhax6z wrote

Have fun! I think. You should be prepared with something fun in return, some kind of song or dance or skit or maybe gift candy back. And maybe a two second explanation 'This is my first year ever, I always wanted to try!' If a crew of 20+ year olds showed up, they'd totally get candy, but it'd go way better if I laughed and had fun as I closed the door.


Raptorex27 t1_iuhu63q wrote

Do either of you have any younger siblings/cousins/friends with kids you could go with? If your goal is to treat her to the experience and isn’t about just the candy, it might even more fun (and less awkward) this way.


MysticalTeamMember OP t1_iuhw8yy wrote

Yes! She has 4 younger siblings. I’m sure they would love to come along :)


ecco-domenica t1_iuif10c wrote

The vicarious enjoyment is what keeps adults handing the candy out.


lifer413 t1_iuhea5v wrote

If you got a costume, I got candy. Fun is fun, and everyone ought to have some.


Caughtyousnooping22 t1_iuhkqmv wrote

If you do decent costumes with some makeup, It’ll be hard to tell if you’re adults or teenagers. Someone is bound to be annoyed but they’ll probably still give her candy


Msghall1229 t1_iuhqhvm wrote

This might be a bit weird but have her dress up like a JW that would be a comedy skit all it’s own!


eljefino t1_iujbpes wrote

They've got the doorbell ringing skills down pat already.


RealMainer t1_iuhqxfe wrote

I get so few trick or treaters that I’ll give anyone candy. Just happy to see people enjoying the spirit of the holiday.


Darth_Quaider t1_iuhs9xu wrote

As long as you look like you're having fun and you have a good costume on, I wouldn't care.


Sylentskye t1_iuilrwb wrote

Right?! Great costumes cost way more than a few pieces of candy.


modifiedchoke t1_iuhd7hq wrote

She’s either gonna get a lot of candy or not as much, either way though if you’re gonna give her the full experience you have to check all of it and take your tax!


raynedanser t1_iuhfl8g wrote

Most people no longer care. If someone shows up at my door with a costume (or without , some people can't afford much!) and says Trick or Treat, they get candy. End of. There's worse things they could be getting up to instead.


daisey_maine t1_iui76us wrote

Make her a little sign that says "This is my first time EVER trick or treating, sorry I'm late"


VegUltraGirl t1_iuh8pi0 wrote

It’s not weird! Have fun and enjoy. My workplace hands out candy and I always remind adults to take some too! Costume or not!


timothypjr t1_iuhcd9m wrote

Some might, but fuck ‘em. If more people acted this way instead of getting blackout at parties, it might be better for all of us. Enjoy!


Gretyl_Angura t1_iuhm99f wrote

I live in Lincoln if you guys showed up I'd hand you full size bars like everyone else lol. I give them to adults with their kids too. This world is so full of negativity. I say just do it.


Famous_Quality_5931 t1_iuhn88q wrote

If you guys are in the Wiscasset area PM me. She can have a hand full of our candy!


16F4 t1_iuhrr29 wrote

Could you borrow a small child?


Prestigious-Club-939 t1_iuhsen3 wrote

Cmon down to New Hampshire, I only give full size candy bars at my door.


BadDogEDN t1_iuhv5jb wrote

I'm just hoping for more than 2 tricker treaters this year. Last year was my first year in the new house, was really disappointed. Bought a box of full size candy bars this year, those two kids will be ecstatic


Limp-Tangerine-5923 t1_iui1yuu wrote

I’m giving out trick or trade Pokémon packs and 3-musketeers if anyone ends up showing up in costume that’ll be what they get.


Beasagdeux t1_iui9m6l wrote

As long as you are wearing costumes... I'm happy to hand out candy. I don't even 'require' costumes for the little ones because I know sometimes they have a hard time with them. But anyone who takes the time to dress up and walk around is more than welcome to candy.

If anyone does give you a hard time... just be upfront. She didn't get to T or T as a child. I can't imagine anyone being an asshole after that.


Leviosahhh t1_iujmnrn wrote

If anyone cares, you high five your girlfriend and congratulate her for getting through her first Halloween asshole experience, and then you show her how to use TP and eggs.


TheDiceMan2 t1_iuhnmb1 wrote

i suppose it’s a bit personal BUT i feel like Mainers would really get a kick out of some sort of “former JW” note on the costume. like, not that i think you need to explain yourself at all, but given the circumstances it seems like it would be a fun not-so-tongue-in-cheek addition. like if you taped it on her back so they saw it as y’all walked away….i would remember that for a while if two older-looking people came up to my door and acted normal about it, and then as they were walking away i saw that note


satyren t1_iuhwqo1 wrote

You can always bring a little candy or some beers to trade with the iffy people :)


BaddTuna t1_iuhx8tn wrote

If you wear a mask, no one will probably even know.


bunkerbash t1_iuhyv7b wrote

Absolutely delighted with any and all trick or treaters than cone to my door. One of my first dates with my now husband was trick or treating. We were both 21 at the time. We had a blast!


JAP42 t1_iui2qm8 wrote

Bring eggs, egg any house that gives you trouble. That's the deal TRICK or treat. They have a choice. 🤣


oldhonkytonk t1_iui7avv wrote

I’d recommend finding a place for anyone. When I was 12 my friends and I went out and a few people in our neighborhood told us we were too old. They were refusing to give kids they thought were too old candy. My friends and I didn’t do it, but they were cleaning the eggs off of their house on November 1st.


gigistuart t1_iui8o2c wrote

I think that’s the sweetest thing !!


NipDrunkChipmunk t1_iuicv41 wrote

I fully support this wholesome fun! Honestly just happy to see people keeping trick-or-treating alive when so many trunk-or-treat and parking lot events are killing it.


pssyft1111 t1_iuis1a6 wrote

I don't care if your 15, 55, or 85, you come to my door in a costume (or even not) on Halloween, you get candy! Candy for all, Halloween is fun & everyone likes fun!


princetwo t1_iuj4d15 wrote

i remember a quite pregnant trick or treater of about 16yo when i lived in Cleveland Heights. not a night to be too judgy…unless you get tricked i suppose!


DaisyLouD t1_iuj4g0a wrote

As someone that was raised JW and never got to go trick or treating, do it! Let me live vicariously through her ha


sp00pySquiddle t1_iuj852s wrote

The last time my bestie went trick or treating she took her brother and some friends. Brother was 17 and this guy answered the door "youre too old, just go and GET LAID. Go drinking with the rest of your friends" my friends brother was very confused and it was a sad awkward time :/ I'd be absolutely excited to give you candy tho, my Nana always used to say "youre never too old for trick or treating" (she said this when she was in her fifties)


RedBinome t1_iuja1jt wrote

In my late teens I wanted to be an adult, and resented it when mom made me take my younger sibling trick or treating. Most houses we went to would offer or even insist that I take candy even though I had no costume or bag to put it in.

These days when I take my own kids out there seem to be more and more older kids out. I wish I had still enjoyed it at their age.

I wholeheartedly encourage you and your SO to go out. Everyone should have the privilege to experience Halloween to the fullest. You might run into a Karen or two that disapproves, but f them. Remember you are not the problem, they are. They're the sort of person that will find some reason to look down on you no matter what. Don't let them spoil the fun!


Leviosahhh t1_iujmv70 wrote

Nobody comes to my door (rural area) so I would be thrilled if anyone, adult or kid, came trick or treating at my door, as long as they’re in costume.


dorelda t1_iujtd9f wrote

I got college kids once. After I stopped laughing, I gave them lots of candy.

In fairness, they were in costume, enthusiastically said “trick or treat!” and thanked me.


Zestyclose_Media_548 t1_iuk8x5e wrote

I’m wearing a home made costume my mom made in the 70’s or early 80’s and want you to know she went trick or treating as much as she could until she was too sick to do so. She usually brought other people’s children after I grew up but she still made it out as often as she could . I hope you went and enjoyed yourself and I wish you were in my community because I’d also give you a hug.


DidDunMegasploded t1_iui8z3v wrote

That she under 5'5''?

I half-kid lol. I don't think anyone would mind. Mainers are too laid-back to give a shit about a 25-year-old trick-or-treating.

And really, who cares about what people think? The art of not giving a fuck is valuable. Learn it, and live by it.


avidreider t1_iuidbgq wrote

If you are in costume and in the spirit then go for it! I say better out getting candy then drinking at a bar


ecco-domenica t1_iuierhl wrote

As long as you both have good costumes, I'd give you a candy bar.


calypso263066 t1_iuigd3c wrote

some ppl will undoubtedly care. I was a very tall kid and was getting turned away at like 12. some people just don't have the same spirit for fun 🙃


Grandpaw99 t1_iuijw5q wrote

Heck no! Head over our way!!!! We give candy to anyone who asks. Making up for a misspent youth with parent who believed to old sugar adhd myths!


sexy__waluigi t1_iuilx7r wrote

I don’t care what age someone is, if they show up in costume, they get candy.

They don’t have to say a word; free candy. It’s free candy day and everyone should get some!


Affectionate_Pop4987 t1_iuiu5er wrote

As a kid my little sister & I were asked where we lived. My sister told them the name of the street, the little old lady handing out pennies in her swanky house, slammed the door in the faces of a 10yr old and a 5 yr old. I knocked again & she yelled at me saying she was sick of kids from other towns coming in, I said that's the name of the road we live on in this town. I hope she never forget the look on my sister's face. Some people truly are forever tiffy. Their loss in life, Joy thieves have a special place in hell waiting for them. Go out, smile, be happy have a few hours that you will never forget...if someone gives you a hard time, give them a piece of candy from your bag & a hug!! Happy Halloween after all 🎃


forillaginger t1_iuiutgm wrote

Depends on the costume- if its kid friendly then sure.


ProDiesel t1_iuj8ikh wrote

I think holidays are for everyone to enjoy! So have at it, some people may disagree but that’s ok, that happens with anything in life.


contra-bonos-mores t1_iujf05s wrote

I would just give candy if she’s in a costume. I think a lot of folks don’t wanna make a big deal because you never know someone is special needs, etc. You really risk making a huge ass of yourself if you care that much about handing out candy


BigFatBlindPanda t1_iujfia0 wrote

We'd give candy it's Halloween everyone doing things for fun is welcome


furrylandseal t1_iujjb7n wrote

Wear a costume, get candy! I hope you have tons of fun!


yesplease6979 t1_iujl3qr wrote

Who cares what anyone else may think. Get dressed up, go out and have a wonderful time tonight.


MrKyle666 t1_iujlw4g wrote

Some would care. Most wouldn't care enough to say something about it. I know I wouldn't care. I'd give candy to anyone because to me it's more fun to see the costumes and hand out something making people happy.


dubedube11 t1_iujm3w8 wrote

If I didn't live on a private posted road I'd take some trick or treaters today. I've never had one since I've moved across my home town


iamanitwit t1_iujtau7 wrote

My daughter was 5-8 in 7th grade and went out trick or treating.


Ill_Athlete3019 t1_iujuivn wrote

Meh, I think it’s sweet. If she wears a costume and comes to my door on Halloween I’d give her candy.


NorCalHerper t1_iujwyva wrote

She’d get Top Ramen from me.


MPS007 t1_iujxz5a wrote

I think its awesome!! Go have fun!!


nightwolves t1_iuk32xg wrote

I wish more adults would trick or treat personally


800grandave t1_iuk6rfw wrote

why not give out candy instead?


elgrace10 t1_iukbccn wrote

Wear costume, get candy. No weird age rules required. Have fun!


Shilo788 t1_iuhk7oj wrote

Too late I guess but if there is a Halloween parade near by you can both dress up and go to that even if you don't March in it.


TheRogIsHere t1_iui1dqt wrote

Yes, it's insane and bizzare that a grown adult is going to show up at people's houses in costume asking for candy, on a day that is just for 8yo children.


MonsterByDay t1_iuhgojp wrote

People here are being too nice.

Honestly, once you hit 13, begging for candy from strangers is a bit off putting. Buy your own candy if you want candy. I buy candy for the little kids - because it’s fun seeing all the neighborhood kids dressed up s whatever they’re in to - not so a 20-something can try to recapture their youth.

Go to a Halloween party, or set up a trunk at a trunk-or-treat. There’s lots of adult activities tonight. Leave the kid stuff to the kids.


sheeponabowl t1_iuhneds wrote

Lol. Whatever grandpa. There’s no rules to it so screw off.


MonsterByDay t1_iuhphu6 wrote

I never said there are "rules" per say, but there's definitely a social convention that it's for kids. The "last year of trick-or-treating" is even a pretty common trope in coming of age halloween stories.

If you - as an adult - want to walk around and beg your neighbors for candy, go nuts. Most of them will probably give you some candy. A lot of them would probably try to find you something even if it wasn't halloween. People are nice like that.

Just don't pretend it's normal, socially acceptable behavior.


sheeponabowl t1_iuhq5rr wrote

You’re the minority in this post. Nobody cares but you and a couple others. You seem to be the problem here. You also have a very weird definition of “beg.” You need to mind your own fuckin business if you’re gonna say people are “begging for candy.” Get your head out of your ass.


MonsterByDay t1_iui56l9 wrote

Well, that's reddit for ya..

Anecdotally, most of the other adults I know who spend their money to decorate their houses and buy candy for the neighborhood kids, get mildly annoyed by other adults adults horning in on the festivities and begging for candy.


Lieutenant_Joe t1_iuhymdc wrote

“It’s not normal, socially acceptable behavior”

Wonder what else you say that about?


MonsterByDay t1_iui4n07 wrote

1: Adults waiting in line to sit in Santa's lap at the mall

2: Adults participating in easter egg hunts

3: Adults loitering around playgrounds without kids

Pretty much any situation where adults are participating in activities designed for children. Don't try to turn it into something it's not.


Lieutenant_Joe t1_iui4zpk wrote

The first and third are uncomfortable for children/others, but an Easter egg hunt is usually a private event, so DOUBLE fuck you for judging people for how they have fun—often as a family—in their in their own time.


DidDunMegasploded t1_iui9s2x wrote

Adults at playgrounds without kids?

Lmao, fuck your feelings, if I want to swing on the swingset at 24 then I can and I will. Lots of teens and adults who don't have kids do it.

So judgmental.


MonsterByDay t1_iuit5z1 wrote

I didn’t say they don’t. Lots of people also pick their noses/asses in public. People doing something isn’t a great test of whether it’s something that is likely to bother people.

I didn’t say that it’s illegal or even morally “wrong”. It’s just not normal - and liable to make people take critical notice.

You do you though. I’ve gotta finish getting my house ready for tonight. Still need to patch one of the inflatables, and buy another box of candy bars - I forgot to get a dairy free option.

Maybe I’ll even get some hard candies for any adults that show up..


DidDunMegasploded t1_iujccwm wrote

Adults are fine with mini Snickers and Kit-Kats, thank you. We all have an inner child who loves Halloween and loves candy but you seem to be an exception. Do I pity you...


fuhnetically t1_iuhjip6 wrote

Show me on this costumed doll where someone hurt you.


MonsterByDay t1_iuhlg2u wrote

I'm not "hurt", but it's definitely off putting when adults force themselves into activities that are clearly meant for children. Pretending it's not isn't going to do anyone any favors.

Trick-or-treating, easter egg hunts, and "sit in santa's lap" are all pretty clearly designed for specifically for kids.

There's a million parties tonight specifically planned for adults. Go to one of those.


sheeponabowl t1_iuhngwr wrote

If I wanna go trick or treating I’m going and you can’t say no.


MonsterByDay t1_iuhpneb wrote

Never said "can't". Only meant to imply "shouldn't".


Lieutenant_Joe t1_iuhz0ql wrote

So much more healthy to fill up your body with literal poison surrounded by a bunch of people you don’t know from Adam. Yeah.

Get the stick out of your ass.


MonsterByDay t1_iui3p60 wrote

You know you're not required to drink at parties right? And, if you go with friends, you're not surrounded by strangers.

Kind of like... every other night of the year.


Lieutenant_Joe t1_iui3wvz wrote

The world would be better off if sticks in the mud like you weren’t here to spoil innocent fun. Fuck off with your boomer energy.


MonsterByDay t1_iui9b2q wrote

Not a Boomer. Just a guy in his 30's that doesn't feel the need to buy candy for other adults.

But go ahead and beg for candy - the world needs bagars too. If you come around, I'll probably even throw you a couple tootsie rolls. But, I do reserve the full size bars for the kids.


Lieutenant_Joe t1_iui9ltz wrote

I’m staying home to give out candy, too. I’m just calling you a twatwaffle for being a dick to adults who want to have harmless fun.


MonsterByDay t1_iuixqr7 wrote

They can dress up and have fun all they want.

But if they expect me to spend my money to buy them a candy bar for doing it, they can go right ahead and pound sand.

I only budget like $200 on candy (~200 candy bars if you buy in bulk), so I generally run out at some point in the night. So that also means every “adult” that got one would be a little kid who didn’t.


Lieutenant_Joe t1_iuiypky wrote

lmao, that’s just dumb. I spent five dollars on bulk candy and it was enough to fill two giant bowls that should more than last the night. If you’re spending that much on candy just on Halloween night, then either you’re one of the most popular Halloween houses in the whole state or you’re terrible at budgeting.


MonsterByDay t1_iuj1y3j wrote

Twix bars - pack of 36 is like $30 on amazon - most other candy bars are about the same. I have to grab some skittles this afternoon because of all the dairy allergies - maybe they'll be cheaper at Sam's, but i expect I'm going to be paying more than $1/bag.

The neighborhood kids are always excited for the full size bars. So, I buy them for the kids. Even kids from other areas are cool. Really any kid is welcome - even kids without costumes.


DidDunMegasploded t1_iui9kr8 wrote

There was a thread I came across on Reddit yesterday that asked about this very thing, and a lot of people didn't mind adults trick-or-treating that didn't have kids.

Quit gatekeeping Halloween. The woman in the OP has never been trick-or-treating before. Show some sympathy and take the stick out of your anus instead of being judgmental just because she's 23 and going trick-or-treating.


MonsterByDay t1_iuideux wrote

He asked the question “would anyone care” the correct answer is “yeah; a fair number of people will”.

Not like it’s a moral issue. But pretending is totally normal is just setting them up for a nasty surprise when people are bothered.


DidDunMegasploded t1_iuigj01 wrote

Maybe you're just projecting. But Mainers aren't really like that. Generally, we're a laid-back bunch. If OP thought it was normal and accepted, then they wouldn't be asking this question. Thought logic.


MonsterByDay t1_iuinybb wrote

Mainers aren’t like what? Bothered by adults asking for candy you bought for kids?

I’ve been here my whole life, and all my neighbors and friends have as well. I was concerned that I was actually wrong and ran in informal poll at lunch. 10/10 of my coworkers said it’s definitely [at least] mildly annoying. They were split on whether they'd actually give them candy or tell them to go away.


DidDunMegasploded t1_iujdj84 wrote

Aha...sure. r/thathappened to all of this post. You're feeling so threatened by being wrong that you're resorting to lying? That's kinda sad.

But also yes, that is exactly what I mean. Mainers aren't usually bothered by adults who don't have kids with them going trick-or-treating and getting candy. Hell, I stopped trick-or-treating after 15, and when I did go, I'd see adults and high schoolers go trick-or-treating in costumes all the time in addition to kids. Some of them got candy, even. Not all, but some.


MonsterByDay t1_iuk7kna wrote

If I were going to lie I’d probably make up something a bit more grandiose than asking a few people at lunch. I’m honestly mystified at the disconnect between my entire life experience, and this thread. I’ve been making fun of teens/adults trick or treating since I was a teen. Aside from the developmentally disabled, I’ve never heard anyone mention it other than to complain.

But at the end of the day, I don’t particularly care what you believe. Go beg other adults for the candy they bought to give away to children, or whatever other little thing your heart desires.

Just know that a significant percentage of other adults will be judging you for it.

You do you.

Edit: this is assuming you’re not going with kids. Adults dressing up while accompanying kids is totally normal. The years I bring the kids out I totally dress up.


notoriouswaffles27 t1_iugq4c2 wrote

No they dont buy candy for adults


JFConz t1_iuhaxui wrote

Maybe you don't. Any leftovers are MINE.


sheeponabowl t1_iuhnim1 wrote

You maybe. I buy candy for whoever wants to come have some.


MountaineerHikes t1_iugqihk wrote

Sorry she missed that joy, but don’t use that you up your choad level….