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raynedanser t1_irj8kig wrote

Those poor posts.

Or is it the clientele? Like maybe consistently people who should no longer be driving?


FleekAdjacent t1_irkisz8 wrote

I can’t speak about this particular person, but it’s a good idea to remember that in general, people are driving around after successive bouts of brain damage. The shit I’ve seen on the roads in the last year is a good indication that a lot of people aren’t even aware of the world around them.

We pretend not to notice this because it would raise too many uncomfortable questions.


therealwolfe1982 t1_irkgbub wrote

Oh it’s the clientele…that’s my Walmart and trust me. Right during covid I was in line (15-20 minute minimum wait while various checks, cards and EBT get denied, items are put back, etc etc) and this woman walks too close to the woman behind me in line and the woman behind me goes “six feet, BITCH” and then holy hell here we go…SMFH. If LA is the armpit of Maine, and it is, the Auburn Walmart is the longest, curliest, skankiest hair in that armpit. Stay away!


Lieutenant_Joe t1_irkh8hx wrote

I honestly think Rumford-Mexico is way worse than Lewiston-Auburn, which is a distant third (Augusta’s pretty bad too)


Alevans8 t1_irl3vft wrote

I don't think the Walmart in Mexico is bad at all but then again I'm from south Florida so.....🤷🏻‍♀️ to me the little Wally world here isn't so bad. Lol


Lieutenant_Joe t1_irl49l4 wrote

There was an article a couple years ago about how Walmart employees at the Mexico one were caught literally raking trash down towards the nearby river bank


Alevans8 t1_irl7iht wrote

Yikes.....I'm new to Maine. I have only been here a month and I live in Mexico. That is horrible! With that aside I'm lovin it here so far, the kids and I are looking forward to seeing snow.🌨☃️❄🏂


Lieutenant_Joe t1_irmm0e9 wrote

You moved there at pretty much the best time, autumn is absolutely the best season to be in that part of the state (really, any part of the state, but especially that one).

I hope the difficulties that come with our winters don’t sour the novelty of snow for you. Storms get bad in the mountains.


sweetpeanut_ t1_irmj6yt wrote

That area is gorgeous but the Mexico Walmart is the saddest Walmart I’ve ever seen


Lieutenant_Joe t1_irmjd5f wrote

Northwestern maine in general is absolutely beautiful, but the human element throughout much of it leaves a bit to be desired

Idk why the fuck I have to look at confederate flags in a state where we sent more of a percentage of our population to die in the civil war than any other union state


Entropy_Greene t1_irk6se3 wrote

I’m here probably once or twice a week and I always miss the good stuff.


Way2L8AND1 t1_irj7vfc wrote

They should make it yellow with a big STOP si......... Oh....... Hmmmmmm....


Alibutts1983 t1_irj8sog wrote

I will never understand this…like, HOW DO YOU NOT SEE THIS POLE?! I’m baffled that these people are allowed to drive 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️


DidDunMegasploded t1_irjv5jd wrote

He tried to cut corners and got his corner cut.

Or in this case...kinda looks like it sliced.


PoorInCT t1_irmb0hi wrote

It was probably the pillar on the driver side. I got to be extremely careful when I know there's pedestrians around


ME_CPA t1_irjot0r wrote

Do we know if the pole is magnetized or not?


DidDunMegasploded t1_irisl63 wrote

Man, just a little bit further before turning instead of cutting the corner and that wouldn't have happened. Big oof.

Can't beat the stupidity of whatever happened at the Biddeford one, though.


GlockInMyVW t1_irkhg5f wrote

What happened at the Biddeford one?


DidDunMegasploded t1_irl0kat wrote

There was a stop sign pole that got knocked over by the Home entrance. Same with a handicap pole. Granted, though, it doesn't happen often like with Auburn, but it's funny to look at.

That Walmart is more eccentric in its customers ans pedestrians than its poles, though.


Imagine_Gravity_0007 t1_irjoptp wrote

Better a pole then a person...


IndecisiveKitten t1_irjswmi wrote

These are my words exactly EVERY time this happens - people on Facebook are always like "why don't they just get rid of them?!"

Because if they can't see a fluorescent yellow cement pole how the hell do you think they're going to see a pedestrian walking in that same spot?!


grc207 OP t1_irk9ftj wrote

This particular pole guards ADA parking. Imagine if that were a wheelchair van instead of the post?


Dirty_Lew t1_irkvux0 wrote

They should have a curb around it at least


katinthehat26 t1_irk066b wrote

I love how the guy in the middle had to get a R-E-A-L close look. Ayuh. Think you got a post in your wheel well there, bub.


grc207 OP t1_irk9b1i wrote

I think they were all trying to free it up before the cops came. It didn’t work.


Bywater t1_irjitt2 wrote

I guess if they were turning into it then it might have lined up perfectly with... No, I got nothing.


NuXboxwhodis t1_irke2op wrote

Dude how does this keep happening I genuinely do not understand


DonkeyKongsVet t1_irkjfhr wrote

So looking at this particular case People just simply hit the pole because they can’t turn and keep right? But instead they drive like they do in the road and execute the turn in the wrong side of the road? They gotta do that lazy diagonal rather than turning like 90 degrees and keeping right?


grc207 OP t1_irklsaw wrote

I could make a good case for them passing the store entrance on the passenger side just behind them, maybe having a car parked illegally in the fire lane on the sidewalk, and becoming distracted. But there was no car on the curb when I was there.


DonkeyKongsVet t1_irkm2sl wrote

Yes but in this particular case from what I see on the photo it’s just the lazy diagonal turn and they didn’t see the pole walking back to their own car


Dubluck88 t1_irk3i11 wrote

You can't park there sir.


Present_Assistant_60 t1_irj822p wrote

That’s every Walmart every State


DidDunMegasploded t1_irjv9it wrote

Aha, oh no...this one is infamous for this specific pole.

The amount of accidents that have happened there I can't count on two hands.


Lieutenant_Joe t1_irjyn6j wrote

This one in particular literally has its own Facebook page. Exclusively for posts like this.


Pisces42 t1_irke7d4 wrote

The boat ramp at the lower town dock in SWH should have it's own fb page too. 😂


Dudeabides207 t1_irm7c8c wrote

SWH represent! 11 this season if I’m still current on the numbers…


Pisces42 t1_irmfotp wrote

I think it's someone who works at Beal's who has been keeping track in the Bar Harbor Parking Show page.

And then there's The Bar. 😂


eljefino t1_irky9km wrote

It's like that can-opener railroad bridge in North Carolina.


thanksdeer t1_irjp1qj wrote

Its happened at least 3 times this year at this specific walmart iirc


urlocaldesi t1_irkerg4 wrote

I was going to ask if there’s a running tally of this pole v. cars in this particular parking lot, this year alone. I feel like we’ve seen at least 5 this year, if not more.


Ran_0ut_of_time t1_irka2tt wrote

Was this today, Gdog? 😜


grc207 OP t1_irkaasr wrote

It was a fortuitous trip to Wally World for me today.


nugge_ t1_irkfqms wrote

Fkn HOW??


BillNye69 t1_irkiqc7 wrote

So do you back up or pull forward?


EngineersAnon t1_irklx0t wrote

Either you cut your wheels hard and back up, and accept that you're going to ding your front bumper fascia again on the way back, or you wait for the tow truck to winch you sideways off her.

At least, that's what it looks like from this one medium-range picture.


CobaltAzurean t1_irkpl1f wrote

I used to work at the Farmington Walmart and we'd hear about it every goddamn time someone hit that friggin pole.


sporky211 t1_irkpse8 wrote

People in Maine always criticize Massachusetts for being bad drivers but maybe this ones just the Walmart's fault


UrchinSquirts t1_irkrx2t wrote

I’ve been working in MA for the last year and I have newfound respect for the drivers there. Aggressive? Yes, but heads-up and courteous in order to make traffic flow well. I know: I’m shocked, too, but I’ve picked up a couple of solid traffic techniques.


sporky211 t1_irks5sv wrote

I will say however that the closer you get to Boston the worse it really does get especially on the mass pike people get reckless in the 2 lane parts


UrchinSquirts t1_irksc3b wrote

Granted. My positive experiences are on the Cape, where congestion demands teamwork if anyone wants to get anywhere.


critical_courtney t1_irkvqbj wrote

Those poles just jump out in front of so many cars. They should consider tying them down!


Huge_Strain_8714 t1_irmgf8p wrote

Sure that's a Walmart? Them thar people look terribly underfeed


pudleduk t1_irmkwo1 wrote

I have to say, the parking lot layout for that shopping plaza in Auburn is awfully designed. Narrow lanes, through lanes right across the middle, untold number of stop signs but one notably left out. I almost always leave there feeling like I drove the parade with the Kora Temple Shriners!


Fit_Photograph_5239 t1_irjp381 wrote

Why is it that people turn completely retarded in this particular parking lot?


saigonk t1_irk2jb1 wrote

No idea, its like a magnet for stupid drivers.


DidDunMegasploded t1_irjvfcv wrote

Couldn't have picked a better adjective to use than the ableist slur, huh?

I'll mark you down on my Ableist List regardless. Thanks for outing yourself. Didn't think we'd get an addition today!


Fit_Photograph_5239 t1_irml1o8 wrote

Lmfao "ableist". You're on fucking reddit crying about a word.


DidDunMegasploded t1_irmnt5z wrote

A slur, mind you. There are a million adjectives in the English language you could have gone for instead, but you went with the ableist slur, which is very telling and shows just how much you hate disabled people. Pure ableist behavior. Easy indicator.

I'm not crying at all. On the contrary, actually. I just busted a lung knowing you'll be getting a one-way ticket to hell. It's always fun calling out ableists as I see 'em, and it's even more fun seeing 'em get blasted on Reddit.

Keep hating on people that don't affect you or your life. And keep on cryin' about it.


IamSauerKraut t1_irispdm wrote

What do you expect from cheap mitsubishi autos?


WangnanJahad t1_irj38pl wrote

Blaming everyone and everything but the driver for their idiocy is the Maine way of life.


IamSauerKraut t1_irj526q wrote

Mitsubishi automobiles have long been known to be cheap and prone to sudden equipment failure - goes at least as far back as the Cordia-L line.