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raggedtoad t1_irkk6ct wrote

How off-grid is it? I assume it has electricity because there's a TV mast. Also assuming outhouse because of the size.

Does it have well water or do you haul water in?

Either way, there's nothing better than crisp fall weather, a bonfire, and a bottle of bourbon being passed around at a place like that. Cheers.


The_Shredz24 OP t1_irl896o wrote

We haul in water. There’s no electricity, the crazy thing is…it’s in the same town where I grew up but it feels like a million miles away while you’re there. My dad always tells me about the cast of characters that have been up there since it was built in ‘36. He’s got good stories


raggedtoad t1_irmqr4d wrote

Awesome, keep it just the way it is! My family has a camp up in the western mountains and it's such a nice escape from everything.


onzie9 t1_irmc4kg wrote

I grew up in Maine and now live in Finland. Here, a cabin like this is called a mökki and seemingly everyone has one. The similarities between downeast Maine and Finland are uncanny. I often feel like I just went home when I moved here.


mcCola5 t1_irkge1p wrote

Damn. Some day... I'm going to build a cabin like that. Just need to find the right piece of land... forested 10+ acre plot, for some reason gifted to me.

Anyway, thats a great spot!


[deleted] t1_irjp8ag wrote

You all use that year round?


The_Shredz24 OP t1_irjq72a wrote

It gets most of its use during hunting season but he likes to go up there to hang out from time to time


riefpirate t1_irkb0wb wrote

Peaceful looking place.


mfb1973 t1_irjr9o4 wrote

Man, I want a cabin in the woods to go hangout in. My Aunt and Uncle had one when I was younger and we had a ball during hunting season!


The_Shredz24 OP t1_irjsozg wrote

It’s really nice out there. Not a lot of deer and fish like the old days but lots of moose and partridge.


jeisensei t1_irlmunb wrote

Nice! Where about? I was born and raised in Bradley.


Thickathanasnickaa t1_irnxmzk wrote

Beautiful picture. My mom and her side of the family are from Bradley. She was disowned by them over a dispute about a hunting rifle after my grandfathers death. It’s a whole other world up there! Exploring the acres of woods, Spencer’s French vanilla ice cream, and being greeted by the rotting egg smell of the mill when we would go visit as kids are core memories for me.


The_Shredz24 OP t1_iroyxgv wrote

Lol that’s Bradley all right! Not like it was when I was a kid but always nice to come home and visit in the summer and Autumn. I’d always go for the chocolate chip though 😁